Betastuck is a Homestuck {{Alternate Universe}} fanfic where everyone is human and the events of Homestuck all took place in an immersive virtual reality game. Sixteen players are chosen to betatest it and are assigned a character at random. But while playing the game, they believed that they were the players and now they have to deal with the consequences of what they experienced. [[spoiler:It's just a game]]

It can be read here: [[ Betastuck]]

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* {{All Just a Dream}}
* {{All There in the Manual}} Some things aren't present in the story proper but are answered in the question and answer portions.
* {{Alternate Universe Fic}}
* {{Anti Mutiny}} Despite not acting the way his programmers expected him to, Doc Scratch was merely fulfilling his purpose to make the necessary preparations for Lord English's arrival.
* [[spoiler:{{Apocalyptic Log}}]] Written by a previous betatester.
* {{Artificial Intelligence}} One of the main reasons for the creation of Homestuck was to show off how far they've come in AI technology.
* {{Be Careful What You Wish For}} They wanted to play an exciting game with their friends.
* {{Blatant Lies}} It's just a game.
* {{Cassandra Truth}}
* {{Corrupt Corporate Executive}} There's more to the game than [[spoiler:Steve Vantas]] is telling us.
* {{Fan|Girl}} Vriska and Tavros for Gamzee's band
* {{Fake Memories}} While playing the game, many of the betatesters did not remember that they were playing a game at all.
* {{Flawed Prototype}} What the game shaped up to be.
* {{Gaslighting}} [[spoiler:What happened with Aaral Vantas]]
* {{Gone Horribly Right}} The Homestuck game is very realistic.
* {{Hikiko Mori}} Karkat's a bit of a shut-in.
* {{It Was There I Swear}}
* {{Kill Them All}} Eridan's method for winning the game.
* {{Laser Guided Amnesia}} What happened to [[spoiler:Karkat]]
* {{Lonely Rich Kid}} Arguably, [[spoiler:Karkat]]
* {{Lotus Eater Machine}}
* {{Make Up or Break Up}} Aradia and Equius
* {{Mind Rape}}
* {{MMORPG}}
* {{Most Fanfic Writers are Girls}} Rose and her Squiddles/Lord of the Rings crossover
* {{Most Gamers are Male}} Averted, a good proportion of the gamers are female.
* {{NPC}}
* {{Official Couple}} John/Vriska, Gamzee/Karkat, Aradia/Equius?
* {{Or Was It a Dream}}
* {{Serious Business}} It's just a game, no need to take it so seriously.
* {{Sliding Scale of Robot Intelligence}}
* {{Super OCD}} Sollux and his resulting obsession with twos.
* {{Twenty Minutes into the Future}}
* {{Unusual User Interface}} The pods used to play the game.
* {{Variable Player Goals}} A number of players would go off and do their own thing rather than complete the goals of the game.
* {{Video Game Cruelty Potential}}
* {{What Could Have Been}} What the Horrorterrors essentially were, a group of bosses that would have been fought throughout the game. [[spoiler:They were sealed off in the far edges of the game so you shouldn't have been able to interact with them]]
* {{Wide Open Sandbox}} The game is meant to be a combination of this and an MMORPG.
* {{Win to Exit}} Play the game and try not to die. It's just a game so it's not like dying will have any deep psychological effect on you.
* {{Your Mind Makes it Real}} The basis for the problems the betatesters have after playing the game.

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