-->"The world of the pros was like a road that never seemed to end, a race that each player ran at their own pace...
-->...Soon, Akira knew, he would find Hikaru running side by side with him, even on [[TitleDrop the never-ending road]], and in that moment the two would turn their heads and see one another, eyes meeting."
--->--[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2914615/1/The_Neverending_Road The Neverending Road]]

''The Neverending Road'' is a ''Manga/HikaruNoGo'' ''ContinuationFic'' written by [[http://www.fanfiction.net/u/464938/Leitbur Leitbur]] that follows much of the primary cast following the events of Hokuto Cup at the end of the manga series. On FF.net it's indexed under "Angst", but seems to mostly follow the same level of "Action" the main series does, with a "Romance" B-plot.

The story mostly focuses on the continued rivalry between [[TheRival Hikaru Shindo]] and [[TheAce Akira Toya]], as well as many of the many pros both above them and the ones following them from their insei days.

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!!This fic contains examples of the following:

* AnguishedDeclarationOfLove - [[spoiler: Nase]] accidentally does this on [[spoiler: Akari's]] behalf right after making ''her own'' feelings known. It really messes them both up for awhile, and they take a bit to make up as [[spoiler: Akari]] is understandably pissed, but eventually they work through it.
* AuthorAvatar - Ch70 has the author cameo-insert himself as a Type 2 [[EagleLand Eaglelander]]
* AscendedExtra - Akari and Nase in particular.
* BettyAndVeronica - Hikaru's UnluckyChildhoodFriend Akari giving the option for a more traditional relationship and future versus the older and professional Nase who is a talented Go player in her own right.
* CrowningMomentOfAwesome
** Shindou Hikaru [[spoiler: the Judan Slayer]]
** Anytime Hikaru finds a "Sai-like" move to turn a match around
* CrowningMomentOfFunny
** Ch36's and Chp42's resolutions of the OhCrap moment for [[spoiler: Akari and Nase]] respectively
** "Really," Komiya remarked to Sato, "it was hard to believe seeing this guy, just up from the B League, talking about beating Akira Toya, doing all these great things, then he'd say something like, "What's an Oza?"
* DisneyAcidSequence - Chapter 46 dream and musical number. It doesn't qualify as a BigLippedAlligatorMoment as it is referenced later, and the dream match between Sai and Ogata snaps Ogata out of his slump.
* FieryRedhead - The insei OC Sakamoto is one.
* HeroicBSOD - [[spoiler: After Hikaru's grandfather dies.]] He bounces back much faster than in the main series.
** [[spoiler: Nase]] also has a short one after the events of Chapter 32, afraid that [[spoiler: Akari and Hikaru]] will never forgive her.
* IdenticalStranger- Waya and Le Ping, just like in the main series, but they actually get to meet in a side-story when Waya and Isumi go on a trip to China. Amusingly, after a moment sizing each other up, the two of them end up caring less about the resemblance than everyone else.
* LoveTriangle - [[spoiler: Akari vs Nase for [[CelibateHero Hikaru]]]]
** If the author's notes are anything to go by, also cause for something of a BrokenBase with the fans who ship a [[HoYay different pair]]
* OhCrap - Ch32
* OvershadowedByAwesome - Sometimes Ochi comes across as this. He's an exceptional player and wins all of his shown matches against normal pros, but has the misfortune of having to compete with geniuses like Hikaru and Akira, and to a lesser extent Waya. He never wins a game against another important character. Both he and Waya are well aware of their status as this compared to the two "princes of Go" and feel some insecurity about it.
* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend - So many times...
* ShoutOut - The DisneyAcidSequence dream of Hikaru's after [[spoiler: his grandfather's death]] has two: an extended parody of ModernMajorGeneral sung by all of the New Wave to Hikaru, and then another one later when [[{{Naruto}} Sasuke and Sakura]] are recording [[spoiler: Ogata and Sai's game]].
** A bit earlier Hikaru unsuccessfully tries to explain the concept of [[DragonBallZ Super Saiyans]] to Isumi.
* ShownTheirWork - While not a pro himself, the author is at least a mid-level amateur and writes the matches using existing kifu from pro games around the world.
* TactfulTranslation - The translator Yokotachi attempts to do this when dealing with the obnoxious [[AuthorAvatar Author Avatar's]] conversation with Hikaru, but eventually it's subverted when Hikaru loses patience and just tells him to give him a full translation
* TigerVersusDragon - Technically it's Lion Versus Dragon, but the symbolism is functionally the same. Hikaru and Akira are destined to be eternal rivals, pushing each other to levels they couldn't have reached on their own.
* UnknownRival- Subverted. It turns out that Toya's study group is actually aware of how Morishita feels about them, and Koyo encourages his students to take part in the rivalry as well to keep their skills sharp.