''The Captain of the Virtual Console'' is a MassivelyMultiplayerCrossover FanFic written by {{Tropers/Gancena}}, loosely based off of the premise to WesternAnimation/CaptainNTheGameMaster and similar works.

The story begins with a presence of light realizing a hero is needed to fight back against the ever-growing darkness pervading the world. She summons one, and gets [[AuthorAvatar Gancena]], a video game fangirl who was playing her UsefulNotes/NintendoWii. Luckily, Gancena is interested in what's happened, and listens to the presence--named Selene--and her story.

The gaming worlds are under attack from creatures known as the Thoughtless, mindless monsters that represent MoralGuardians and the worst aspects of the FanDumb. If the attacks continue, Selene will be unable to stop them and their influence will spread into the real world, destroying everything. The gaming worlds need a hero to travel to the worlds and gather a Runestone, a representation of players' love for games, from each of them. Doing this would save all worlds from annihilation.

Eager and somewhat hesitant at first, Gancena accepts, taking on the mantle of the Captain of the Virtual Console (or Virtual Console Captain). With a SNES Super Scope in hand, the Captain travels to the worlds to collect the Runestones and save the gaming worlds and her own.

It can be found on [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7821325/1/The_Captain_of_the_Virtual_Console Fanfiction.net]] and [[http://archiveofourown.org/works/4371227/chapters/9921029 AO3]]. The author's Twitter can be found [[https://twitter.com/Gancena here]], and her tumblr [[http://gancena.tumblr.com here]].

!!This fanfic contains examples of:

* AnthropomorphicPersonification: The Thoughtless are this to MoralGuardians and ignorant gamers, and Selene is this to gamers' hopes and dreams, acting as the bond between players and games. In Chapter 2, Gancena briefly sees a Thoughtless take the form of [[Videogame/EarthBound Giygas]].
* AscendedFangirl: Gancena.
* AuthorAppeal: Classic games are just as cool as new ones, and deserve respect.
* AuthorAvatar: Gancena.
* CallForward: In the Pokemon arc, the Fairy type introduced in Pokemon X and Y exists, but hasn't been discovered. This is because the story started and takes place in late 2011, but the Pokemon arc lasted until ''after Pokemon Sun and Moon came out'', meaning that Gancena wouldn't know about it for several years.
* CallToAdventure: Gancena gets this while playing her Nintendo Wii.
** JumpedAtTheCall: To the point where Gancena wants to accept the quest before Selene even explains it.
* CaptainSuperhero: {{Lampshaded}} in reference to ''WesternAnimation/CaptainNTheGameMaster''.
* TheChooserOfTheOne: Selene. She picked Gancena.
* {{Cliffhanger}}: Chapter 5 ends with the Thoughtless descending on Blaine's mansion.
* CompositeCharacter: Blaine, being from Pokemon Yellow, has traits of his game and anime selves.
* ContinuityCameo: Yellow from ''Manga/PokemonSpecial'' appears.
* DemonicPossession: The Thoughtless possess some Rocket Grunts and their Pokemon, as well as [[spoiler:Haunter, and later Blue]].
* {{Doorstopper}}: According to the first interlude, there are a total of twenty worlds Gancena needs to collect Runestones from. The first arc took 26 chapters and over 100,000 words. Do the math.
* DramaticIrony: Applies regarding Giovanni, as the other Gym Leaders have no idea he's evil.
* DueToTheDead: The start of Chapter 10.
* {{Expy}}: According to WordOfGod, Selene is one to both Princess Lana from ''WesternAnimation/CaptainNTheGameMaster'' and Princess Celestia from ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''.
* GatewaySeries: In-universe. ''Pokemon'' was this for Gancena; it's the one she chooses to enter first.
* GenderBlenderName: Gancena names a female Pikachu "Ash," after the male Ash Ketchum.
* HealThyself: Green apples, via HyperactiveMetabolism.
* HeartwarmingOrphan: Ash the Pikachu.
* HelloInsertNameHere: Played with. Both Gancena and [[spoiler:Mewtwo]] give Selene a name, with the latter calling her [[spoiler:Amber.]] Gancena is also allowed to give a name to Selene's world: [[spoiler: The Hub.]]
* HubLevel: Selene's domain, with portals to the other worlds. [[spoiler:Gancena even names it "The Hub" when given the opportunity.]]
* InspirationNod: Gancena briefly mentions WesternAnimation/CaptainNTheGameMaster and how it at least had a good premise.
* JustAKid: The Rockets see Red as this. He proves them wrong.
* LightGun: Gancena's weapon of choice is a SNES Super Scope.
* LivingLieDetector: Sabrina's Alakazam.
* MacGuffin: The Runestones, representations of the love players have for games.
* MassivelyMultiplayerCrossover
* TheMentor: [[spoiler:Mew. Or so Gancena believes for most of the Pokemon arc.]] [[BaitAndSwitch It's really]] [[spoiler: Mewtwo]].
* MythologyGag: The Pokemon arc, despite being an adaptation of Pokemon Yellow, has some post-Gen 1 elements, like Berries and Johto Pokemon.
* NaiveNewcomer: Ash the Pikachu. She's never seen an ocean before.
* NamedByTheAdaptation: Red's parents, Rose and Glehn Spruce.
* OriginalGeneration: Gancena, Selene, and the Thoughtless.
* {{Pokemon}}: Gancena's first destination is [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Pallet Town]], specifically as seen in Pokemon Yellow.
* PoorCommunicationKills: Gancena forgets to tell Erika that Giovanni is the boss of Team Rocket after narrowly seeing him get away.
* RetroGaming
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Plenty of Pokemon, but most notably Red's Pikachu, the Kanto Starter Pokemon, Blaine's twin Ponyta foals, and Gancena's Pikachu, Ash.
* SaveBothWorlds: The gaming world(s) and the real one are in danger.
* SelfInsertFic: Gancena is the author as she was at the end of 2011.
* ShoutOut: The forest full of Pikachu is one to the Pokemon anime episode "Pikachu's Goodbye," which also had an entire forest full of Pikachu.
** The Black Fog from the Pokemon manga ''Manga/TheElectricTaleOfPikachu'' is mentioned.
* StarterVillain: Offshoots of the Thoughtless are fought in Chapter 2. They're later seen "helping" villains from the games Gancena visits.
* [[TalkingAnimal Talking Pokemon]]: Shiimeji Haunter, and he says that it's possible for all Pokemon to learn to speak.
* ThirdOptionAdaptation: Gancena enters the world of Pokemon Yellow, where Red has a Pikachu, Blue has an Eevee, and Giovanni has a Persian.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Gancena likes Granny Smith apples.
* TheUnreveal: Despite catching a Dugtrio, Red and Gancena never find out what its body looks like.
* VideoGameLives: Gancena is given three.
* VoluntaryShapeshifter: [[spoiler:Mew, via Transform.]]
* WhamLine: [[spoiler:Zapdos]] casually mentions that [[spoiler: Mew isn't actually Gancena's guide.]]