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These are recommendations made by {{Troper}}s for {{Fan Fic}}s, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. ''No-name recommendations will be '''{{zapped}}'''.'' Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.

[[folder:Authors and Sites]]
[[ The Gravity Falls Fanfiction Wiki]]
* Recommended by: FourthWallBreaker
* Tags: Takes all sorts of Gravity Falls fanfics, except for Pinecest.

[[ MoringMark (Tumblr)]] and [[ MarkMak (DeviantArt)]]
* Recommended by folkner
* The man creates some great on-model (and off-model) comics and illustrations very true to the show that are just brimming with creativity, humor, and heart. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll wow at some of the things he does with the tumblr and deviantart formats. If you loved any episode, character, or concept in particular, chances are that he's made something in response to it that won't fail to entertain you further.

[[ Mayclore]]
* Recommended by: Kandikorn22
* Tags: She mostly writes stories centered around Mabel and Dipper's brother-sister relationship, and she is fantastic with her descriptions of how the characters feel and keeping them in character at all times. Honestly, if you're looking for someone who can write a truly heartfelt fanfic, look no further than Mayclore.

[[ anxresi]]
* Tags: He mostly writes stories focusing around Pacifica's character development following Northwest Mansion Mystery, often taking inspiration from markmak's comics, one of his stories was even liked by markmak himself. He is really good at making readers feel for the characters.

[[ TheBigZ1]]
* Recommended by: Sean Devine
* Tags: He's written quite a few Gravity Falls fanfictions, but my favorite one is "What Do Angels Look Like," which focuses on a young girl named Avy who Dipper finds and takes in after finding out her father abused her. It's one of the most emotional and heartwarming fics I've read, and I think it deserves more attention. When you're done with that, another fic I'd recommend is "Dipper and Mabel Jr," though it hasn't been conpleted yet. He's also written a few Pinecest stories, but I'm willing to forgive him for that.

[[ SuperGroverAway]]
* Recommended by: Chiropteru
* Tags: Has written over 70 Gravity Falls stories, mostly one-shots, but also the multi-chapter "Little Shack of Horrors", a [[LittleShopOfHorrors Little Shop of Horrors]] parody. Many of the stories are humor, but the author also expands into horror, hurt/comfort, family, and angst, among others. Does an excellent job writing Dipper and Mabel's sibling relationship. Has also started a "future AU" series of one-shots, with the twins as adults.

[[ ddp456]]
* Recommended by: N8han11
* Tags: Has written many fics that shed light on Dipper and Wendy's relationship. The fics are very well written, and keep everyone still in character, all while still being interesting stories in their own right.

[[ Transcendence AU]]
* Recommended by: arsenicCrazy
* Tags: A collection of [[AlternateUniverseFic Alternate Universe Fics]] taking place after a finale in which the Pines family prevents an apocalypse of sorts. The supernatural becomes commonplace all over the world, and [[ItMakesSenseInContext Dipper is now a demon]]. A more detailed summary can be found [[ here]].
* Comments: This AU is heavy on both angst and fluff. To quote the tags of one of the [[ posts]]: "One half (of the fandom) is crying in the corner, the other half is in the fetal position overwhelmed with fluffy feels, there is no in between". You have been warned - [[TearJerker bring some tissues]].
** Now Fanfic/TranscendenceAU has its own page.

[[ Exotos135]]
* Recommended by: StellarCannon
* Tags: He writes a ton of heartwarming/random one-shots that revolve around the Gravity Falls gang. These are usually very well written, interesting and original.

[[ DaintyDuck_99]]
* Recommended by:AmericanHandstand
* Tags: This author has written a handful of delightfully quirky Gravity Falls fics, some of which focus on character speculation, and others that explore rarer pairings. Laced throughout all of them is an interesting use of metaphors and creative narrative. It's a bit sticky in some places, especially their first story (a Recess crossover), but the overall characterizations are great. One that especially stands out to this troper is Never Eat Soggy Waffles, a fluffy and wonderfully peculiar narrative about Stan and the twins driving around in a hair-brained scheme that ultimately has them crossing paths with the still evolving character of Pacifica after Northwest Mansion Noir.

[[ Omega Ultra]]
* Recommended by: StellarCannon
* Tags: He has written several stories for Gravity Falls that mainly focus around Dipper and Mabel. His fics are really well-written and actually get you to read them again, just so you can find the little details he's hidden inside.

