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[[WMG: Authors and Websites]]

[[ FoxCort24]]
* Recommended by Tropers/CMRRosa
* ''Comments'': Fox Cort 24 has written in the Aladdin-verse for over 10 years under several other pen names on, but since it has been a very long time, he decided to begin fresh new name, his Aladdin stories are one of the best I every read.

[[WMG:[[GenFic General Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

[[ Diamond In The Rough]] by [[ land-walker]]
* Recommended by Tropers/DVB
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': A prequel to Aladdin.
* ''Trope Page:'' Webcomic/DiamondInTheRoughAladdin
* ''Comments'': Perhaps the most well-known of these; this fascinating webcomic explores the what-ifs of several characters and while not wholly canon, the creative liberties add a rich amount of detail.

[[ Whole New World]] By [[ Roga]]
* Recommended by Tropers/Bee123
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Genie always returns to Al
* ''Tags'': Time Travel, Immortality,

[[ Make Way (it's a bright new star)]] By [[ Lalaith_Yamainu]]
* Recommended by Tropers/Bee123
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Jasmine is the Princess Royal of Agribah, raised to politics. Aladdin was not. This is a problem.
* ''Comments'': Short, but full of agency for Jasmine something all media can have more of.

[[ Revelations in the Sand]] by Fox Cort 24
* Recommended by Tropers/CMRRosa
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': After "Aladdin and the King of Thieves," Aladdin and Jasmine begin to accept their new life and the daunting challenges they face.

[[ Aladdin & the Heirs of Magic]] by L.C. Lane
* Recommended by Tropers/CMRRosa
* ''Status'': Ongoing
* ''Synopsis'': My take on the 3rd Aladdin movie. Desdane returns for revenge and Mozenrath has no choice but to ally with Aladdin and company to battle for all that is. Desdane gathers all of Aladdin's enemies into one army, while Aladdin teams up with allies old and new (Sadira, Genie, etc). Shadows from Al's past add to the tension, while Cassim searches for Aladdin and his brother.

''[[ Aladdin and the Cave of Cheeseburgers]]'' by cvfdc (moderate/heavy swearing)
* Recommended by {{Tropers/Houdini}}
* Tags: FanSub / GagDub / AlternateDVDCommentary

''[[ The Man Who Freed Me]]'' by Cantare
* ''Recommended by'': Tropers/TheOtakuNinja
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Phenominal cosmic powers, itty bitty living space. A jinni's fate, unless he comes across the rarest of mortals who might set him free...

''[[ Aladdin: Carpet Speaks]]'' by emitremus1
* ''Recommended by'': Tropers/LizardOfAus
* ''Synopsis'': A look inside Carpet's head during the events of the film, painting a [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation very different picture]] of our favorite plot device.

''[[ Dance of Eternity]]'' by Goten0040
* ''Recommended by'': ira
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis'': "In the city of Abd al Matin, he was transformed into a weapon. He no longer had control. That was the scariest part." Taking place after the events of Aladdin and the King of Thieves, the story revolves around Mozenrath of the TV series coming back to Agrabah after a horrific encounter with a mysterious group of sorcerers having lost his gauntlet to the heroes a while back.

''[[ Whole New World]]'' by Roga
* ''Recommended by'': Swinburne
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Genie always returns to Al.
* ''Comments'': And the story means that synopsis, in every possible sense of that phrase. It's both heartwarming and heartbreaking. I cry every time I read it.

''[[ On Sale Today]]'' by [[ Alliriyan]]
* Recommended by: Dellanotte
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': In the shifting sands of Agrabah, not all is as it seems, and simple traders can be the trigger for legends of epic proportions...A.K.A How Jafar Met Iago.
* ''Comments'': Short, hilarious, and absolutely not heartwarming.

''[[ Antiphony]]'' by
[[ Cantare]]
* Recommended by: Shadow200, Apocrypha
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Mozenrath challenges Jasmine to stop him from enacting a flawless plan. In the process she finds there can be much more at stake than everything.
* ''Comments'': A well written excellent story that goes into details about Mozenrath's past as well and who he once was before he became the Ruler of the Black Sands. Gradually turns into a Mozenrath/Jasmine pairing.
** Seconded. Cantare is able to draw out sympathy for Mozenrath while keeping him consistent to his characterization, and manages to develop his relationship with Jasmine in a believable way without falling prey to RonTheDeathEater or DracoInLeatherPants. The story has a gripping plot, beautiful writing, and is highly recommended. I also suggest reading the other short works in the series--''[[ Shards]]'', which describes some of the events of ''Antiphony'' from Aladdin and co.'s point of view; ''[[ Sunset]]'', occurring before Aladdin met Jasmine and delving a little into his backstory; and ''[[ The Scent of Absence]]'', a one-shot from Mozenrath's perspective that occurs right before the epilogue.
** Now has a [[ tropes page]].

