[[caption-width-right:180:The official cover[[note]]...depicting [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Shirou]] to the left holding the card representing the Servant Saber class and [[VisualNovel/FateHollowAtaraxia Avenger]] to the right wearing a headband, both dressed in Yasogami High's winter uniforms. [[TeasingCreator The author refuses to elaborate]].[[/note]]]]

[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8872034/1/Fate-Reach-Out "Fate: Reach Out"]] is a ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' and ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' crossover by [[https://www.fanfiction.net/u/446354/Vegeta-the-3rd Vegeta the Third]] (also known as Kishou, [[OneOfUs a fellow trooper]]) and Nameless Flame Wielder.

The concept is simple: Before the Fuyuki Fire, Shirou Emiya was known as Yu Narukami. Taiga finds info on Shirou's heritage, and arranges for him to meet his uncle Dojima, and stay in Inaba for one year. Then the Inaba Murders begin...

The story can also be found on its dedicated Website/SpaceBattlesDotCom [[http://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/fate-reach-out-f-sn-smt-p4-crossover-story-thread.245101/ forum thread]] (beware of {{spoiler}}s there).

!!This Fanfic has examples of:
* AccidentalPervert: [[spoiler:Teddie. In his defense, he really didn't know how to hold an unconscious girl.]]
* AdaptationDyeJob: Izanagi's appearance is slightly different to his canon portrayal to match his user.
* AlmostKiss: Shirou and [[spoiler:Shadow Chie]]. [[SincerityMode Nice timing there, Yosuke]].
* AnchoredShip: [[spoiler:Shirou and Chie by mutual agreement. After her Shadow confessed to him against her conscious wishes, Shirou basically proposed a do-over where he'll pretend that ThatDidntHappen until she feels ready to act in her own accord. Chie observed that Shirou was avoiding the issue in his own way, but she appreciated the fact he wasn't judging her from all the dirty secrets that her Shadow revealed, as well as the chance to have more time to sort things out.]]
* BerserkButton: Chie reacts strongly to anything that might threaten Yukiko, especially if that something is rookie detective Adachi suggesting that the missing girl could be the serial killer. [[spoiler:He got ''tackled'' to the wall for that one before Yosuke managed to hold Chie back.]]
* BigBadFriend: [[spoiler:Shirou makes good acquaintances with "Nami", the gas station attendant, during his part-time job at MOEL.]]
* BiggerBad: [[spoiler:In the prologue we find out that [[VideoGame/{{Persona2}} Nyarlathotep]] has taken [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Angra Mainyu]]'s place in the Holy Grail via LoopholeAbuse]].
* BigGood: [[spoiler:Philemon]] kickstarted the plot by betting that Shirou would win against the evils of the Fog.
* BrainsAndBrawn. [[GuileHero Yosuke]] and [[IdiotHero Shirou]] as the Brains and Brawn respectively.
* BroFist: Yosuke and Shirou the first time they refer to each other as partners.
* BrokenHero: Shirou is his usual distorted, emotionally-damaged self. This raises some alarm bells with his allies because of his lack of a self-preservation mindset during critical times.
* BrownNote: The Fear status effect acts like this in the story. It causes Shirou and Yosuke to break down.
* ButterflyOfDoom: Shirou, just before the [[spoiler:original]] start of the Holy Grail War, is told of his still living relatives in Inaba. The [[PowerOfFriendship Power of Social Links]] are just the start of things to come in conflict with his ideology.
** Made more literal as it is a butterfly [[spoiler:actually [[VideoGame/{{Persona}} Phile]][[VideoGame/{{Persona2}} mon]]]] that starts the ball rolling.
* [[CantArgueWithElves Can't Argue with Pixies]]: From chapter 19:
-->'''Pixie:''' (...) Granted, this is a good thing since humans have been known to exploit stuff, and as the fairy godmother once told me: 'Humans are the reason we can't have nice things.' Because they're greedy jerks and lose our stuff, [[spoiler:like this sheath here]], but still! Of course, what would I know, I'm just a figment of some-"\\
'''Shirou:''' Pixie. Yosuke?\\
'''Pixie:''' Oh. OH! Right.
