''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6245658/1/7_minutes_in_hell 7 Minutes In Hell]]'' by [[http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2491021/F14mb0y4nt-C4in F14mb0y4nt C4in]] is a ''Manga/DeathNote'' CrackFic in which Misa's attempt to get some alone time with Light goes NOT AS PLANNED.

The fic has been deleted.

!!''7 Minutes In Hell'' provides examples of:
* ButtMonkey: Misa and Light
* ClingyJealousGirl: Misa
* CrackFic
* CrazyJealousGuy: Ryuk
* DefeatByModesty: how Ryuk stops Light from leaving.
* TheDitz: Misa
* DoubleEntendre:
-->'''Ryuk:''' Oh come on Light! I've never played before, teach me?
* FanDisservice: Ryuk is his usual ugly self.
* FinaglesLaw
* IdiotBall: Misa decides to play SpinTheBottle with three people when [[FinaglesLaw one of them is Ryuk.]]
* InterspeciesRomance
* {{Lemon}}
* MonsterRoommate: Ryuk
* QuizzicalTilt: Ryuk when Misa insists that they all play some weird human game.
* SlashFic: Ryuk/Light
* SpinTheBottle: Misa manages to guilt Light into playing because it's her bithday.
* TenMinutesInTheCloset: It's right there in [[TitleDrop the title.]]
* TrollFic: If [[CrackPairing the pairing]] didn't give it away... "Yeah, Missa's name is mispelled get over it."
* YourCheatingHeart