An 40-episode Fanfic adaption of ''Series/ChoujinSentaiJetman''. An Air Force soldier and four apartment tenants receive on military hardware from Project Jetman and become the Franchise/PowerRangers.

It can be read in its entirety [[ here]]
!! This fanfic contains examples of:

* AlienInvasion
* AlternateUniverseFic
* CompositeCharacter: Sasha. While based on Maria from the original Sentai, her monster forms were actually Radiguet's.
* DarkerAndEdgier: Compared to the actual ''Power Rangers'' shows made during TheNineties.
** However, the author does take care to edit Sentai footage the way it would be edited for ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' (no smoking, drinking or impalement).
* DeadFic: While the first season, based on ''Jetman'' is entirely complete and stands well on its own, the second season of the fic, which partially adapts ''Series/ChoujuuSentaiLiveman'', stopped after the fourth episode and shows no indications of ever getting finished.
* DeathByAdaptation: [[MonsterOfTheWeek Zephyros]]. Like his Sentai counterpart, Dryer Jigen, Zephyros is an IneffectualSympatheticVillain who gets to live in peace at the end of his episode. Unlike his Sentai counterpart, Zephyros returns a few episodes later, gets provoked into growing and destroyed (re-purposing an ImagineSpot from his Sentai episode for this scene).
* TheDollEpisode: "Yesterday's Trash." The MonsterOfTheWeek takes the form of the Blue Ranger's old teddy bear.
* FantasticRacism: Trask towards humans, due to how humans drove Vampirians/Vampires away from Earth.
* FiveManBand: As per ''Power Rangers'' tradition:
** TheHero: Luke
** TheLancer: Chris
** TheBigGuy: Pete
** TheSmartGuy: Maggie
** TheChick: Casey
* GenderFlip: Yellow Lion is male in ''Liveman'', while the Yellow Lion Ranger in ''Take Flight's'' second season is female. [[ShoutOut Her name?]] [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Trini]]. (A different Trini, but ''still''...)
* HomeBase: The apartment the Rangers live in, and later on a house by a cemetary after [[spoiler: the apartment becomes a MonsterOfTheWeek.]]
* NoodleIncident: We don't exactly ''learn'' what caused Maggie to break up with her ex-boyfriend Sean, but WordOfGod says that infidelity is a likely reason, given how Sean tries to be more honest with Maggie in his attempts to win her back.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent
* RealityEnsues: It turns out that making unexcused absences ''will'' attract the attention of your boss, as well as make you run the risk of ''losing your job''. [[spoiler: Fortunately for Luke, his boss was smart enough to put two and two together, and is pretty okay with it.]]
* RetCon: A few, as detailed in the commentary, but one of the most notable ones is the explanation that the talk button on the [=AviMorphers=] doesn't work when unmorphed, thus explaining the lack of communication between the Rangers outside of battle.
* ScriptFic: The story is written entirely in script format. Like an actual ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' season, the storylines and scripts are even written with stock footage from the adapted ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' season in mind.
* SecretKeeper: Quite a few, actually. Likely to keep in with the fic's (slightly) more realistic tone; obviously ''someone'' will suspect something.