* Recommended by: Tropers/WarriorSparrow
* Tags: An amazing forum filled with episode discussions, theories, forum games, a friendly community, and just about anything you could want from a Gravity Falls forum.

[[folder:Shipping Fics]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

FanFic/PacificasRevenge by Creator/MonRa
* Recommended by: Tropers/CMRRosa
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: After being humiliated in Irrational Treasure. Pacifica plots to destroy Dipper by stealing his heart and grinding it to dust!
* Pairing: Pacifica and Dipper
* Comments: One of the best Gravity Falls fan fictions I have ever read.

[[ Pines' Quest]] by mon-ra
* Recommended by: Tropers/CMRRosa
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: After the events of Pacifica's Revenge. Dipper prepares to make good on his word to become a perfect boyfriend for her. But will his sister Mabel or the new girl Rachel thwart his goal?
* Pairing: Pacifica and Dipper

[[ The Amazing World of Dipper Pines]]
* Recommended by: FourthWallBreaker
* Status: Dormant
* Synopsis: After 2 years, 2 summers, Dipper and Mabel Pines have returned to Gravity Falls. When Dipper meets a new girl, could she be the love of his life, or just another pretty face? Created by the same person who created the Gravity Falls fanfiction wiki, this is her first Gravity Falls fanfic.
* Pairing(s): Dipper and OC, Mabel and OC
* Tags: Both Dipper and Mabel are paired with [=OCs=]. Het.

[[ Dipifica Shorts]] by [[ Viceroy Elf]].
* Recommended: by Hackstory, Red-Dead-Redeemer
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: A series of shorts detailing the relationship between Dipper and Pacifica three years after the events of the show. The shorts are all part of the same larger story, and are (mostly) in chronological order.
* Pairing: Pacifica and Dipper
* Comments: Despite its uninspired title and a description (on that says absolutely nothing about the story, it's well worth a look for any fans of the pairing. The individual stories are short and sweet with plenty of fluff, and all the characters feel very real to their cannon counterparts: it really feels like they're all the people they should be three years later. My only real complaint about it is the absence of certain characters whom I'm rather fond of: Wendy has yet to make any appearance whatsoever, and Soos and Stan are both almost entirely absent, themselves. Despite that, it's still far and away the best Dipper/Pacifica story that I've ever read, and I highly recommend it, even to non-fans of the pairing.

[[ Grunkle Stan's Guide to Crashing Your Great-Niece's Wedding]] by [[ Evil-Ekat]]
* Recommended by Assassin-sensei
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: "Mabel, his wonderful, loving and kind great-nice. She was getting married to, to that monster! She must have been tricked somehow right? Right? Stan's life comes crashing down around him as the question is popped. And with only a few months till doom's day, he's willing to do everything in his power to stop that wedding. Everything. Winner of Jameer14's GFFA for Best humour story!"
* Comments: A humor story which focuses more on the humor then the aspects of Mabel and Bill's relationship but is still an enjoyable fluffy read with good characterization and one of the most well-done OC I've seen in quite a while.

[[ A Century of MaBill]] by [[ Evil-Ekat]]
* Recommended by Tropers/SeanDevine
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: A series of one shots and drabbles that revolve around the two. What ifs, AU's, In U's, hidden scenes, stories in general. Telling tales of the relationship between the sweet little girl and the big bad demon.
* Pairing: Mabel and Bill

'''[[http:// Incalescence]]''' by ''[[ llyrical]]''
* '''Recommended by''': @/{{foxkindle}}
* '''Status''': Complete
* '''Synopsis''': Dipper just wanted to have a normal college life- well, as normal as one could have it while continuing to research the mysteries of Gravity Falls. He did NOT intend to have to deal with losing all of his work just as he needed it the most. [softreturn] He also did not intend to have a demon be his only chance of getting it back.
* '''Pairing(s)''': Dipper/human!Bill Cipher, background Mabel/Pacifica
* '''Tags''': Aged-Up Characters, Explicit Content, Magic Use, DarkFic
* '''Comments''': All of the characters in this fic have been aged up to college, and the twins have been to Gravity Falls every summer until graduation, when Dipper decided to move there. The events of "Not What He Seems" are incorporated into it. This fic has a very nice balance between plot and shipping. Very good characterization for Bill - even though this is a shipping fic, Bill is definitely not the fluffy, cuddly type, and is still very much a dangerous, sadistic and selfish dream demon - but apparantly, even demons have feelings, and Bill can be nice when he wants to. Also, Mabel is a protective sister and poor Dipper is just a mess of anxiety and feelings. Warnings include: [[spoiler:Moderately-Graphic Violence, Possesiveness, Memory Loss, Sexual Content, Nightmares, some really Dirty Talk, Scarification]]


