Kestrelflight's Slumber Party is a Literature/WarriorCats fanfic by Hopesplash. In it, Kestrelflight has a slumber Party in windclan with the other medicine cats [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and Lionblaze]]. Hilarity ensues. Read it [[ here]] and read the complete version on Page 40 (helpfully posted by me).

Kestrelflights Slumber Party contains examples of:

* BigBad: Tigerstar.
* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: Jayfeather trying to figure out the colour of his pelt so that [[spoiler: he won't be sacrificed to the Dark Forest]]. He doesn't find out and [[spoiler: gets sacrificed anyway]].
* BrickJoke: Multiple. For example:
** Lionfeather [[spoiler: brought up when deciding who to sacrifice to the Dark Forest cats]].
** Deathberry Claw Polish. During an awkward silence Kestrelflight wonders if everyone licked off their claw polish and fell asleep.
** The raspberry Kestrelflight is eating. He spits it out onto Willowshine.
* ButtMonkey: Jayfeather. He's forced to be the kit when they play clan, Leafpool makes him stay in her den for a moon and Kestrelflight rents a silent movie.
* CrackPairing: [[spoiler: Lionblaze and Willowshine have a kit. They name it [[BrickJoke Jaykit]].]]
* {{Doorstopper}}: In fanfic terms. It's 41 pages long in word at font 10.
* [[ImAHumanitarian I'm a Catitarion]]: Lionblaze gets Flametail to come by threatening to eat the Shadowclan cats. Later [[spoiler: the Dark Forest Forest cats want to eat the medicine cats]].
* MisBlamed: In-universe: The cats at the slumber party become mad at Jayfeather because [[spoiler: they think he turned the stars off]]. It was actually [[spoiler: Dovepaw]].
* [[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Cat]]: Jayfeather, eventually. Everyone else seems to go insane.
* OverlyLongGag: [[spoiler: The Dark Forest cats pretending to be Fluff-Bear and friends.]]
* ShownTheirWork: There are many many [[RuleOfThree MANY]] references to the books. Like when Breezepelt has to be Lionclaw.
* ShowWithinAShow: Aparently the slumber party, because Rock, Fallen Leaves and Hollyleaf are listening to it on the radio.