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''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

[[ The Unauthorized Liographies of the Patterson Family]] by dreadedcandiru2 (Note: Link leads to a journal entry that lists the individual links of each part)
* Recommended by Tropers/{{Kazokuhouou}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis:'': Biographies of the Patterson family members through their own skewed viewpoints
* ''Comments:'' A 'liography' is the term used by FBOFW snarkers to describe the biographies on the For Better or For Worse website. These biographies tend to have a very...slanted and cliched view. Long time CausticCritic dreadedcandiru2 on the Website/LiveJournal community [[ binky_betsy]] decided to try writing biographies like these for the Patterson children themselves. These fics do a very good job of showing how screwed up the children were from the beginning, thanks to having Elly and John for parents, and how their parenting helped shaped Michael, Elizabeth, and April into the MartyStu, MarySue, and OnlySaneMan respectively. However, the fics also give the children the hope of redemption, [[spoiler: with Michael realizing he's become his mother and getting therapy, Liz divorcing Anthony (with Therese's help, ironically) and marrying Warren, and April reconciling with her siblings]].
** dreadedcandiru2 had since decided to do liographies for Elly and John as well. Their liographies show just how messed up Elly and John were from the beginning, (GenerationXerox, indeed), partly from their own childhoods, partly from their own narcissism and mental problems (with even a suggestion that John would have been diagnosed with some form of autism were he born today). Unfortunately, there is no redemption for these two, nor it likely they would have taken it were it offered. [[spoiler: Their stories end with an epilogue of Michael struggling to write their eulogies, trying to make them sound better in death than they were at life.]]
** There are also two sequels, [[ Thanksgiving Day, 2020]] (Canadian Thanksgiving, natch), and [[ Halloween 2020]], where Michael and Elizabeth muse about how the Patterson children are only now ''really'' celebrating the respective holidays because of the attitudes of John and Elly and their feeling there's nothing to be thankful for or needless panic tainting the children. The reader also learns [[spoiler: John and Elly cheated on each other, and April was the result of Elly's affair.]] Another theme is how someday Elly's voice will be silenced forever, thanks to the children adopting the customs of their respective in-laws (and April those of John's friend [[spoiler: and her biological father]] Ted)

[[ FOOBAR]][[note]]link takes you to the first entry[[/note]] by Albanymous/April Patterson (usually posts as Albanymous when posting the strips, and as April Patterson when responding to comments)
* Recommended by Tropers/{{Kazokuhouou}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis:'': "One moment, the Foobs were in a teal-and-lavender monstrosity of a wedding, and the next they were propelled back into the past. But it was a different version of the past. What happened?"
* ''Comments:'' This is what happens when someone as messed up as Elly attempts FixFic in real life. Finding a way to go back in time, she goes to when Elizabeth was still a baby to fix up what she thought went wrong in her life, namely avoid gaining weight, having a writing career, and [[spoiler: never conceiving April]]. What she doesn't realize is that everyone that had existed then also went back in time. Some, like Connie, see it as a second chance to get things right, while others, like Michael and Elizabeth are trying to fix it to go back to their lives. Meanwhile, all the children who hadn't been born yet (like April, Francoise, Meredith and Robin) are all stuck in the present trying to cope after all the adults disappeared, with April going back in time to try to stop Elly from changing history as well. It's an interesting read, and a plausible explanation for the new-runs, and suspenseful. What will Elly do now? How are they going to stop her? Will they go back to the present? How will the events of the past affect the present? The final strips answer these questions, namely that now they have two sets of memories in their heads, the 'canon' timeline and what would have happened had Elly's fixfic timeline continued to present day. Both end up influencing the characters. All in all, it is a good read, and popular among the aformentioned binky_betsy community.

[[ The New Retcons:]][[ Who Silenced Elly Patterson?]] by various authors ([[FanFic/TheNewRetcons TV Tropes page here]])
* Recommended by Tropers/{{Kazokuhouou}}
* ''Status'': Complete

[[ Foob's Paradise]] by InsertMonikerHere.
* Recommended by {{DreadedCandiru2}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': We start things off with Elly telling an unseen person about Elizabeth's wedding only to have the therapist ask her how she's dealing with what ''really'' happened that August. Things proceed from there.
* ''Comments'': The first in the genre of FixFics that sought to rewrite the ending of the strip so that it did not end up with the UnfortunateImplications that sacrificing one's happiness for parental approval that wouldn't be forthcoming anyway is the key to the good life. We start things off with Liz getting a wake-up call as to how she's just plain been drifting through life when April runs off North because she's sick of being dumped on. After cancelling the wedding and taking stock of her life, she admits that she's not really ready to commit to anyone any time soon. While most of the cast are reasonably supportive, Elly goes mildly gaga because she can't cope with it.