''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9500841/1/MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake]]'' is an [[{{Otaku}} obsessive fan]] of the film version of ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings''. She falls into the story and becomes "the most desirable lady ever" and the [[SailorEarth Tenth Walker]] in Frodo's company.

!! ''[=MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake=]'' provides examples of:
* GroundhogDayLoop: ''The Lord of the Rings'' is stuck in a loop. It is a "bizarre curse" where "time kept reverting itself and would continue to do so", with Frodo and company repeating the quest, each time with a new Tenth Walker.
* LightningCanDoAnything: Lightning can make a TelevisionPortal.
* LustObject: [=MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake=] is an obsessive fan of ''The Lord of the Rings'' because she lusts for one of the characters. The mystery is who. This fan was kissing her television when it became a TelevisionPortal and brought her into the story. She is happy for the chance to meet her Lust Object.
* {{Otaku}}: [=MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake=] likes ''The Lord of the Rings'' so much that she often watches the movies and reads the books, for which she "missed over fifty school days" and came before "different psychiatrists".
* OverlyLongName: For [=MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake=], the story always uses her full name. There is no shorter form of her name, but there is copy and paste.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands: [=MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake=] uses each power once and then forgets it. Some of these are EyeBeams, SuperStrength and SuperSpeed.
* ParodySue: [=MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake=] has "impossible features and skills". Legolas and Boromir grumble about her, before her "curse" forces them to like her.
* ProtagonistTitle: ''[=MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake=]''
* SailorEarth: [=MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake=] is yet another Tenth Walker.
* TelevisionPortal: [=MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake=] kissed a television during a lightning storm; she falls through into ''The Lord of the Rings''.
* UnwantedHarem: Several characters declare love to [=MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake=], but she rejects everyone except her one LustObject.