After the Fifth Angel is destroyed, Rei is confronted with new possibilities...and a gift from Lilith.

''[[ Superwomen of Eva: Lilith's Herald]]'' is another ''Fanfic/SuperwomenOfEva'' story by [[ orionpax09]]. It stars Rei Ayanami as the ComicBook/SilverSurfer.

Having had enough of the conspiracies involving the misuse of her power, Lilith resolves to set into motion a way to stop it. And that way is Rei Ayanami, by granting her the power to act against them as the ComicBook/SilverSurfer.



* AbusiveParent: Gendo. What a shock.
* CrossOver: Spirit, who has the same origin as her own story, although she goes through some drastic changes here as a result of Surfer's assistance.
* CrypticConversation: Lilith rarely gives direct advice.
* CurbStompBattle: Matarael is quickly dispatched by the Surfer.
* EnemyMine: Done by Surfer and Storm at one point.
* GoodThingYouCanHeal: Surfer is nearly destroyed by Asuka, but is saved by this.
* HealingFactor: Most of the heroes.
* KickTheDog: Gendo's thug [[TheDragon Chiron]] gives this treatment to Shinji [[spoiler: by literally kicking him in the side.]] Making this even worse is that Chiron [[spoiler: had already spent a considerable amount of time brutalizing and torturing Shinji under Gendo's orders, and he's already severely injured to the point where he can't even move.]]
* LogicalWeakness: The Board is Rei's power source, and she has to be in physical contact with it to become the Silver Surfer. If she loses contact with it, she loses her superhuman powers.
* MakeAnExampleOfThem: Gendo already crosses the MoralEventHorizon by asking Section-2 to [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown beat the living hell out of Shinji]] because he spoke against him and his standing order to kill the Superwomen instead of asking for their help, but he then goes even further by ordering Chiron to parade Shinji's unconscious, devastated body all over NERV Headquarters, while announcing that ''this'' is what ''anybody'' who speaks against Gendo's orders will be looking forward to (and then dumps him at the Katsuragi apartment after giving orders to all doctors in the Hakone area to not attend Shinji for a couple of days, or else he will do that to ''them'').
* TheMentor: Lilith to Surfer, and Spirit.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Rei tries to end everything early by [[spoiler: killing Adam before it even arrives in Tokyo-3]]. Unfortunately this both gets her marked to be destroyed immediately by Gendo, and drives the Angels into a frenzy, who now have no clear goal besides attacking humanity [[spoiler: because Adam is gone]].
* NotSoDifferent: Rei thinks this of Pen-Pen, since they were both artificially created for a specific purpose, and is initially astonished that Shinji and Misato would accept Pen-Pen as being as 'real' as they are.
* PowerCopying: Spirit finally gets to make use of this power, after not doing so in her original story.
** ElementalShapeshifter: Spirit can become crystalline like Ramiel, turning into diamond.
** EyeBeams: Ramiel's energy blasts.
** FeatherFlechettes: Sahaquiel's ability to detach parts of itself and detonate them.
** TheMagicTouch: Spirit can charge inanimate objects with explosive energy.
** PrehensileHair: Shamshell's energy whips.
** WolverineClaws: Sachiel's energy claws.
* RefusalOfTheCall: Rei isn't interested in being the Surfer at first. When Misato is nearly killed in the Jet Alone disaster [[spoiler: which Rei had known would happen in advance due to Gendo telling her about it]], Shinji is grief-stricken, blaming himself for what happened. When Rei sees this, [[Main/TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive she changes her mind]].
* RunningGag: Rei being a comically hard [[AnimatedActor actress]] to deal with during the {{Omake}}. Examples include:
** Her getting research on how to handle a surfboard for the role and trying to speak ''like'' a surfer (a la WesternAnimation/TheSuperHeroSquadShow version of her role) and coming out sounding odd (an EmotionlessGirl sounding like a [[TheStoner stoner]] [[SurferDude surfer]] is just... ''odd'').
** Her being very ticklish (leading to some "scenes" [[{{Corpsing}} losing their punch]] and having to be reshot ''repeatedly'').
* ShoutOut:
** Rei's LogicalWeakness is a shout-out to ''Film/FantasticFourRiseOfTheSilverSurfer'' (the comic-book version of the Surfer doesn't has this power; the board acts as an AmplifierArtifact instead).
* SwissArmySuperpower: Rei's board is capable of creating clothes, food, and other objects, even creating an exact double of her. It is also capable of transmuting matter, something that proves useful when the Silver Surfer repairs Misato's damaged car.
* TransformationTrinket: The Angelic Arms, which include Rei's board.