''Witchcraft Pretty Cure'' is a ''Franchise/PrettyCure'' ElsewhereFic project by [[Tropers/PerfumePreppy Cure_Shabon]]. It's unusual in that it fuses the MagicalGirlWarrior set-up that is typical of the franchise with the more traditional CuteWitch archetype, and also includes truckloads of GratuitousLatin.

Millennia ago, an evil sorceress known as [[BigBad Auguratricis Tenebris Nyx]] and her minions, the Night Demons, attempted to take over [[MagicLand the realm of Magicia]], but [[SealedEvilInACan wind up entombed]] by its queen, [[TheHighQueen Auguratricis Lucis Diana]], in the then-undeveloped realm of Humania, otherwise known as Earth. In the present day, though, they are accidentally freed by a passing-through nomad and plan to continue their mission. Knowing this, Diana sends her three apprentices to Humania and grants them the power to transform into legendary sorceress warriors known as Pretty Cure.

!! The team consists of:
* Daphne ('''[[color:deeppink:Cure Cattleya]]'''): A [[{{Kuudere}} calm, collected]] and [[BrainyBrunette studious]] PluckyGirl who is painfully loyal to Diana and always works hard in improving her magic prowess. Doubles as TheHero and TheSmartGuy. Specializes in [[DishingOutDirt ear]][[GreenThumb th]] magic and goes by Ibuki Mano in human disguise.
** '''[[color:deeppink:Rocky]]''': Daphne's {{familiar}}, an outgoing [[PantheraAwesome panther cub]] with NoSenseOfDirection.
* Jetti ('''[[color:skyblue:Cure Tempest]]'''): A stubborn and brash BloodKnight who [[DumbMuscle isn't much of a thinker]] and often butts heads with Daphne due to their different ideals. Doubles as TheLancer and [[TheBigGuy The Big Girl]]. Specializes in [[BlowYouAway sky]] magic and goes by [[TomboyishName Hayate]] Jingu in human disguise.
** '''[[color:skyblue:Breezy]]''': Jetti's {{familiar}}, a [[TheStoic stoic]] and no-nonsense butler type [[NobleBirdOfPrey baby hawk]].
* Shellsea ('''[[color:springgreen:Cure Anemone]]'''): The youngest of the trio, an innocent ActualPacifist [[NiceGuy Nice Girl]] with occasional [[CryCute crybaby tendencies]]. Doubles as TheChick and TheHeart. Specializes in [[MakingASplash sea]] magic and goes by Awa Yunomoto in human disguise.
** '''[[color:springgreen:Misty]]''': Shellsea's {{familiar}}, a GenkiGirl HeavySleeper of [[DolphinsDolphinsEverywhere a baby dolphin]].

Character sheet forthcoming!

!!This fanfic contains examples of:
* AllWitchesHaveCats: Played with. While all three Cures have mascots, only Daphne has a feline, and even so it's a panther cub instead of the usual house cat. While there is an actual cat (Blanche) around, her owner Nekki is human, at least as far as we know.
* AlternateUniverse
** ElsewhereFic
* ByThePowerOfGrayskull: "Veneficia Mutatio!" [[note]]"Maryoku Hen'i!", or "Witchcraft Mutation!"[[/note]]
* ColorCodedWizardry: But of course.
* [[CuteWitch Cute]] [[KungFuWizard Kung-Fu Witch]]: Just look at the title.
* ElementalPowers: There's a lot of elemental magic in this story...
** BlowYouAway: Jetti/Cure Tempest
** CastingAShadow / {{Lunacy}}: Nyx and, by extension, every other night demon.
*** DarkIsEvil
** DishingOutDirt / GreenThumb: Daphne/Cure Cattleya
** LightTheWay: Diana
*** LightIsGood
** MakingASplash: Shellsea/Cure Anemone
* FlyingBroomstick: The [[PunnyName Bloom Brooms]], color-coded brooms with giant flower petals where the fibers would normally be.
* FunctionalMagic: Of the Inherent Gift kind.
* GoodWitchVersusBadWitch: Almost literally, in particular when it comes to Diana and Nyx.
* GratuitousLatin: It's everywhere.
* MulticoloredHair: All three Cures, at least in their Magi and warrior forms.
* PowerTrio: Two, in fact.
** BeautyBrainsAndBrawn: Shellsea, Daphne and Jetti, respectively.
** FreudianTrio:
*** TheKirk: Shellsea/Cure Anemone for the Cures, Rocky for the familiars.
*** TheMcCoy: Jetti/Cure Tempest for the Cures, Misty for the familiars.
*** TheSpock: Daphne/Cure Cattleya for the Cures, Breezy for the familiars.
* {{Premiseville}}: The countryside Japanese town the story takes place in, Masaki, has its name written with different characters than the usual ones, in this case meaning "magic promontory".
* RobeAndWizardHat: The Cures' uniforms play with this a bit. The robe is there (albeit shorter than usual and worn over a LeotardOfPower), but the hat is more in the style of the ''Anime/OjamajoDoremi'' ones than anything.
* [[spoiler:SixthRanger: The gems on the tips of the Cures' five-pointed-star-shaped {{Chest Insignia}}s, in a similar way to the gems on the [[Anime/SmilePrettyCure Smile Pact]], imply that two more Cures will join the team by the end of the story.]]
* TransformationTrinket: The Veneficia Ballpens, which also double as their [[WeaponOfChoice Weapons of Choice]] and as {{Magic Wand}}s of sorts, especially given they were originally actual wands to begin with.
* WitchSpecies
* WizardingSchool: Not quite a school, but the Cures, along with defeating the night demons, must keep perfecting their powers and learning new spells and techniques.