[[caption-width-right:280:Yeah, that's pretty much what the whole plot boils down to.]]

->"You want to surpass an oni? You're interested in a fight? Fine with me. ''Let's you and me fight.''"\\
'''--Suika Ibuki'''

''Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness'' is a MegasXLR / [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Touhou Project]] crossover FanFic written during May 2012 by Curtis Wildcat. The story can be found [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8116027/1/Fantasy-of-Utter-Ridiculousness here.]]

While Coop is putting the moon back together during the aftermath of the Glorft's failed attempt to crash it into the Earth, Megas is attacked by a Lunarian mech. During the fight that follows, an attempt is made by the Watatsuki sisters to warp them directly into the Lunar Capital, all the better to sate the Earthlings' curiosity about the previously-unknown inhabitants. Instead Megas, with Coop and his friends inside, are sent to Gensokyo when the teleportation technology malfunctions.

For a land that just got done facing off against the worst weather in its history, the perpetrator of that disaster surely can't be what they need...


!! ''Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness'' contains examples of the following tropes:

* ArtisticLicenseEngineering: Lampshaded with Megas's Plot Sensitive Button when it reads "Technology does not work this way", just before Coop fires a reverse MIRV at Suika.
* AttackOfThe50FootWhatever: The giant fairies.
** It's a crossover with WesternAnimation/MegasXLR. Does anything more ''really'' need to be said?
* BigDamnHeroes: Marisa is able to accomplish this, although she isn't aware of it.
** In Chapter 4, Alice is preparing for the unsavory task of dodging attacks from three giant fairies, whose danmaku have become massive to match. Cue the sun, literally, as the investigative Patchouli drops her Royal Flare spell card on their heads.
* BigNo: [[spoiler: Patchouli's reaction when she discovers that most of the Mansion's library was destroyed in the Alternate Ending.]]
* CoolVersusAwesome: Megas. Versus. Suika. The author has even gone on record as saying this matchup is the main reason why he wrote the story in the first place.
* CreditsGag: The explanations in the Author's Notes are separated by one-paragraph depictions of events taking place during later visits to Gensokyo, mimicking the style used throughout Megas XLR's run.
* CultureBlind: Alice realizes this about Coop when he, as a visitor, gave her something to drink instead of the other way around.
* DeconstructionFic: One common plot in Touhou fanfiction involves one or more characters being dropped into Gensokyo and adjusting to life there, usually because of Yukari (or in this story, because of the Lunarians). The problem here arises when its Coop and the others, with [[HumongousMecha Megas]] in tow, that are warped on in; by the time the battles run their course, Reimu and Yukari are both in agreement that they do ''not'' belong.
* DestructiveSavior: The Lunarians thank Coop for getting rid of the Glorft base in the Moon, but they deemed him so dangerous that they decided to put him down.
* DidntSeeThatComing: Yukari admits as much after witnessing the lunar explosion, and is later sidelined when Megas makes its sudden arrival in Gensokyo.
* DopeSlap: [[spoiler: In the credits, Koakuma does this to Jamie, so that he stops hitting on Patchouli]].
** MomentKiller
* FearOfThunder: Flandre, of all people. The weather patterns caused by the lunar explosion were long-lasting and intense enough that she was ''scared sane.''
* [[spoiler: FishOutOfWater: Patchouli's fate in the Alternate Ending.]]
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Throughout the story, a trapped Marisa can be seen struggling to grab her mini-hakkero that's just ''this... much...'' out of reach. No guesses for what happens when she finally reaches it.
* {{Golem}}: Megas is mistaken for one by Alice and the residents of the SDM.
* IKnowMortalKombat: Since it comes off as one big game, Coop is able to get the hang of Spell Card-based combat rather quickly.
* KillItWithIce: Megas's frost sword. Fittingly, it's powered by a Mega Slush.
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: The characters notice that there is music in the background of each battle.
** At the end of the story, Jamie points out something else out of place: everyone in Gensokyo, situated in Japan, was speaking perfect English.
* [[LetsYouAndHimFight Let's You and Me Fight]]: Suika says this when she thinks Coop is deliberately withholding her prized gourd from her. [[spoiler: One of the giant fairies Megas was fighting was responsible, albeit accidentally.]]
* {{Magitek}}: [[spoiler: In the Alternate Ending, Coop combines Patchouli's "Philosopher's Stone" card with Megas's systems. The resulting multi-element attack finishes off Suika and demolishes most of the Scarlet Devil Mansion's library in one go.]]
* ShipTease: [[CrackPairing Jamie and Patchouli]].
* ShoutOut:
** Commentary from Yukari during the prologue implies that RoadRovers takes place in the same universe.
** Part of Flandre's panicked ranting in Chapter Two suggests that she has seen Danny Kaye's ''The Inspector General''.
** Yukari dreams of TheFarSide. "No, Mister Larson, I'm not afraid of ducks watching me..."
** ''Z,'' a show discussed later by Coop and Jamie, is meant to be an in-universe take on ''Series/{{V}}''.
** Coop at one point says [[Series/SledgeHammer "Trust me. I know what I'm doing"]] before attempting to use a sledgehammer against Suika. Patchouli even notes that she doesn't feel that confident in his tactics.
** When chewing out Remilia in the final chapter, Patchouli directly quotes Creator/MrT.
** Jamie comments to Yukari that pitting her against R.E.G.I.S. would be like pitting a bazooka against a soccer ball. [[TouhouSoccer You can tell that she's getting ideas about that.]]
* UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny: See ''Cool Versus Awesome'' above.
* VictimizedBystander: Pop TV memorabilia and the Three Mischevious Fairies don't mix.
* WaterWakeup: The inquisitive fairy maid tasked with waiting on Yukari at the SDM doesn't seem to realize that a pitcher of water is ''not'' how you're supposed to wake sleeping people up. A minute after doing this, the frightened fairy is forced to flee from the "scary eyeball gap lady's" wrath.