->‘‘A whole world away from Fuyuki, in a city of mages, a new War threatens to break out. Seven new Masters are chosen and enter a life-changing battle, unknowingly becoming part of a War in which there are more players than the eyes can see...’’

''Fate/Re:Trace'' is a ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' fanfic written by Aladar. It tells a story of the Sixth Grail War in Hartcroft, New York. So it seems that the Grail has returned all of a sudden after being destroyed, or maybe someone must have dug up another artifact and sets up another Grail War in Hartcroft for some unknown reasons. However, this is no ordinary city; Hartcroft is a [[CityOfAdventure City of Mages]] we’re talking about. As the Sixth Heaven’s Feel starting, seven new Masters and Servants appeared.

You can read it on [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7325426/1/FateRe_Trace Fanfiction.net]] or on [[http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/953-Fate-Re-Trace Beast’s Lair]]. Plus, you can read ''[[http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/973-Wise-up!-Fate-Re-Trace-Limited-Special-Collector�s-Ultimate-Edition Wise up! Fate/Re:Trace- Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition]]'', an updated guide that contains character profiles (Masters, Servants, etc) and the settings of the fictional city Hartcroft.

Also has a CharacterSheet right [[Characters/FateReTrace here]].
!!'''This fanfic contains examples of:'''
* AlternateHistory: this being the Nasuverse, there is a sixth barrow in NY, which is the center of magus society in the Western world.
* AncientConspiracy: the creation of Hartcroft
* BadFuture: what actually happened in the alpha timeline and what one of the characters is currently trying to prevent
* BigApplesauce
* CityOfAdventure: Hartcroft, New York. The City of Mages.
* ChurchMilitant: the Buriers
* DysfunctionJunction
* ForTheLulz: a major part of both Nia and Albus’s motivation. Big difference is, Albus’s Lulz is usually [[ForTheEvulz Evulz]]. He considers boredom one of his greatest enemies, after all.
* KnightTemplar: the Buriers, save for Mr. Kane, who considers his job a job like any other and Luciano Alterigia, who knows full well that what he is doing is NecessarilyEvil and he’s probably going to Hell for it.
* TheMafia: The Scintillares
* LovecraftCountry: where the estates of houses Grimaldi and Aylesburry are located.
* ThereCanBeOnlyOne: the premise of the Grail War, of course
* [[OneManArmy One-Man Army]]: the AESIR of Hartcorft. Each one of them is an army unto themselves. Also, the Servants.
* RotatingProtagonist: there is no real main character among the seven Masters. All of them are equally important to the story and each has a quest of their own, all of them having an equal shot at the Grail. Which leads to:
** [[VillainProtagonist Villain Protagonists]]
* ShoutOut: effing tons of it, all over Hartcorft, mentioned both in-fic and in the Wise Up. A minor example would be the schools where the teenaged protagonists study- Brian Ulfric High School is named after [[Literature/HarryPotter Albus Dumbledore]] and Dodgson Private Academy- after the author of Literature/AliceInWonderland. Also, the Grimaldis and the Aylesburrys are shout-out to the two leading Sabbat clans from TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade
* UrbanFantasy
* WeirdnessMagnet: Hartcroft itself. Oddities attract other oddities and that’s precisely why Albus introduced the plan to built it- he needed a place where he could siphon enough prana for using a Grail to its full potential