''[[ Sleight of Hand]]'' by [[ k123]]
* Recommended by {{Nothingtoseehere}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Because Genies were bottled for a reason.
* ''Comments'': Rather creepy AlternateCharacterInterpretation of Genie.

''[[ Genies and Jinxes]]'' by [[ PirateWizardThief]]
* Recommended by Jackie-Chaos-Bunny
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Two years after finding eight-year-old Alaric on the street and taking him in, the two street rats become almost like brothers. And one day they are tossed into a world of royalty, genies, wishes, and evil plots. Can Al and Rick overcome these strange new things or will they get into something they can't get out of? And will Alaric's jinxed life make things worse?
* ''Comments'': One of the more well-written OC-insert fics that are found in this fandom's fanfic page. Alaric is an absolutely adorable, funny, and sympathetic OC, and his interactions with the canon characters are a joy to read.

[[ The Turning Point]] by Serena Inverse
* Recommended by fruitstripegum
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Malcho finally escapes from his volcanic prison, but before he has a chance to exact his revenge on Agrabah, fate intervenes and he finds himself befriended to a most unlikely companion. Just how much can one meeting change a person?

[[ Opposites Destroy]] by Bookworm Gal
* Recommended by Tropers/{{Roo}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Jafar was not the only evil genie around. A few months after ''The King of Thieves'', an old aquaintance of Genie makes the scene -- Djinn, the genie of the necklace. Who despises all mortals, carries a huge grudge against Genie, has found a way around that pesky "genies can't kill" rule, and is heading towards Agrabah to get revenge...
* Comments: While this fic does contain some really dark parts, especially early on, it captures the tone and feel of the series very well. It also includes Cassim and Iago in important roles.

[[WMG:[[{{Shipping}} Shipping Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

''[[ All's Fair In Love And Sorcery]]''
* Recommended by: Arcolops
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairing'': Mozenrath/Sadira
* ''Synopsis'': Performing magic? Piece of cake. Fighting Aladdin? No sweat. Destroying Agrabah? They're born for it. Falling in love with another magical villain? Now THAT is tough.

''[[ The Genie and the Djann]] by [[ Fan of Insert Sues]]
* Recommended by: bookwormgal
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairing'': Genie/OC, Canon Pairing of Aladdin/Jasmine
* ''Synopsis'':"My young ones, I have a tale for you..." The elder said as he picked up a handful of sand. "This tale is a legend from long ago, a story that has since been forgotten, where the memories of true love were taken from the very sands of time..."
* ''Comments'': I am generally the last person to support any type of Canon/Original Character pairing, but this writer weaves in so much interesting mythology into the the "Aladdin" universe, that I have to recommend it. Any many ways, it feels like it is just a particularly intriguing episode of the television show. It is set post-"King of Thieves," so no Iago flapping around (my second favorite character next to Genie), but I don't mind the loss of the parrot. This story really makes you wonder about Genie's comment near the end of the first movie: "You won't find another girl like her in a million years. Believe me, I know. I've looked."

''[[ Tough Luck]]'' by Nichja
* Recommended by Yahya
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairing'': Jafar/OMC
* ''Synopsis'': Once upon a time, Jafar happened to fancy someone very much. Pity that didn't work out so well.
* ''Comments'': It's very difficult, in my opinion, to write a backstory (especially a love story) to a villain and still keep them in character, without falling into traps of FreudianExcuse and DracoInLeatherPants tropes. However, this fic totally manages it - it paints a pretty impressive picture of infatuation one could probably empathize with without actually making the villain sympathetic. Other than that, it's rather authentic and well-written. Warning: slash.

''[[ A World Where Things Are Different]]'' by afterandalasia
* Recommended by VictoriaWrites
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairing'': Aladdin/Jasmine
* ''Synopsis'': AU where the guards never find Aladdin or Jasmine.
* ''Comments'': Written for a prompt on the kinkmeme, but if that makes you nervous, it shouldn't. Afterandalasia is one of the best writers in Disney fandom and the Disney kinkmeme is home to some absolutely wonderful fic.

''[[ Queen of Diamonds]]'' by Natural Logarhythem
* Recommended by Magic713
* ''Status'': Ongoing
* ''Pairing'': Aladdin/Jasmine
* ''Synopsis'': A story where Is far took longer to discover the Diamond in the Rough, and Jasmine had more time with Aladdin.
* ''Comments'': A great and sweet story, where Jasmine has to adapt to a life of poverty included with her newfound freedom. It also makes her the one who is hiding her identity instead of Aladdin. It really puts focus on life on the streets and the couple having to struggle to survive.