A more than slightly [[FanWank fanwanked]] novelization of the events of ''Creator/TomClancy's [[VideoGame/GhostRecon Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2]]'', [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5794992/1/Pinnacle_Wraith Pinnacle Wraith]] takes a much closer look at the events of the games and is written by the same author as [[FanFic/TheBattleOfNewMombasa The Battle of New Mombasa]]. Established characters do appear and the story tries to tie all of the various "Tom Clancy's" franchises with the original Ryanverse stories. Whether it works out or not is up to the reader.

!! Tropes contained within "Pinnacle Wraith" include:
* AuthorAppeal: The author really likes weaponry and the military.
* BlackAndGreyMorality: Since the story is seen largely from the perspective of the Americans, there isn't much in favor of the insurgency. However, there have already been scenes including the execution of unarmed and wounded fighters.
** And now ColdBloodedTorture.
* BloodKnight: Colonel Jimenez is shaping up nicely into one.
* [[CodeName Callsigns]]: A bit referential to other series, but some of them are cool (Buck, Chrome, Roughrider, etc.) while others are downright silly (Rolex, O.D. Bastard, etc.).
* ContinuityNod: For a FixFic, the story has several, least of which includes the way all of the various Creator/TomClancy's games are interrelated and come together in the Ryanverse. There are numerous references to the Ryan and Durling administrations, usually accompanied by copious tongue-bathing by the military personnel since they had been responsible for the massive budget increases that get them the really shiny toys.
* {{Epigraph}}
* FanWank: The author combines this with a [[FixFic fix-up]] of some of the elements of the game.
* FastRoping: Crossed over with RuleOfCool when Romeo Team performs a boarding of a cargo ship from an overhanging bridge.
* MoodWhiplash: Dear Lord, the most recent update. While the story's fairly grim, when mutilation as a form of interrogation being used by the "heroes"...
* MoreDakka: The [=M1A2=] Abrams post TUSK upgrade.
* SemperFi
* ShoutOut: Several.
** The prologue is, to a degree, similar to 'Crew Expendable' from ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare''.
** In the second chapter, there is an Abrams named [[Literature/DresdenFiles 'Amorrachius']]
** A good number of the names in the second chapter are amalgamations of specific actors' roles.
** [[Franchise/StarWars "Look, sir, foot-mobiles."]]
** The Ghosts as presented in the story are highly reminiscent of [[Series/TheUnit Unit]] operators.
* ShownTheirWork: To the point of deliberately not doing the research considering some of the stuff covered. By the author's estimate, what he's written could have doubled as a manual on small-unit and insurgency tactics if he hadn't dumbed it down.
* TakeThat: The fic was written as a corrective measure for what the author saw as glaring flaws in the Ghost Recon franchise. Several notable instances:
** In the prologue's "Introductory Brief", there is a specific mention that there are no female operators in the Ghosts.
** Some of the really unrealistically high-tech stuff that littered the games show up only briefly or are said to have fallen out of service.
* WarFic: Natch.
* WarIsHell: To a degree.