* CatchAFallingStar: Shirou to Chie the second time she falls into the TV World, [[ChronicHeroSyndrome even if he consciously knew she didn't hurt herself too badly the first time]].
* ChronicHeroSyndrome: Shirou as usual.
* ClassicVillain: Given that the Shadow Selves are everything their originals deny, with the increased characterization this fic gives them, all of them fit this trope.
** Shadow Yosuke represents Envy, Wrath, and Pride.
** Shadow Chie represents Envy and Lust.
** Shadow Yukiko represents Envy, Lust, and Sloth.
* CombatParkour: Jiraya, who combines DoubleJump and FlashStep to bounce off everything and attack from blind spots, and to a lesser extent Yosuke.
* CombatPragmatist:
** Subverted. [[spoiler:Yosuke tried to beat Shadow Chie before it could gather power with Chie's rejection. However, as long as Chie doesn't reject it, attacking her Shadow [[{{Synchronization}} also hurts her in the process]].]]
** Done more successfully later [[spoiler:during the BossFight against Shadow Chie. Being the manifestation of Chie's insecurities made her an easy target of Yosuke's [[IShallTauntYou taunting]] and her "throne" doesn't make the best place to sit on during battle from a tactical standpoint.]]
* CompetitiveBalance: Fitting into ''Persona's'' video game roots, the narrative describes the Investigation Team like this.
** MightyGlacier: Shirou, his attacks are stronger than anyone else, his Persona powers give him SuperToughness, but he's noticeably slower than Yosuke or Chie on top of Persona switching slowing him down further.
** FragileSpeedster: Yosuke, he's the fastest, has SuperReflexes, but his endurance, attack and magic are about average.
** MagicallyIneptFighter: Chie, her physical skills are the best, her speed is good, but she has a very small mana pool.
* TheConsigliere: Shirou might be TheLeader, but Yosuke is the one who stops him from DiggingHimselfDeeper.
* ContinuityNod: A throwaway comment from Igor implies that the story follows the events of the female route of ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}''.
* CryForTheDevil: Once defeated, [[spoiler:Shadow Chie]]'s cries elicited this reaction in- and out-of-universe.
-->[[spoiler:'''Shadow Chie:''' Please, Don't leave me... Yukiko. All I wanted was to feel needed, to feel like I belonged with someone, somewhere. If you're gone... what will happen to me? All the years together, all the laughs we shared, doesn't it matter Yukiko? Why do you want to leave me? Yukiko...]]
* DarkIsNotEvil: Shirou initially feared summoning Eligor due to his demonic roots, but proved to be completely noble during the Shadow Yukiko fight.
* DamselInDistress: {{Discussed|Trope}}:
-->"Well then," Yosuke smiled. "Now we have a plan; Emiya fights, Teddie supports, I investigate, and Satonaka..." he paused as he stared at the lone girl of their party. "Well, try not to get kidnapped, alright?"\\
"Ha-ha, very funny," said lone girl deadpanned.
* DeadpanSnarker: Yosuke, probably even more than his canonical portrayal.
-->'''Yosuke:''' (after seeing [[{{Dominatrix}} Shadow Chie's rejected form]]) And I thought ''I'' had issues.
* DivingSave: [[spoiler:Chie to Yosuke, pushing him out of the way of his Shadow's attack.]]
* DopeSlap: Yosuke gives Shirou one of these when he has a StayInTheKitchen moment with Chie.
* DramaticIrony:
** Readers knowledgeable with ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' will notice right away why Shirou spending a year away from Sakura is a '''bad''' idea.
** Related to the above, Shirou is absolutely convinced that he's never done anything to warrant a girl's romantic interest. [[ObliviousToLove About]] ''[[CluelessChickMagnet that]]''...
* DroppingTheBombshell: Margaret casually dispels Shirou's misconception about her and Igor being magi.
* EmptyChairMemorial: The spare chair at the kitchen table, as Shirou discovered the first morning he and the Dojimas ate breakfast together. After an uncomfortable moment, Ryotaro defused the situation by reminding Nanako that her late mother surely wouldn't mind Shirou using it.
