A [[Literature/JackRyan Ryanverse]]/[[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Buffy]] crossover, where, a few weeks after The Bear and the Dragon, president Ryan has to deal with a very different type of crisis: something has happened with a Black Ops unit called the Initiative. This is the beginning of a [[LongRunners long running]] fanfic series, which by now, all together, has roughly the same word count of a Clancy novel.

The story has three parts: [[http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-82/JoeB+Rainbow+Over+Sunnydale.htm Rainbow over Sunnydale]], [[http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-2338-3/JoeB+Imhotep+s+Key.htm Imhotep's Key]] and [[http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-15163/JoeB+Witchfinder.htm Witchfinder]] which is still in progress
!!Tropes Included Are:
* {{Action Girl}}: It's a [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Buffy]] fanfic, so take a guess. [[BadassNormal Samantha Finn]] and [[spoiler:[[Film/LaraCroftTombRaider Lady Lara Croft]]]] are no slouches either.
* BadassCrew: the [[Literature/RainbowSix Rainbow]] troopers, the Initiative troopers, the [[spoiler:[[Film/TheMummyTrilogy Medji]]]]
* BadassGrandpa: John Clark. Points for being an actual grandfather. Alistair Stanley also fits the bill, though in the series he is [[spoiler:a [[BadassGrandpa Badass Uncle]]]]
* {{Dark Action Girl}}:[[spoiler:[[Film/TheMummyTrilogy Anck Su Namun]]]] seems to have become this, in this [[TheNthDoctor incarnation]]. Buffy still [[spoiler:[[OvershadowedByAwesome mops the floor with her]]]]
* {{The Dragon}}:[[spoiler:[[LooksLikeOrlok Trifurcates]]]] seems to be this to the {{Big Bad}}.
* {{Foreshadowing}}:[[spoiler:[[Film/TheMummyTrilogy Anck Su Namun]]]] is observing outside in a car when [[spoiler: Clark and Ding get out running when anya freaks out upon seeing some bunnies]].
* {{ShoutOut}}: one of Rainbow troopers is a SAS Warrant Officer. His name? [[spoiler: Benton {{Word of God}} acknowledges him as the son of [[Series/DoctorWho UNIT Sergeant Benton]], so it's more of a {{LegacyCharacter}}]].
* {{The Cameo}}: when Bob Holtzman has to check about the explosion of the Watchers Headquartes, who does he call? [[Series/DoctorWho Sarah-Jane]] [[Series/TheSarahJaneAdventures Smith]].