[[caption-width-right:350:''[[CatchPhrase As you wish...]]'']]

[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8574284/1/Puella-Magi-Yuuko-Magica Puella Magi Yuuko Magica]] is an ongoing ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' fanfic by Webidolchiu94 on Fanfiction.net. It follows an AlternateContinuity in which Madoka wishes for a world where the Puella Magi aren’t bound by the rules of the old Puella Magi system. However, it’s [[{{NotWhatItLooksLike}} not what you think.]]
In other words, [[{{BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor}} be careful what you wish for.]]

Now, not only are there Puella Magi, but mages as well! [[{{BlatantLies}} No longer are there Witches that garner despair and sadness!]]

And there’s a spoiler warning from [[WordOfGod the goddess herself:]]

''''' May contain heavy spoilers for not only the show, but my other story, "Eternal Flowers", seeing as this is a prequel! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.'''''

Now has [[http://puella-magi-yuuko-magica.wikia.com/wiki/Puella_Magi_Yuuko_Magica_Wiki a Wiki.]]
!!This Fanfic provide examples of:

* AdultFear: Well, for one, now that everyone’s parents are Mages, the thought of their children fighting a [[EldritchAbomination demon]] every night would probably cause them to have a HeroicBSOD.
** For Airi, she has to deal with this on a daily basis.
* AGodIAmNot: Madoka has to contend with everyone calling her "Kami-sama", but begins to correct them with extreme irritation after the charm wears off.
* AlternateUniverseReedRichardsIsAwesome: As a {{Callback}} to the alternate timelines where Madoka was quite the LittleMissBadass.
* AlwaysInClassOne: Mami is still in Class 3-A, and the girls are in class 2-A.
* AllWitchesHaveCats: Madoka and Hitomi have white and black cats respectively. In a way, Kyuubey could count, if not for the weird things hanging from his ears.
* AlternateUniverse: Obviously the whole reason for the story. Subverted and Deconstructed. Madoka and [[spoiler:Madokami]] reformatted the universe, and now Homura has no idea how to cope with it. Madoka’s gotten the hang of it though…
* AnthropomorphicPersonification: Madokami. She's hope of course.
** Madoka is Love.
* CallingYourAttacks: Mami does this in Italian, not to mention the rest of our cast.
** Mages in a way, do this, not only in Latin, but in Greek and even Hindi.
** Madoka’s attacks as a Puella Magi are apparently in German.
* BigEater: Kyouko.
* ColorMotif: The colors in a Puella Magi's attire take on greater symbolism. The more white there is, the more innocent, naive and pure the wearer. As they become more cynical and battle-weary, the white fades to grey, and can eventually turn coal black.
* CosmicRetcon: Happens in the very first chapter.
* DeclarationOfProtection: Originally, this was Homura’s shtick, but once the universe was rewritten this became Madoka’s trope all in all. Though it still is invoked.
** Homura invokes this once again in Chapter 9.
* DefeatEqualsFriendship: Madoka plans to invoke this on [[spoiler:Kyouko]].
* DespairEventHorizon: The Incubators appear to those in the middle of a crisis and offer them the chance to become a Puella Magi and make a wish. [[spoiler:There's also the Despair Cubes.]]
* CovertPervert: [[spoiler: Kyuubey.]] And he [[{{Squick}} does not enjoy]] being called a DirtyOldMan.
* DimensionalTraveler: Not only our Madoka, but [[spoiler:Madokami]] and Houmura.
* DrivenByEnvy: Sayaka isn't too impressed by the new girl or how easily she's gotten close to Madoka. Nor is she too thrilled by [[spoiler:being excluded from their new school club]].
* {{Familiar}}: Kyuubey.
** Homura also has one: [[spoiler:a black butterfly]].
* HearingVoices: [[spoiler:Homura is.]]
* ImpoverishedPatrician: Kamijou comes from an aristrocratic family with very old magic; unfortunately, their money and influence have dwindled, making it difficult for them to cope with his accident.