'''[[ Project Lumberdork]]''' by ''[[ SuperGroverAway]]''
* '''Recommended by''': Tropers/{{TheDogSage}}
* '''Status''': Ongoing
* '''Synopsis''': Several years in the future, Wendy is invited to join the twins on a grand cross-country trip to investigate reports of paranormal activity across the US. But little does she or Dipper realize is that while they hunt and do battle with all kinds of monsters and oddities, Mabel is secretly working on her boldest plan ever...a plan to make the ultimate match.
* '''Pairing''': Dipper/Wendy
* '''Tags''': Slow Build, Future-Pines, Matchmaker Mabel, Supernatural Road Trip
* ''Comments''': Stated by the author to be a sort of "prequel" to his "Pines Will Be Pines" collection, this is a cute, humorous story about stressed college student Dipper, a Wendy who's still getting over a bad breakup, and Mabel planning to stealthily get them together over the course of a cross-country supernatural investigation trip for Great-Uncle Ford in a rust-bucket of an RV named The Lady Mabelton (by Mabel of course). On the way they deal with vampiric cows, skunk-apes, subterranean worm-moles, and all manner of supernatural oddities.

''[[ Pacifica's Last Wish]]'' by [[ lennoxmacduffles]]
* Recommended by Loekman3
* Status: Only one chapter before completion
* Synopsis: Set two weeks after Not What He Seems. Dipper felt great disappointment when the Author locked himself in the basement. He decided to go monster hunting and find the answers himself. Pacifica is puzzled for her recent behaviour after the Northwest party and seeks answers in the Shack.
* Pairing: Dipper/Pacifica
* Comments: This is perhaps one of my personal best Dipcifica fics I have ever read. The characterizations of the whole cast is brilliant including [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Preston]], the romance is slow but so realistic and believable that I genuinely see the romance and chemistry between our favorite Pine Tree and the rich Llama.

[[folder:General Fics]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

[[ The Amazingly Astounding Bill Cipher Ask of AMAZEMENT]] by
[[ TopHatRose]]
* Recommended by Tropers/MaddyRaddy
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Ask Bill Cipher your deep, meaningful questions, such as "Where do all the left socks go?" and "Is illoominatee confermed?11!" First come first serve, limit two questions per person.
* Notes: This fic is surprisingly well written for a thirteen year old. Bill is perfectly in character, and I actually laughed out loud at some of the answers. All in all a pretty awesome fic.

[[ Armor]] by Mayclore
* Recommended by: Tropers/TheIcySneasel
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Mabel Pines' signature, heat-trapping fashion statement has a sensitive origin. When that nerve gets struck in an argument with Dipper, she ends up reminding herself of the things that are truly important to her.
* Comments: A skillfully written and engaging one-shot that manages to include dark, yet subtle psychological elements while still maintaining the lighthearted narrative of Gravity Falls. Mabel is written very well. A very heartfelt story.

[[ Some Day]] by last to dance
* Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Some day Stan will have to tell the twins the truth and change their world forever. A one-shot look into what could be Stan's motivation through the first few episodes.
* Comments: Though it seems to come out of left field, the theory presented (that [[spoiler: the twins' parents died 2 years before the show and the twins unconsciously used their innate magical gifts as Pines to keep them "alive" because they couldn't imagine life without them]]) makes a surprising amount of sense and makes Stan a surprisingly sympathetic character. In fact, I wouldn't mind if something like this was canon.

[[ Dipper's Birthday Rumble]] by [[ ddp456]]
* Recommended by: Ryan Stoppable
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: On his 13th Birthday, Dipper Pines receives a gift that he had always hoped for. However, an old enemy uses this to gain an advantage, and shortly, Dipper is launched into an unexpected adventure.
* Comments: Fantasy/Parody. A very well-written tale of a game jumping adventure that would make Disney/WreckItRalph proud. Features parodies of several well-known video game series.