* EntertaininglyWrong: Shirou tries to explain the many supernatural phenomena he finds in Inaba with his limited knowledge of [[FunctionalMagic thaum]][[{{Nasuverse}} aturgy]]. For example, he mistook the TV World for an extensive Boundary Field and [[SpiritAdvisor Igor]] for a magus.
* FacePalm: Yosuke, often because of Shirou.
* FallingChandelierOfDoom: Shadow Yukiko used one of these in her fight to take Yosuke out of it.
* TheFairFolk: Shirou's second Persona, Pixie, is one of these, and she can think and talk on her own. [[spoiler:And because she is one of the Fair Folk, ''she knows about Avalon.'' She even has a YouHaveGOTToBeKiddingMe moment when she realizes that it was in Shirou's body this whole time and he didn't even know about it.]]
--> '''Pixie:''' ''"Well, the best way would be to [[spoiler:[[WhamLine take that golden sheath out of your body and put it in your friend!]]]]"''
--> '''Shirou:''' ''The magus blinked in confusion. "What [[spoiler:golden sheath?"]]''
* FairyCompanion: The Persona Pixie genuinely ''tries'' to fulfill the role and be helpful, but she tends [[TheDitz to get sidetracked on her own musing]] [[CantArgueWithElves and complain about humans]].
* FandomSpecificPlot: The story uses the somewhat popular plot of "Shirou was [[[FusionFic another series' character]]] before the Fuyuki fire".
* FlatWhat:
** Shirou, Yosuke and Chie's reaction to Shadow Yukiko's Midnight Channel special.
** Shirou's reaction to summoning a Duke of Hell, [[Literature/ArsGoetia Eligor]] of the Chariot Arcana.
* FluffyTheTerrible: [[TheDragon Charming Prince]] gets nicknamed "Prince-kun" by Yukiko.
* TheFool: The Wild Card, as expected of the {{Tarot Motif|s}}. Shirou matches the archetype particularly well in social interactions, where his painfully honest and oblivious ways accomplish quite a lot, which is [[NiceJobBreakingItHero not always for the best]].
* ForWantOfANail: WordOfGod says that Chie's presence during the second trip to the TV World on April 15th [[spoiler:(the fight against Shadow Yosuke)]] will have consequences throughout all the storyline.
* FusionFic: Shirou takes the place of the SilentProtagonist of ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}''.
* GameplayAndStoryIntegration:
** Similarly to the Servants' status menu in the [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight visual novel]], Shirou can visualize information about his Persona as a [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall RPG-like status screen]] by using Structural Analysis on the Persona Card.
--->'''Shirou:''' [[LampshadeHanging It feels like I'm in some sort of video game...]]
** In the [[VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} game]], bringing a Persona of the matching Arcana to a Social Link event speeds up its development. In this story, this is because said Persona can actually speak and advise Shirou in his head or, as it happened with Pixie in chapter 20, let him know when he's messing things up.
* GenreSavvy:
** Yosuke didn't want to bring Chie during Yukiko's rescue because he really, ''really'' don't want to think how dealing with her Shadow would be like.
** For her part, Chie is quick to point out that if she meets her Shadow, she just needs to accept it so they'll have the power of one additional Persona working for the team and she even prepares accordingly for such a case. [[spoiler:Underestimating the confrontation with one's own Shadow comes to bite her '''hard''' later.]]
** When they found out Charming Prince was healing Shadow Yukiko, Yosuke suggested ShootTheMedicFirst. Unfortunate Shirou responds that it would leave them sitting ducks to Shadow Yukiko's attacks.
* GoodCounterpart: Though probably not intentional, Yosuke comes off as Shinji Matou's, he's basically what Shinji would be if he was actually redeemable or even vaguely likeable.
* GreenEyedMonster: Many of the early Investigation Team members are secretly envious of certain trait of another member. Their Shadows ''love'' spilling the beans.
* HopeSpot: [[spoiler:Just when it looks like Chie managed to accept her Shadow without a fight, the latter breaks into a knowing smirk and systematically tears apart her confession, denouncing how Chie was mostly paying lip service to acquire her own Persona instead of being motivated by genuine acknowledgement of her repressed feelings.]]
