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[[ Real]] by [[ neotantrika]]
* Recommended by: ultimomant
* Synopsis: Slightly AU. Audrey begins to worry that she isn't a real person because of her FakeMemories and seeming immortality. Nathan soothes her.
* Pairing(s): Audrey/Nathan.
* Tags: Rated M.

[[ True Stories]] by [[ December21st]]
* Recommended by: ultimomant
* Synopsis: Set several years after the series, Vince and Dave tell the children of Haven tales of the heroes who saved Haven from the Troubles forever, not giving away their names, but ultimately describing Audrey, Nathan, Duke, Dwight, and so on.
* Tags: Rated PG-13.
[=[[reviews:True Stories]]=]

[[ Brothers in Arms]] by [[ JTrevizo]]
* Recommended by: ultimomant
* Synopsis: Set immediately after "Sins of the Fathers". After realizing they were being played against each other, Nathan and Duke work together to get to the bottom of Audrey's kidnapping.
* Pairing (s): Audrey/Nathan.
* Tags: Rated T.
[=[[reviews:Brothers in Arms]]=]

[[ Alive]] by [[ December21st]]
* Recommended by: NobodySpecial
* Synopsis: Audrey's alive. And she'll never live it down.
* Pairing(s): Audrey/Nathan, Audrey/Duke friendship

[[ Finding Safe Haven]] by [[ emberrox42]]
* Recommended by: ultimomant
* Synopsis: Duke finally gets to meet his daughter Jean without her killing him with her presence.
[=[[reviews:Finding Safe Haven]]=]

[[ The Haven Post-Ep Collection]] by [[ December21st]]
* Recommended by: ultimomant
* Synopsis: A series of short dabbles showing the aftermaths of each episode.
[=[[reviews:The Haven Post-Ep Collection]]=]

[[ A Haven for the Supernatural]] by [[ slillie2]]
* Recommended by ultimomant
* Synopsis: Crossover with ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''. Sam and Dean Winchester hear about a strange town called Haven and decide to investigate, especially when they find a reference to a Lucy Ripley in their father's journal.
[=[[reviews:A Haven for the Supernatural]]=]

[[ the lights surrounding you]] by mrs_nerimon

* Recommended by: Starshone
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Sarah, Lucy, Audrey, and their son.
* Tags: Angst, family

[=[[reviews:the lights surrounding you]]=]