Contagion is a Team Fortress 2 fan fiction. It is classified as 'action', but has humor, horror, adventure and other elements in it.
Both RED and BLU teams receive several younger members to train. While the RED team settles in, the team members start getting attacked brutally, even off the battlefield.

* CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkeys Katja enjoys snubbing the RED Spy as much as possible with jeers about the French in both World Wars.
-->'''Katja:''' Zhey let Frenchmen into a var zone? Vat can you do, help us surrender? Cry? Blame the BLU team for your loss and plunge zhem into a recession?
* FrenchJerk The spy, Damien, is a jerk in canon, and is certainly played as such.
* InMyLanguageThatSoundsLike The Scout attempts to speak German to newcomer Katja. She never explains this mistake to him.
-->'''Katja:''' Gute Nacht, Nathan!
-->'''Nathan:''' Uh, yeah! Gute Nackt!
-->'''Katja:''' Uh..Ja..*giggles*
-->'''Medic:''' Do not be immature.
** 'Nacht' is 'night', while 'Nackt' with a hard 'k', is actually the word for 'naked'.