* HowDoIShotWeb: [[spoiler:During his first battle after obtaining Jiraiya, Yosuke discovered that summoning one's Persona wasn't as easy as Shirou made it look. And no, CallingYourAttacks doesn't really help. On the bright side, the possession of a Persona grants a considerable [[MagicEnhancement enhancement to his physical skill]], [[GameplayAndStoryIntegration particularly true for speed and reflexes in his case]].]]
* HypercompetentSidekick: Yosuke comes off as this to Shirou, especially in social and detective situations.
* IShallTauntYou: Yosuke taunts Shadow Chie by calling her a [[ShoutOut "banan]][[Webcomic/{{Hiimdaisy}} a head"]]. [[spoiler:It works well enough for Shirou to blindside her with a Zio spell.]]
* IWorkAlone: Subverted. [[spoiler:Shirou tried to keep Yosuke out of the murder case because of the inherent dangers involved, but Yosuke persevered until Shirou accepted his help. This event also signals the moment when Shirou established the Magician Social Link with Yosuke.]]
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: In Chapter 20, Yosuke internally describes Shirou as being oblivious regarding girls at "shonen hero levels." While neither of the main source materials are really "shonen," it still sort of fits.
* LiteralMinded: Teddie.
-->'''Yosuke:''' That's like the number one way ''not'' to get into someone's pants\\
'''Teddie:''' I have to search her pants?
* LongLostRelative: Shirou to the Dojimas. If not for Taiga [[spoiler:and [[VideoGame/{{Persona}} Phile]][[VideoGame/{{Persona2}} mon]]]] he would still be ignorant about them and they would have still believed him to be dead.
* LoopholeAbuse: This is why [[spoiler:the banished [[VideoGame/{{Persona2}} Nyarlathotep]] is currently in the Holy Grail]].
--> [[spoiler:"As usual, I can't take all the blame: I act on the wishes of mankind, after all. A little over a decade ago, this thing happened to be stirring and made a wish to bring together all the evils in the world. It was subtle at first, but as the days went on, it would grow exponentially stronger and louder, as if begging to be realized. So I thought, 'what else could I do but answer that request?' And… here we are. While the wish interfered with my banishment, it didn't outright violate it either… though to be honest, I didn't struggle a whole lot out of it."]]
* MagikarpPower: The power of the Wild Card. Shirou is quite surprised to hear that his starter Persona, Izanagi, qualifies as "weak".
* MentalWorld: The TV World warps itself according to the people who find themselves within it. Shirou and Yosuke discovered that sticking one's head into a random TV is enough to fill the landscape with some sort of image of their inner worlds. In Shirou's case, a [[{{Foreshadowing}} hill of]] [[FieldOfBlades swords]].
* MythologyGag: After Daisuke and Kou tried to convince Shirou to join one of their sport clubs, Yosuke mentioned that they attempted to do same with him last Valentine's Day with the promise that the training would make him more resistant to the cold. Said event is told in detail in the SpinOff {{Prequel}} manga ''Persona 4: The Magician''.
* NoNameGiven: Subverted. [=NPCs=] "Spacy Girl" and "Errand Boy" got proper names: Haruka and Hiraku, respectively.
* NonUniformUniform: Shirou quickly picks up on the fact that Yasogami High is less mindful of the dress code than his former school, and decides to wear his uniform jacket semi-unbuttoned. Yosuke comments how Shirou pulls off the open-coat look pretty well.
* NotListeningToMeAreYou: Chie wasn't precisely pleased with the less-than-talkative Shirou and Yukiko:
-->'''Chie:''' So, you ever heard of the Amagi Inn, Emiya?\\
'''Shirou:''' A few times.\\
'''Chie:''' Well, Yukiko's family runs it. It's been going on for generations. It's the pride of Inaba!\\
'''Yukiko:''' Mhm.\\
'''Shirou:''' I see.\\
'''Chie:''' ...Amagi Inn has been in a lot of magazines as a hidden treasure. Yukiko's going to inherit it someday.\\
'''Yukiko:''' Mhm.\\
'''Shirou:''' I see.\\
'''Chie:''' ...It attracts a lot of visitors in because of its natural hot springs?\\
'''Yukiko:''' Mhm.\\
'''Shirou:''' I see.\\
'''Chie:''' ...Emiya, Yukiko thinks you're cute.\\
'''Yukiko:''' Mhm.\\
'''Shirou:''' I see.\\
'''Yukiko and Shirou:''' [[BigWhat What?!]]