[[ The Rule of Cool]] by [[ ryfkah]]
* Recommended by Opftw1
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Mabel hosts a sleepover party.
* Comments: An adorable story featuring Mabel, Greta, Candy and Wendy being awesome. Very clever and funny.

[[ The Return to Gravity Falls]] by [[ EZB]]
* Recommended by: Tropers/SeanDevine
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Once, a brother and sister went to a sleepy town in the backwoods of Oregon, and their views of the world were changed forever. Now, three years later, they must return to answer the call of that mysterious town. Old friends, new dangers, and dark mysteries await Dipper and Mabel Pines as they Return to Gravity Falls.

[[ An Outsider's Look at the Pines Twins]] by [[ iguessso12]]
* Recommended by Neelh
* Status: Complete, occasionally updated.
* Synopsis: The Pines twins have been steeped in mayhem, mysteries, and magic every summer since they were 12 years old. Coming back home to Piedmont, going to high school, acting normal? All those things make them stick out like a sore thumb. When you ask outsiders about the Pines twins, you get a mix of strange stories and casual observations.
* Comments: This is one of the first Gravity Falls fics I read, and I keep coming back to it. It's a series of oneshots with plenty of original characters interacting with Dipper and Mabel. The twins also have quite realistic reactions to their experiences in Gravity Falls, especially Dipper.

FanFic/ChristmasWithACorduroy by [[ Super Grover Away]]
* Recommended by Redandready45
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: For the first time in as long as she can remember, Wendy doesn't have to spend the end of December out in the woods doing the usual annual survival training with her family. The twins have invited her down to Piedmont so their friend can finally have the first genuine Christmas of her life. However, it seems that not everyone is happy to have a tomboy over for the holidays
* Comments: Its fascinating to read a story without much supernatural interaction, yet still be full of the series charm. Its largely a story about Wendy finding her attitudes are less tolerable to a suburban mother, producing a conflict that fills you with laughter,, tears and joy.

[[ Code 12]] by [[ MayDayGirl-Save-Our-Ships]]
* Recommended by Mondegreen
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Pacifica never used to fight with her parents. So when she finally sticks up for herself and runs out of the mansion, she heads to the only place she can think of, hoping that maybe this time, a door won't be slammed in her face.

[[ Pines Will Be Pines]] by [[ SuperGroverAway]]
* Recommended by DVB
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Join the full-grown Mystery Twins and the rest of their family as they try to handle the endless paranormal absurdities and other ridiculousness that life continues to ceaselessly and inexplicably throw their way in this collection of one-shots from their near-future. Even as time goes on, there's still nothing that brings down the Pines clan.
* Comments: This is a wonderful ongoing saga into the potential adult lives of the Pine twins. Starring Mabel Pines with her twins, Gladys and Finn along with Dipper married to Wendy. A mix of humor, good moments and the occasional action are mixed very well here with plenty of callbacks.

[[ The Life and Times of Shermaine Pines]] by Sarielle
* Recommended b: ThisIsRidiculous
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: " Before she is even old enough to understand she is loaded with her family’s lot: her mother’s a compulsive liar, her father never emotes and has taken to gambling, one brother is “a perfect genius” who “didn’t deserve any of this” and the other is, in her young eyes, some kind of Pines family ghost, a Bloody Mary character, you whisper Stanley Pines three times in the mirror at midnight, and he comes through, breaks the mirror, makes your father shout and your mother cry." Snapshots of the life of the youngest Pines sibling, born 16 years after her brothers, she is left to grow up in the wake of a family torn apart. Chronicling how a unimpressive skinny Jewish kid, from Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey got to be a successful Journalist, Activist, Mother, Grandmother, Matriarch, and the effect her brothers' falling out had on the whole Pines family.
* Comments: I think someone recommended this but this is just in case nobody did.

[[ A Gravity Falls Poem/song thing about Soos As he wanders the wastes because why not?]]
* Recommended by DeadlyVampireKisses
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: You know how Soos said there were folk songs written about him? This is an example of one where he helps a desperate band of survivors get back on their feet. Warning, contains some gore.
* Comments: Has a good rhythm and is well told. Not sure if this should be here or under dark because of some of the subject matter, but it seems a bit hopeful in the end so I put it here.

