Written by CureWish8, it's one of the many fanseries by the author, and features a rare, if not new theme, teachers as Pretty Cure. This is the last planned fanseries by the author for a while.

[[MagicalLand Harmotone]] was a very peaceful, musical land in perfect order. Until the day that the Conductor decided to bring the masses of Monotone to destroy it. Forced to protect her home, Queen Hibiki sent the Shape Beats, five precious relics targeted by the Conductor, to Earth, where they would be safe. The Conductor sent his minions after them, and the Queen sent Heiwa and Chowa, two fairies from Harmotone, to Earth as well.

On Earth, Heiwa and Chowa found a middle school. Heiwa watched the music class, and Chowa watched the history class, the two of them decided that the legendary warriors were within the two classes. But neither of them were students. The music teacher, Miwa Wakana, and the history teacher, Kazuki Setsuko, were to be legendary warriors that would save all worlds.

With a relatively normal life, the perfect music teacher Miwa Wakana was completely unprepared to change everything and be a Pretty Cure. Kazuki Setsuko, the teacher known as the most old-fashioned, strictest, no-nonsense teacher in all of Onpu Junior High, didn't want anything to do with her younger colleague. But the two are brought together when they are told by Heiwa and Chowa that they must work together.:

* Miwa Wakana ('''[[color:orange:Cure Concerto/Cure Staccato]]'''): [[TheHero The one with the sense of justice and the main character]], 29 years old. A gentle and kind fiery-orange haired , who cares a lot about her students and teaches the music class.
* Kazuki Setsuko ('''[[color:green:Cure Minuet/Cure Musette]]'''): The strict one, 34 years old. The oldest of the team, and Miwa's stubborn and dictating co-worker. She teaches the history class. A {{Meganekko}} who hates her glasses but thinks they make her look more mature.
* '''[[color:pink:Heiwa]]''' and '''[[color:blue:Chowa]]''': Double as {{Team Pet}}s and {{The Mentor}}s. Harmotone's chosen protectors, two fairies who are sisters. Heiwa is happy-go-lucky and cheerful, while Chowa is slightly more down-to-earth and like her partner, quite stubborn.

Later on, an additional character is introduced to the main cast:
* Cecilia 'Ceci' Porter ('''Ze Ze'''): A seemingly normal 26-year-old gym teacher who works for The Conductor temporarily (in fact, she developed a good friendship with another villain and stayed in touch until they were killed). A nearly flat-chested energetic athlete from Canada.

More character-specific tropes may be found [[Characters/PrettyCureSenseiNote here]].
!!'''This fanfic contains examples of:'''
* [[spoiler:AfterTheEnd (The Cures encounter completely destroyed and dark Clavier after returning from Harmotone.)]]
* AGoodNameForARockBand (A student mentions the title, 'Sensei Note'.)
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling (Miwa to Kazuki completely.)
* AntiVillain ([[spoiler:Ceci]])
* ATeamFiring (Kazuki is always trying this with Miwa)
* BeachEpisode
* ButNotTooForeign (Ceci; subverted due to her being fully Canadian rather than half-Canadian)
* CooldownHug (Miwa gives these often to her distressed students.)
* EmbarrassingNickname (Kazuki hates to be called "Monkey" by Miwa)
* EleventhHourSuperpower ([[spoiler:Granted by the Shape Beats, no less!]])
* [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses Everythings Better With Queens]] (Queen Hibiki)
* KaleidoscopeEyes (From civillian to Cure form. Miwa: brown to red; Kazuki: brown to hazel.)
* GenkiGirl (Miwa and her students)
* RapunzelHair (Invoked during an episode, when Miwa is turned into Rapunzel and keeps tripping over her hair.)
* HeelFaceTurn ([[spoiler:Ceci is fired from The Conductor for protecting people with her powers instead of hurting them. She never really took the job seriously, or enjoyed it though.]])
* InsistentTerminology
-->'''Miwa:''' You must use correct terms when talking music!
-->'''Shiho:''' It isn't that big a deal. Concerto, concert, it's all the same! No big deal!
* LaughablyEvil (Ceci again)
* MakeMeWannaShout (How Kazuki feels about Miwa.)
* MeaningfulName (The names of the Cures names have musical meanings.)
* MidSeasonUpgrade (Cure Staccato and Cure Musette)
* MonsterOfTheWeek (As in any other ''PrettyCure'' series; here, they're called Baroque-tones.)
* TheMovie (Yes, there's gonna be one after the series is over. WordOfGod says so.)
* [[NewTransferStudent New Transfer Teacher]] (Ceci)
* PostEpisodeTrailer
* QuirkyMinibossSquad (Again, as in any other ''PrettyCure'' series.)
* TakingTheBullet ([[spoiler: Cure Concerto/Staccato gets killed a few times, sacrificing herself for others]])
* TransformationTrinket (The [=CureBatons=])
* TwoTeacherSchool (Averted; Onpu Junior High has a set of different classes, with one teacher for each class, plus a music teacher and a PE teacher, but the series revolves around two of the teachers)