** It might double as a MythologyGag to the game. [[spoiler:If romanced, Yukiko will confess on Christmas Eve that she pretty much fell in love at first sight with the protagonist.]]
* NoSocialSkills: A downplayed case in comparison to other examples of the trope, but Shirou definitely doesn't think like a normal teenager and it shows in how he treats people, especially if they have more than a casual acquaintance with him. In some cases he comes across as accommodating and very dependable, in others as insensitive or downright cruel.
* ObliviousToLove: Shirou. So much that Yosuke rated it at "{{shonen|Genre}} hero levels".
* OuijaBoard: Referenced. Nami compares the Midnight Channel to a talking board, giving Shirou an important hint of how it actually works. [[spoiler:Whether "he" intended to [[PetTheDog help him]] or [[BaitTheDog not]], is yet to be seen.]]
* PaintingTheMedium: When the story is narrated from the point of view of character who will later develop a Shadow Self, thoughts closer to their repressed feelings are formatted in italics.
* ParentsKnowTheirChildren: More like self-proclaimed older sister knows her little brother, but Taiga still qualifies. After learning about the murder case in Inaba, Taiga wanted Shirou back in Fuyuki because she was convinced that he would either catch the killer's attention, try to play vigilante to stop the culprit, or more likely both.
* PolitenessJudo: Leave it to Shirou to find a way to talk back to [[SadistTeacher King Moron]] on his first day of school while remaining perfectly polite (and sincere) about it. Subverted in that Morooka [[InSpiteOfANail still got offended and added the "sweet talker" to his "shit list"]].
* ThePowerOfFriendship: Social Links, naturally.
** When Shirou is having it explained to him, [[LampshadeHanging he is incredulous]] towards the idea that he gets stronger just by making friends before Igor and Margaret further explain.
** Interestingly, he also questions the ethics pertaining the idea of cultivating relationships for power, but he was reassured that it's the other way around: a meaningful connection with someone is its own reward, even if it happens to give him a power bonus, and that it's simply not possible to form a true Social Link without personal investment and genuine reciprocation.
* PowerPerversionPotential: Yosuke wonders if Shirou's ''Structural Analysis'' can be used to find out any girl's measurements.
* TheResenter: Shirou's obvious heroic traits come to aggravate the jealousy Yosuke felt towards the protagonist in the game. [[spoiler:This results in his Shadow going the extra mile to try and kill Shirou when it goes berserk.]]
* RightBehindMe: In chapter 16, [[spoiler:the day after the fight against Shadow Yosuke:]]
-->'''Yosuke:''' Just what am I supposed do, anyway? Roll up to him before school starts and say 'Yo! Emiya!'?\\
'''Shirou:''' Yes?\\
'''Yosuke:''' Gah!
* SchoolUniformsAreTheNewBlack: The story makes a convincing argument as to why the Investigation Team wears their school uniforms in the TV World. Shirou observes that most of their weapons can be smuggled into Junes either hidden in their baggy uniforms or school bags (his katana requires a special bag designed to carry a [[{{Kendo}} shinai]], though), and if they ever get asked about it, they can say they're from CramSchool.
* ShareTheMalePain: Let's just say, the infamous "critical hit to the nads" didn't go unnoticed by Shirou or their classmates.
* ShoutOut:
** Shirou's biological parents worked for the [[VideoGame/FateEXTRA Harwey Enterprises]].
** At first, Chie complains about the "[[ItsUpToYou It's Up to Us]]" attitude of Yosuke and Shirou towards the murder case, remarking that "[[ThisIsReality this isn't some anime like]] [[Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple Kenichi]]".