[[ The Average Life of Tad Strange]] by Tad Strange
* Recommended by: ThisIsRidiculous
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: "Hello, I'm Tad Strange from Gravity Falls, Oregon. The other day a thought hit me, "Why don't I keep a journal?" I nodded to myself and then another bright idea struck me, "Why don't I keep a public journal!" That sounds like fun, I would love to hear from people outside of my home town. If you have any questions about me or the town, don't be afraid and ask away!"

[[ Fisherman's Knot]] by scribefindegil
* Recommended by: ThisIsRidiculous
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Happy endings are messy, and the Arctic winter is more difficult than either Stan or Ford want to admit.

[[ Axolotl]] by thesnadger
* Recommended by: ThisIsRidiculous
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Somewhere deep in the woods of Gravity Falls is a half-buried statue. That statue is holding its arm out.

[[ With Friends Like These, Who Needs Anomlies?]] by Healy
* Recommended by: ThisIsRidiculous
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: In which Fiddleford McGucket is not a very good research assistant, and Stanford Pines is not a very good friend. (A collection of short stories written for the 31_days community.)

[[folder:Crossover Fics]]
''Fanfiction that combines elements, characters, etc. from two or more different franchises.''

''[[ Garden Falls]]'' by [[ starfleetrambo]]
* Recommended by [[ HalfBreedChaos]]
* Crossover with: WesternAnimation/OverTheGardenWall
* Status: The main story is complete, but the epilogue is not. (and he's making a few sides showing the other character's perspectives)
* Synopsis: Dipper finds himself in the lost in the Unknown when he meets Wirt and together they try to figure out how he got there and how to help him get home.
* Comments: This one was [[ retweeted by Hirsch himself!]] The tone of Over the Garden Wall is carried over very nicely, and mixes well with Dipper's genre savvyness and a few other twists I won't spoiler here.

''[[ Falling Over the Wall]]'' by [[ skimmingthesurface]] and [[ SylviaW1991]]
* Recommended by kilala2tail
* Crossover with: WesternAnimation/OverTheGardenWall
* Status: Completed
* Synopsis: After leaving Endicott's labyrinthine manor, Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice stumble upon more mysteries in the woods of The Unknown between the eccentric tea baron and the McLaughlin Bros. ferry. Specifically, the Mystery Twins. Dipper thought he'd been through every inch of the Gravity Falls woods, but he and Mabel had found someplace that was decidedly new and different. “If this part of the woods isn't in the journal, how are we supposed to find the way back?”
* Comments: The first of the [[ Mystery Best Friends]] series, it sets up the base for an entertaining crossover of these two worlds, with Mabel and Greg working to get their brothers together in later fics.

''[[ Shadow Over Gravity Falls]]'' by [[ Kingxana0]]
* Recommended by Underworldlurker
* Crossover with: Multiple Disney shows/Marvel Comics
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Its been five years since Dipper and Mabel left Gravity Falls, and since then much has changed. Now that they have returned and brought a secret and responsibility big enough to change the entire world. But they aren't alone with this burden, as an old friend makes it clear she wants in. After all they are friends, right?
* Comments: The blurb on the front doesn't really do much to draw you in, but once you actually start reading it this fic is quite the surprise. Expect to see faces from all kinds old Disney Shows. Also the fic mixes the Marvel Universe into things. Seems to be doing interesting things, worth a read.

''[[ Things That Go Bump]]'' by [[ appending_fic]]
* Recommended by kilala2tail
* Crossover with: WesternAnimation/ParaNorman
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Norman Babcock is touring the most haunted places in America, and his last stop this summer is Gravity Falls, a place with so many weird things going on, there have to be some spirits with major issues that need his help. Very soon, however, he finds that Gravity Falls is a place in a category all its own, and that he might need a little help to keep from getting in over his head.
* Comments: The start of [[ Fire and Wonder]], this is a tale of Norman and Dipper, magic and witches, with plenty of crossover interest to be had throughout the fics. A lot of focus is placed on Dipper, his fear of Bill, the insecurities of where he fits with his more "magical" friends, and his learning more about the not-so-invisible world around him along with how to help care for it.

''[[ A Conspiracy of Minerals]]'' by [[ CompletelyDifferent]]
* Recommended by DudeWheresMyPassword
* Crossover with: WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: A series of one-shots involving everything from the Crystal Gems touring the Mystery Shack to Bill paying Steven a visit in his dreams.
* Comments: Perfect characterization for both shows. My favorite is Chapter 3. The one-shots are generally not connected, but there are hints of an ongoing plot in the ones involving Bill.

