'''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3535877/1/Sword-and-Shield Sword and Shield]]''' is a {{Pokemon}} fanfic written by [[https://www.fanfiction.net/u/318970/Kayasuri-n Kayasuri-n]] starring Mewtwo and an original human character. Brenda Johnson, a homicide detective for the Viridian City PD, crosses paths with Mewtwo during an investigation. He ends up joining the force under the human disguise "Vahan Smith". The two [[TheyFightCrime work together]] to solve several disturbing cases, and one humorous but irritating one.

Tropes present in this work include:
* BadassNormal: Brenda. [[spoiler: She kills three of the rogue experiment Pokemon's bodies with her gun and a sword.]]
* CrazyPrepared: Giovanni. For one thing, the swords on display in his living room are not display-only pieces but real, battle-ready swords.
* [[ChekhovsGun Chekhov's Sword]]: Brenda ends up wielding one of the aforementioned swords during the final confrontation of ''Sword and Shield''.
* CowboyCop: Brenda. It rubs off on Mewtwo.
* DirtyCop: A good chunk of the Viridian police force is on Giovanni's take
* GenkiGirl: Allison.
* InterspeciesRomance: Not yet, but the ShipTease between Brenda and Mewtwo heavily leans towards this result.
* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler: Mewtwo kills Giovanni at the end of ''Sword and Shield'']].
* KnightInSourArmor: Brenda.
* LateArrivalSpoiler: [[spoiler: Giovanni dies, Mewtwo stays on the force]]
* SecretKeeper: Brenda's foster sister Allison, their mother, and the nurse who tended to Brenda after her injuries in ''Sword and Shield'' all know "Officer Smith" is really Mewtwo.
* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: Two-way version between Mewtwo and Brenda, who have been growing closer and closer over the series but refuse to acknowledge it.
* TheCityNarrows: Where Mewtwo's apartment is. Brenda even refers to it as "The Shades", to Mewtwo's annoyance.
* TheyFightCrime
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: Giovanni Rocketto, [[BlatantLies who is in no way connected with Team Rocket, it's just an unfortunate name coincidence]].