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'''[[GenFic General Fics]]'''

''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ The Good Student]]'' by Sylvia Volk
* Recommended by Merseburg
* ''Synopsis'': (Duncan) [=MacLeod=] is reunited with a former student while in Paris and receives a philosophical lesson (or three) from Methos.
* ''Comments'': This fic gets recommended all over the place because it is just that good. It has great characterization and dialogue, and really feels like it could be [[OriginalFlavor an actual episode of the series]].

''The John 21:25 Series''
* ''[[ Narrow Is The Way Which Leadeth Unto Life]]'' by sophia_sol, ''[[ There Shall Come Up Briers and Thorns]]'' by sentientcitizen, and ''[[ And The Stars of Heaven Shall Fall]]'' by sophia_sol
** Reccomended by Dude Where's My Password
** ''Synopsis'': Chronicling Methos's relationship with the immortal history knows as Jesus Christ.
** ''Warnings'': Character death in the final installment; Jesus being treated as an immortal human rather than a divine being may be offensive to some.
** ''Comments'': Great characterization; sad and believable.

''[[ The Fourth Seal]]'' by Ziggy Sternenstaub
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jyshin2}}
* ''Synopsis'': What if Methos had made different choices when Kronos returned? What does an Apocalypse look like? Re-write of Revelation 6:8.
* ''Comments'': A dark, gritty read with excellent characterization. It's a bleak story overall, so not for people who like happy endings, but it's great writing and well worth the time.

'''[[CrossOver Cross Over Fics]]'''

''A storyline beginning in one series and crossing over into another.''

''[[ Don't Disrespect the Queen]]'' by Perspicacity
* Recommended by Phaethon
* ''Synopsis'': Highlander film crossover with Harry Potter: upon defeating the Kurgan, Connor [=MacLeod=] receives more than just telepathy; he also gains the ability to do magic. Coincidentally, Hogwarts is seeking a new Defense instructor.
* ''Comments'': A strange, surprisingly entertaining piece, if a bit of a [[CrackFic Crack Fic]]. Connor's classroom interactions with Hermione, in particular, are priceless. Departs from Highlander movie canon after the first film.