''[[ Universe Falls]]'' by ''[[ MiniJen]]''
* ''Recommended by'': RockRaider
* Crossover with: WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse
* ''Status'': Ongoing
* ''Official Synopsis'': What is, instead of Beach City, the Crystal Gems had settled down in a little backwoods town just west of weird? What if, upon coming to Gravity Falls for the summer, Dipper and Mabel were to befriend Steven and Connie? How would they fare against the combined threats of merciless Homeworld Gems and a certain triangular demon? Find out what happens when magic and mystery combine...
* Now has a trope page at Fanfic/UniverseFalls.

''[[ Equivalent Exchange]]'' by [[ vegalocity]]

* Recommended by: meme-asaurus
* Crossover with: Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica
* Pairing: [[spoiler:Mabel and Pacifica]] (RomanticTwoGirlFriendship)
* Status: Incomplete
* ''Synopsis'': "The eventual heat death of the universe must be stalled. Imagine if your species finally developed enough to reach beyond your solar system only to find the rest of the inhabited planets have succumb to the inevitability of entropy."\\
"And that's worth tricking hordes of kids into doing your dirty work?" Dipper sneered, his head not moving from the pillow as he spoke, he felt too heavy to move under the crushing information. But the creature held no sympathy for the boy. It held nothing for him. That was even less than the amused scorn Bill showed his family.\\
"Your sister is a valuable asset to the Universal expansion process."\\
At least Bill knows he's a jerk.
* ''Comments'': Kyubey comes around to Gravity Falls and makes a contract with Mabel. Set at the start of Season 2 and ties the new elements to the canon episodes al a ForWantOfANail. Another interesting element is how other supernatural entities regard Kyubey. (i.e. Bill, the TimePolice, the Love God, etc.)
** One of the other elements of the story is that the majority of the characters in Gravity Falls, [[spoiler:bar Ford and some of the supernatural entities]], are unaware of the AwfulTruth of forming a contract with Kyubey, specifically [[spoiler: Kyubey rips out the souls of those magical girls and places them in Soul Gems]] and their [[spoiler:inevitable fate of becoming Witches]]. While the story ties in with the canon episode and slowly unravels the secrets of a Magica. [[DramaticIrony Dramatic Irony]] ensues for readers who are familiar with Kyubey and the MagicalGirls from Madoka's world.
* Tags: [[GoodThingYouCanHeal Good Thing Mabel Can Heal]], [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor Be Careful What You Wish For]], [[BreakTheCutie Break The Cutie]]

''[[ You Smell Like Death]]'' by Starfleetrambo
* Recommended by: ThisIsRidiculous
* Crossover with: Danny Phantom
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: What if Danny really was a ghost? Starring the misadventures of Danny and Robbie!
* Comments: This takes place in the same 'verse as Garden Falls, and roughly around the same time. I love all the effort Starfleetrambo put into all the little details!

''[[ Twintale]] by staringatstars
* Recommended by: ThisIsRidiculous
* Crossover with: Undertale
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: "Howdy!” the flower cheerfully called. “My name is Flowey. You two must be lost.”
* Comments: This story is incredible.

[[folder:Dark Fiction]]
''Stories focused on making the series darker, and/or exploring the darker aspects of the series.''

''[[ A Rose Without Petals]]'' by [[ CrypticMoonFang]]
* Recommended by: ichigoare
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: For three years, Mabel has been in a horribly abusive relationship. She suffers countless injuries and severe trauma at the hands of her abusive boyfriend, Josh, while doing all that she can to pretend that nothing is wrong. However, when the abuse only grows worse and Dipper appears to be catching on to Mabel's lies, Mabel finds herself trapped. Sure, she wishes for the abuse to end, but does she want to risk others getting hurt? Will she be able to let herself get the help she needs?
* Comments: While this is an incredibly well-written story that is sure to get an emotional response out of any reader (Cryptic is not lying when she claims she's trying to write the most angsty and emotional story on fanfiction; surely it's at least one of them), and it does an incredibly job portraying domestic abuse in a realistic light, from the abuse itself to Mabel's damaged emotional state and desire to cover up the truth of her situation at all costs, be warned- this story certainly earned its T rating, and anyone triggered by domestic abuse should avoid this story. That being said, the beautiful writing and the sheer amount of emotion put into it is remarkable. It's not an easy read, but it handles abuse realistically and manages to put our heroes into a dark predicament. For anyone who enjoys dark fics where the darkness doesn't come from supernatural elements, but rather from real-world situations, this is a must-read.

