A DarkerAndEdgier reimagining (or perhaps {{Deconstruction}}) of the ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' universe by Cat Bountry, in which the old [[MissionControl Administrator]] is replaced by [[AIIsACrapshoot an insane]] [[ActorAllusion AI]] and things just get worse from there in the style of ''Literature/IHaveNoMouthAndIMustScream'' by Creator/HarlanEllison (hence the story title).

Read it [[http://archiveofourown.org/works/860650 here]].

A fan-made sequel is also available [[https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hCZWYfzgfILN1KeFqdDUerpmPiH9GvAISqfYlixsbxA here]], by Dot-chan.

!!'''MASSIVE spoilers ahead. Beware.'''
!!''With Apologies To Harlan Ellison'' provides examples of:
* ActorAllusion: The Administrator is now an [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} insane AI]] that tortures her prisoners ForTheEvulz.
* AIIsACrapshoot
* AndIMustScream: [[spoiler: Inverted, despite being a tribute to the trope namer. The last thing Engineer does is open his mouth and scream.]]
* BewareTheNiceOnes: [[spoiler:Engineer kills all of his teammates in order to spare them from the Administrator's torments.]] Lampshaded by Demoman:
-->'''Demoman:''' Ye come tae kill me too, eh?
-->[[spoiler:'''Engineer''']]: You gonna make this hard?
-->'''Demoman:''' At least ye werent lonely before. I should a suspected it was you who would snap. Neer trust th nice ones.
* BodyHorror: [[spoiler: In so many horrible ways. Especially Pyrobeast and [=TwistySpy=].]]
* CuteMute: The Scout, due to the Administrator ripping out his tongue.
* CompanionCube: Soldier's shovel.
* {{Expy}}: The Administrator is very similar to [[{{VideoGame/Portal}} GLaDOS]], only much more malicious and less comedic.
* FandomNod: Possibly [[spoiler: the Pyro's gender bending, to [[AmbiguousGender the constant arguments about his/her gender]]]].
* GenderBender: [[spoiler: Pyro. Poor Pyro.]]
* HarmlessElectrocution: [[spoiler: Averted. Soldier is killed when he uses Shovel to yank out one of the Administrator's cables and is fried to death.]]
* HelloNurse: [[spoiler: Inverted. Pyro is transformed into a horribly exaggerated caricature of a woman, causing reactions of disgust rather than attraction from most of the team.]]
* HeroicBSOD: Well, everybody, but the Sniper in particular has more or less [[DespairEventHorizon given up]] on doing anything except laying there.
* JerkAss: The Spy. It's really difficult to sympathize with his [[BodyHorror predicament]] when he shows little to no sympathy for the others himself.
--> He hates us. Whenever Medic is crying over whatever torment he has had to endure, you can hear Spy [[KickTheDog laughing]]. And when hes not laughing, hes [[BodyHorror screaming]].
* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler:The entire RED team except for Engineer.]]
* KillThemAll: [[spoiler: the ending.]]
* LivingEmotionalCrutch: Heavy and Medic to each other.
* MetaTwist: [[spoiler: If you've read the original, you'll be expecting the story to follow the same groove. But unlike AM, the AI Administrator is lying about nuking the world, and the Engineer discovers a perfectly lively town nearby. Even the famous ending line is twisted: "I open my mouth. And I scream."]]
* MercyKill: [[spoiler: Inverted. Despite Engineer's apparent intentions, the way he kills his team-mates is less than merciful. Not to mention how [[TwistEnding it was all in vain anyway.]] ]]
* NeckSnap: [[spoiler:How Engineer kills Pyro.]]
* OffWithHisHead: [[spoiler:Spy's and Scout's deaths, courtesy of Shovel and Engineer.]]
* PainfulTransformation: Spy. And HOW. [[spoiler: Pyro's later transformation is also implied to be quite painful.]]
* RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil: Discussed by Engineer when the Administrator offers the team a woman to "pass on their genetic material".
-->I feel sick all over again. The rancid meat in my stomach probably plays a factor in this. I may have been trapped here for more than a century but the thought of possibly raping a lady is still abhorrent to me. Especially if shes been tortured just like we have. Can I trust these men, my fellow prisoners, to feel the same way?
* SanitySlippage: After 112 years of being tortured by the Administrator, Soldier completely loses it, forgetting how to speak English and talking in gibberish to Shovel.
* TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt: [[spoiler:Or not.]]
* ThePowerOfHate: The only thing that has kept Demoman alive all these years, geared toward the Administrator.
* TongueTrauma: Poor Scout...
* TwistEnding: [[spoiler: The Administrator never fired those nukes.]]