* InnocentBlueEyes: The Kyuubi of the remade world have blue eyes instead of red, appear to have emotions, and seem to sympathize with those they contract.
** IcyBlueEyes: This doesn't stop them from being creepy, and [[spoiler:at least one of them is out to get revenge on Madoka for 'making a fool of him'.]]
** [[spoiler:Inkyuu, Kyouko's Incubator, has PurpleEyes.]]
* MagicStaff: Madoka, Homura and Kauko all have one.
* MagicWand: Everyone has one, save for those with particularly large amounts of {{Mana}}.
* MakeAWish: In addition to making a wish when contracting, Puella Magi can also collect Wish Coins by defeating Demons and Wraiths. Gathering enough of these enables them to effectively buy another wish.
* {{Multiverse}}: Hinted at.
* OhCrap: Madoka, Homura, and even Kyuubey's reaction after the fight with the Demon at the hospital.
* OnlySaneMan: Sayaka, apparently, at least in ''her'' eyes.
* {{Ojou}}: Mami, it turns out, has turned out better in this new world due to [[spoiler: her parents still being alive]]. She lives in a mansion, has a (very expensive) time sphere, like in {{Negima}}, and there's even a tower in the city christened with her surname.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: [[spoiler:Kyouko. Those CuteLittleFangs aren't for nothing.]]
* PhysicalGod: Madoka is regarded as such by the Incubators, who insistantly call her 'Kami-sama'.
* Red Baron: Hōmura's deceased mother, according to Mr.Chamomile, was called "The Black Rose".
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Madoka has to be the most relevant example. Aside from her there also happens to be [[spoiler: {Kyuubey}, who seems to have escaped the rewrite of the universe somehow.]]
* ResetButton: Basically chapter one.
* SecretKeeper: [[spoiler:Mr. Chamomile knows about the Puella Magi, and serves as an ally among the school staff]].
* SelflessWish: [[spoiler:A dying Mami]]'s wish in the remade world was for [[spoiler:Kyuubi to save her parents rather than herself]].
* SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong- What Madoka’s wish set out to do in the first place.
* ShoutOut: Several, in fact.
** Doppeliners from BlackGod
** The "Closed Spaces" that the Demons reside in are a reference Haruhi Suzumiya.
** There are several big Shout Outs to {{Negima}}
*** Mami's Time Sphere is one, and doubles as a CameoProp
*** Madoka saves her cat in a scene that resembles the chapter in an early volume involving wind magic.
*** The name of the book Homura finds at her house is "Diarium Ejus"
*** The guidance counselor is a man named Albireo Chamomile who insists on being called "Chamo-kun"
*** There is an Ala Alba tournament coming up, as the announcements over the P.A. have said.
** Tirol is the name of the restaurant that Chii works at in {{Chobits}}. They go there after school to have tea.
** "Welcome," said Mami to the band of four behind her, "to our 'Little Garden'."
* ShrineMaiden: Kyouko used to be one, as was her sister.
* SpellBook: Textbooks double as these.
* SpinOff[=/=]{{Prequel}}: To ''[[FanFic/EternalFlowers Eternal Flowers]]''.
* StarfishAlien: The Incubators.
* StepfordSmiler: Madoka even more so than in canon. Homura was this at first, but her smile seems to gradually become more and more real.
* TechnicolorFire: Homura’s fire is blue from what we’ve seen so far.
* [[ThatManIsDead That Girl Is Dead]]: In this 'verse, [[spoiler:Kyouko]] renounced her name following [[spoiler:her little sister Momo's death]] and [[MeaningfulName renamed herself]] after [[spoiler:the cherry blossoms Momo'd given her before the incident]].
* ThisIsReality: Sayaka's reaction upon [[spoiler:seeing Madoka as a Puella Magi]].
* WizardingSchool: Mahokari Academy. It has Middle through High School students as well.
* XMeetsY: ''Madoka Magica'' meets ''{{Negima}}'' meets ''LightNovel/{{Bakemonogatari}}'' meets ''{{XXXHolic}}''.