[[ The Gremloblin's Mirror]] by [[ Omega Ultra]]
* Recommended by: StellarCannon
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: After Pacifica goes too far and hurts Mabel, the twins decide that it is time to have their revenge on her. They decide to go after an ancient artifact that will help them fulfill their vendetta. Yet, their revenge may cause more problems than it will fix; and it may harm, more than it heals.
* Comments: This story gets pretty bleak at points and yet, has some heartwarming moments sewn into the plot. Despite the author's original intention for it to be an experimental one-shot, it has turned out to be one of the best stories he has ever written.
** Has a sequel: [[ The Artifacts]]

[[ The Town That Time Forgot]] by [[ missakat]]
* Recommended by: {{Jopalopa}}
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: The town abandoned and left to fall to ruin, subject of many a horror story. Wendy returns to Gravity Falls, in order to pay respects to those long since passed.
* Comments: This is, in my opinion, the best Gravity Falls fanfiction to date. Horror/Angst, and it works both extremely well while staying in the realm of plausibility (well, as plausible as a paranormal show can get).

[[ Forget-Me-Not]] by [[ ddp456]]
* Recommended by DVB
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: "Wendy mysteriously disappears, and a broken and distraught Dipper seems to be the only one who cares. The world believes she ran off with Robbie, and shortly, forgets about the missing redhead. Further searching leads Dipper on the path of a supposedly haunted house where teenagers are always welcomed, but are never allowed to leave..." Completed!
* Comments: A Horror/Suspense story written by the same author who have us ''Dipper's Birthday Rumble.'' A surprisingly dark and sinister tale that could almost seem a bit Lovecraftian at some moments. Characterization is good if not a bit off a few moments and also portrays the psychological impact these encounters could potentially have.

[[folder:{{Alternate Universe Fic}}s]]
''Stories where one fundamental aspect of the series is completely overhauled from its point of origin.''

[[ Stan's]] [[ Nephew]] by [[ thewittyarsonist]] and [[ gravityanomaly]]
* Recommended by: folkner
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: The Life and Lies of Stan Pines and the people he shared them with.
* Comments: A series of comics, illustrations, and short stories based on the premise that [[spoiler:Stan [[ faked his death]] and took the Author's identity as his own so he could work towards getting his brother back.]] Also included are snippets of his [[ life before the Mystery Shack]], the [[ end of his marriage]], and his [[ relationship with his family]]. The central plot that loosely ties it all together has Stan [[ inviting his nephew (aka the future Mr. Pines and father to Dipper and Mabel) to spend his summers with him in Gravity Falls]] because he [[spoiler: wants to stay connected with his son.]] From there, it explores the [[ difficulties in maintaining]] [[ the fascade over the years]] and the [[ emotional toll it has on Stan.]] Not helping matters is how his nephew brings [[ his best friend along during each visit]] (aka the future Mrs. Pines), whose presence puts a serious crimp on his planned "Uncle-Nephew" quality-bonding time and is [[ very hard to get rid of]]. The series also puts forth some interesting ideas as to [[ the origins of]] [[ certain characters]] and [[ how they relate to one another.]]

[[ AntiGravity Falls]] by [[ MagicMoneyPants]]
* Recommended by: folkner
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Based off the age-reversed [=AntiGravity=] AU. Where Wendy and Soos are twelve, and the twins are fifteen. Find out what kind of rollicking adventures these rapscallions get into!
* Comments: A fanfic that uses its simple premise to remix all ready beloved content into delightful, new contortions; repurposing the framework of familiar episodes to craft something new, interesting, and entertaining with them as their base. The first chapter's a little rough, but subsequent installments just keep getting better and better. I'd recommend trying chapters 3, 6, and 7 at least, as they showcase this AU and story's unique strengths at their best. The writing style is also worthy of praise. It's very straightforward and quick to the point, but it's detailed where it counts so all the jokes, action scenes, and character beats stick the landing in very easy-to-follow and visualize sequences.

