->''"She's less than a day old. Can you really expect me to know her full destiny? She might be a leader, but then again—"''
->''"She's going to get her nine lives at the Moonstone and all the other Clans will respect her and she's going to have the perfect name to fit her future."''
->''"What? Perfectkit?" Twigpelt said sarcastically.''
->''Mistblossom rolled her eyes and told him the name.''
->''"No!" Twigpelt gasped. "That's a disrespect to [=StarClan=]!"''
->''"The warrior code doesn't forbid ''names!''"''
->''"You'll regret this choice. You'll be thought poorly of by all the Clans—she'll be thought poorly of by all the Clans. You can't do that to her!"''
->''"And ''you'' can't stop me. It's the perfect name!"''
-->-- Twigpelt and Mistblossom fighting in [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8163977/1/Moonlit-Path-Disloyal-Hearts the prologue]]. They do that a lot.

''Moonlit Path'', a ''Literature/WarriorCats'' fanfiction by Chocolatedog, is centered around the conflict between two [=SkyClan=] cats: Mistblossom, an arrogant warrior, and Twigpelt, a medicine cat with anxiety issues.

The viewpoint character is Moonkit, Mistblossom's newborn daughter. She grows up resenting Twigpelt, but gradually comes to realize there may be more to their feud than either will tell her. Moonkit investigates, and ends up causing a lot of trouble- especially in her attempts to fix what she's already done.

[[MurphysLaw Which is unfortunate]], because a bad winter hits in Chapter 11, bringing sickness and [=RiverClan=] invaders with it...and in these harsh conditions, Mistblossom and Twigpelt's inability to reconcile threatens the Clan itself.

'''Sum This Up In One Trope:''' PoorCommunicationKills.
!! Contains the following tropes:

* BlatantLies: After Briarpaw describes her plan [[spoiler:to fight [=RiverClan=] without Brackenstar's knowledge- essentially committing treason-]] an eavesdropping Mistblossom confronts her:
-->"What in the name of [=StarClan=] are you talking about?" Mistblossom gasped.
-->''Oh, no.''
-->"The weather," Briarpaw said.
-->"My goodness," Twigpelt said flatly, "your lying skills blow me away."
* DisneyDeath: [[spoiler:Mistblossom after the battle against [=RiverClan=]]]
* FandomSpecificPlot: Subverted. The story opens with the birth of an unusually named kit, and her Clan's medicine cat proclaiming she has a great destiny...however, Mistblossom takes this far too seriously and grooms Moonkit to become leader, even though Twigpelt points out several other things it could mean. And Mistblossom's special name for her special kit is sacreligious and disrespectful.
* SarcasmMode: In the prologue, Twigpelt agrees with Mistblossom's comment that Moonkit is beautiful, and Mistblossom asks him if that's all he's going to say. In response, Twigpelt launches into a sarcastic declaration of how she is the most ''beautiful'' kit ever, and Mistblossom is the most ''wonderful'' cat in the world.
* SympatheticPov: Mistblossom is a rather bratty cat who often insults others...but because the story mostly follows her daughter- who she adores- we often don't see this side of her.
* [[WhattheHellHero What the Dark Forest, Hero?]]: Moonpaw, on top of generally acting like a jerk, abandons Paleflower in battle out of cowardliness. Paleflower is not pleased.
** Twigpelt is also eager to let Moonpaw know when she does something particularly bad.