A ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' fanfic which can be found at [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6791038/1/The-Black-Sheep Fan Fiction Net]].

A comedy thriller in which a confidence trickster is hunted, brought to book, and made to repay money he has blagged.

!!This fan work contains examples of:

* AdventurerOutfit: Balthazar. It's part of the image presented by the legendary Balgrog Hunter.
* TheApartheidEra; [[UsefulNotes/SouthAfrica Rimwards Howondaland]] and its people, both black and white.
* AscendedExtra: Howondaland Smith is referenced in passing in the canon. He gets a story to himself here.
* BilingualBonus: There is a little Dutch/Afrikaans spoken. French is used in the casino scenes.
* ChattyHairdresser: Conina Cohensdaughter-Harebut, who having retired from being an active Barbarian/Thief to run a hairdressing salon, keeps her ear to the ground and provides information to a clientele of professional ladies, whose hair can get a bit mussed up in the course of normal work as a thief, Assassin, Barbarian Heroine or Teacher. She trades information with Emmanuelle over a styling session.
* TheChiefsDaughter: Sissie - but this is her form of grifting. She is a Genuan who has never been near Howondaland in her life.
** Ruth N'Kweze, who is genuinely a Zulu Paramount Princess. Do not call her [[BerserkButton a kaffir]]. She's a proud trained Assassin...
* CoolBigSis: Johanna. Her younger sister is introduced, who wants to grow up to be just like her. As she has been selected to go to the Assassins' Guild School in faraway Ankh-Morpork, her wish may be granted.
* [[TheDutifulSon The Dutiful Niece]]: Johanna Smith-Rhodes, even knowing her uncle is a disreputable cheating rogue and con-man, still feels a family duty and is compelled to do right by him, even though she knows he won't give up grifting and she'll never see her money again. This is ''family''.....
* EmbarrassingOldPhoto: Balthazar Smith-Rhodes has kept in touch with his family over the years. Thanks to Johanna's mother, he has a deadly weapon. Lots of iconographs of Johanna Smith-Rhodes as a cute, appealing, child. Shortly before tapping her for money, he expressed pride in his niece and offered to show off the pictures to anyone who cared to look. As a proud uncle should.
* TheExile: Balthazar, through past crime. Also a subtext of Johanna becoming a self-imposed exile as her politics diverge from those of her homeland.
* FreestateAmsterdam: The laid back and libertine culture to be found in the city of [=DamHamster=].
* GamblersFallacy: Subverted and exploited by Emmanuelle.
* GratuitousForeignLanguage: the flipside of the BilingualBonus coin.
* MalignedMixedMarriage: Balthazar Smith-Rhodes was exiled from [[TheApartheidEra Rimwards Howondaland]] not for being a rogue and a confidence trickster, but for repeatedly offending against the Racial Separation Acts. He has left one officially unacknowledged mixed-race member of the Smith-Rhodes family behind him, to further embarrass the whole family. Based in [[UsefulNotes/TheNetherlands Sto Kerrig]], he further appalls his countrymen by setting up home with Sissie, who claims to be a Zulu Princess. Neither they nor their more liberally minded Sto Kerrigian hosts give a damn about this, but expat [[UsefulNotes/SouthAfrica White Howondalandians]] have their eyebrows more than raised.
* MuseumOfBoredom: Emmanuelle encounters several when looking for something ''interesting'' to do to pass the time in [[UsefulNotes/TheNetherlands Sto Kerrig]]. In swift order, the local museums deal with tulips, windmills, cheese and clog-making. She is just about to give up when she discovers De [=SexMusee=].
* NationalStereotypes: "Sto Kerrig" especially. Holland, with all the knobs turned up well past eleven.
* RaceFetish: Balthazar has one. A drawback in Rimwards Howondaland.
* SassyBlackwoman: Sissie.
* SnipeHunt: The search for the Balgrog. The people financing Howondaland Smith's ''expeditions'' don't need to know it's completely fictitious.
* UpToEleven: [[UsefulNotes/TheNetherlands Sto Kerrig]] and [[TheApartheidEra Rimwards Howondaland]].
* [[UsefulNotes/{{France}} Quirm]] The major protaganist of this story is Quirmian Assassin Emmanuelle-Marie Lapoignard les Deux-Epées, a woman who embodies the Discworld France with ''tous les controles emphasées a l'onze''.[[note]] possibly very bad French for "all the knobs turned up to eleven". if any reader can suggest a better phrasing? Thanks![[/note]]
* UsefulNotes/TheNetherlands: Sto Kerrig, the Motherland of the Boor people who emigrated to the colonies in Howondaland.