** Once Nanako got more comfortable with Shirou's presence, she started watching what she really wanted on TV.
--->'''Shirou:''' (thinking) ''...[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic My Little Pony]]?''
** Yosuke calling Shadow Chie a [[Webcomic/{{Hiimdaisy}} "banana head"]].
*** Later Chie completes the joke by referring to her Shadow as a "dominatrix banana-head".
** [[spoiler:Pixie's]] [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime "Hey! Listen!"]]
** "Nami" drops the line "[[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons The light! IT BURNS!]]"
** Yosuke wonders if Structural Analysis is "like having a [[Anime/DragonballZ scouter to read power levels off the scale]]"-
** One time, Shirou compared Personas to "[[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} the ball-monster collecting franchise]]".
** Chie's use of Tomoe's magic is to release it as a [[Franchise/StreetFighter BUFU-KEN!]].
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism: With the worlds of VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} and the {{Nasuverse}} respectively for each side, there's bound to be clashes.
* StayInTheKitchen: Shirou on occasion, as expected of his pre-CharacterDevelopment self. Just ask Yosuke, who felt right to DopeSlap him because of how badly he almost messed things up with Chie while trying to dissuade her from going with them into the TV World to save Yukiko. [[spoiler:Although Yosuke would give you the exact ''opposite'' reason to why she was left speechless.]]
-->"'That world is no place for a girl'?" Yosuke repeated in an incredulous tone. "Are you sexist, or just stupid?!"
* SuperReflexes: A realistic variant. Due to his self-training, Shirou's a very short reaction time. In chapter 20, he deflected a stray soccer ball before it could hit Chie in the back of the head. Kou and Daisuke tried to recruit him for their sport clubs because of it.
* {{Synchronization}}: As it happened in ''Anime/Persona4TheAnimation'', Persona-users can feel any harm that afflicts their Personas, albeit in a diminished form. They can also use their Personas as a secondary set of sensory inputs, i.e. see and hear things from their Persona's perspective. [[spoiler:The same applies to the Shadow Selves if they haven't been rejected yet.]]
* TakeThat: The first chapter pokes some fun at the [[HeroicMime silent nature]] of the game's protagonist.
-->'''[[spoiler:Nyarlathotep]]:''' Any other kid should do just fine, [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall especially a mute one]].
* TechnologyMarchesOn: Subverted. Shirou carries an outdated cellphone for the year the story is set (2011) just like the protagonist in the opening animation of the game, but that's because of his personal tendency to keep old appliances in working order for long after their average life expectancy.
* ThinkingOutLoud: Shirou and Teddie at times.
* TrapDoor: [[spoiler:Yukiko's Castle has them.]] Let's just say Shadow Selves are {{troll}}s like that.
* UmbrellaOfTogetherness: As oblivious to romantic tropes as he is, Shirou doesn't understand why Chie got so flustered when he offered to share his umbrella with her on a rainy morning.
* WeaponOfChoice: While there's the obvious Shirou using swords and Yosuke canonically using Dual Daggers, WordOfGod has stated that Chie will be using different kung-fu oriented weapons before finally settling on one.
** WhipItGood: Chie's choice of weapon for Yukiko's rescue. Shirou wasn't really convinced that a chain whip was an adequate complement to her kung-fu, but he trusted in her judgement. For his part, [[GenreSavvy Yosuke]] had [[GoodWeaponEvilWeapon entirely different concerns on the matter]].
* YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre: As a crossover with ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'', this trope is bound to happen. [[spoiler:GoneHorriblyRight in Chie's case where Shirou's accepting words encouraged her ''and'' her Shadow because it was ''[[LoveInterest him]]'' saying them, pushing Chie further into denial of her repressed emotions.]]
* YouCantThwartStageOne: Given all the countermeasures the Shadows have in place there's no stopping them from going berserk.
* YouHaveGOTToBeKiddingMe:
** [[spoiler:Pixie's reaction to finding one of the Fey greatest artifacts (Avalon) inside Shirou.]]
** Yosuke's response to [[spoiler:finding out that Shadow Chie can cast [[ShockAndAwe Mazio]], a spell his Persona is weak to]]:
--->Oh, that’s such bullshi-IAAH!