[[ Forever Autumn: The Destiny of Dipper Pines]] by [[ E350]]
* Recommended by: [=KTKomedy2813=]
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Summer has ended, and Dipper and Mabel have returned home. Dipper, split from Mabel, now faces a suffocatingly ordinary life as an outcast in an average middle school...but he soon finds that Bill Cipher isn't finished with him yet. Rated for future violence. Post Society of the Blind Eye.
* Comments: A nice mix of continuation from "Society of the Blind Eye", which I guess can also count as an AU (and part-Dark Fiction) because of certain parts that've been revealed now ([[spoiler:Not What He Seems]], anyone?) and a good idea for a potential conclusion to the series. When Dipper and Mabel return home after summer, everything's duller and worse for Dipper, though Mabel seems perfectly happy to be back. That is until Bill comes back into the picture and tells Dipper that the world will end and everything he's loved and cared for will be lost forever unless he returns to Gravity Falls. What happens is a fun, exciting reunion of friends and family fighting the demonic dream triangle and his cult one last time. Highly recommended and deserving of its own page here.
* Has a sequel: [[ The All-Seeing Eye]]

[[ Dragon Pines]] by [[ Montydragon]]
* Recommended by E350
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Slight AU. After Wendy went missing a year ago with no explanation, Dipper is still looking for her. However, as he continues his relentless search, a mysterious animal begins to terrorize the Shack, leading him to believe that the supernatural truly isn't all it seems...
* Comments: Dipper goes looking for Wendy but finds a dragon instead. Very interesting exploration of Dipper's relationship with Wendy, with some good bits from Mabel and Grunkle Stan on top. Easily recommended.

[[ Monster Shack]] by [[ Eduard Kassel]]
* Recommended by MangaManic
* Status: In progress
* Synopsis: Someone else emerges from beyond, and starts making a few changes. 'Abnormal will soon be the norm, consider this a sneak preview.' And a new face shows up at the Shack while another old enemy resumes his plotting. Another mystery has emerged and this time the Mystery Twins find themselves as part of it. AU after Northwest Manor, with consideration for Not What He Seems.
* Comments: An interesting twist on the usual themes of the Monster Falls AU.

[[ (The Adventures of Dipper and Mabel in) Golden Surprise]]
* Recommended by Griffonmender
* Status: Complete (But a sequel is in the works)
* Synopsis: A Gravity Falls fancomic by Deviant artist Jack-a-lyn. Grunkle Stan is running out of money to run the Mystery Shack, so Mabel decides to help by making a movie about a crack ship, resulting in a deal with a certain triangle...
* Despite initially seeming like a set-up for a dime-a-dozen bill-dip work, it actually has a very good plot so far, as well as excellent art, as well as staying very true to the characters. So, if you're looking for a story featuring Human!Bill that's actually well-written, you've found it.

[[ Five Minutes Older]] by [[ thesnadger]]
* Recommended by Neelh
* Status: Complete.
* Synopsis: Mabel ends up trapped in 1979, without her brother and with a broken time machine that she can't fix herself. Luckily, her Grunkle Stan is there. Of course, he's a lot younger now... He has a mullet, he's living out of his car and he doesn't know he's her Grunkle. But he's not planning to let this weird, sparkly little girl end up alone on the streets.
* Comments: This fic is half cute Mabel and Stan interactions, and half relentless angst. All of it is extremely well-written and compelling.

[[ Conspiratheory]] by LCypherED
* Recommended by: ThisIsRidiculous
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: "Dipper returns from Gravity Falls with three journals, twenty postcards advertising the Mystery Shack, one sulking ex-dream demon and the lingering belief that life post-near-apocalypse is likely to bore him to tears. He’s wrong, of course."
* Comments: Recommended for [=LCypherED=]'s grasp on characterization.
* Tags: Dark

[[ In Search of Antidotes]] by [[ azhdarchidaen]]
* Recommended by: Neelh
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: (or, "Unnatural Deeds Doth Breed Unnatural Troubles"). The year is 1892 and strange events find Stanley Pines in the Oregon frontier, checking on the current state of his estranged brother. But not all is as it seems in the settlement of Gravity Falls, and his twin appears to be stuck in the heart of it. Things escalate quickly, and the question Stan now faces is if he can unravel the secrets spun around him quickly enough to prevent a tragedy.
* Comments: Firstly, warnings must be given for suicidal ideation, violence, and depictions of anxiety. This story is, at the most basic description, what would happen if Jekyll and Hyde, Gravity Falls, and Macbeth all had a beautiful baby together.
* Tags: Historical AU, Gothic Horror