''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8134552/ Respect]]'' is a CrossOver FanFic between ''Anime/SmilePrettyCure'' and ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'', written by [[@/FringeBenefits BHS]].

This fic is a DarkFic WhatIf story with a simple premise: what would happen if [[ShrinkingViolet Yayoi Kise]] met [[WeaselMascot Kyubey]] before becoming a Precure?

The short answer: [[spoiler: BreakTheCutie, SanitySlippage, and HeWhoFightsMonsters, to name a few.]]

The story was loosely based on another fic called ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8018294/1/ The Illustrator]]'', by Abicion.

Also see ''[[FanFic/StarsAbove Stars Above]]'', another Madoka CrossOver by the same author, and ''{{Tasakeru}}'', his original series.

!!This work provides examples of:

* AlphaBitch: [[OriginalGeneration Arisu Sato]].
* [[spoiler:[[AndThenJohnWasAZombie And Then Yayoi Was A Witch]]: First [[SheWhoFightsMonsters symbolically]], and then literally. More specifically, Yayoi becomes Izabel, the Artist Witch seen early in episode 10 of Madoka.]]
* ArtAttacker: Part of Yayoi's powers as a Puella Magi.
* BewareTheNiceOnes
* BreakTheCutie
* TheBully: [[OriginalGeneration Arisu]] and her GirlPosse [[ThoseTwoGuys Hidariko and Migiko]].
* DarkFic
* DealWithTheDevil
* [[spoiler:DespairEventHorizon]]
* [[spoiler:FaceHeelTurn: Yayoi, by the end.]]
* GenreSavvy: Yayoi knows all about the superhero genre. [[spoiler:Overlaps with WrongGenreSavvy by the end.]]
* [[spoiler:GhostTown: Nanairogaoka becomes this, thanks to Yayoi[=/=]Sunder trapping most of the population in her sketchbook.]]
* GirlPosse: [[AlphaBitch Arisu]], Hidariko, and Migiko.
* [[spoiler:MadArtist]]
* MagicalGirl
* MuggingTheMonster: Once Yayoi makes her contract, she makes sure the next time Arisu and her flunkies bully her is their last... [[spoiler:[[KilledOffForReal Lit]][[OffWithHerHead era]][[AndIMustScream lly]].]]
* [[spoiler:OffWithHerHead]]
* PhantomZonePicture: The pages of Yayoi's sketchbook.
* [[spoiler:PleaseWakeUp]]
* RichBitch: Arisu.
* [[spoiler:SanitySlippage]]
* [[spoiler:[[HeWhoFightsMonsters She Who Fights Monsters]]: From superhero fangirl and bully victim, to MagicalGirl, to bully and notorious villain.]]
* ShockAndAwe: As in her [[SmilePrettyCure canon series]], Yayoi has powers over electricity in her Puella Magi form.
* ShrinkingViolet: Yayoi, of course. Her shyness and inability to stand up to Arisu's bullying is what drives her to contract with Kyubey.
* [[spoiler:StartOfDarkness]]
* StudentCouncilPresident: Arisu.
* [[spoiler:TheSoCalledCoward]]
* [[spoiler:ThouShaltNotKill: Accidentally [[AvertedTrope averted]] with Yayoi's revenge against Arisu.]]
* WeaselMascot: Kyubey.