A fanfiction exploring the "What if..." or the ForWantOfANail category with just how much one thing that no one ever notices in the first run of Spider-Man. So the question is:

[[ArmourPiercingQuestion What if the spider that bit Peter was female?]]

This fanfic explores just how much of a change that one little detail could make in the world of Spider-Man. Found here [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8092152/1/Blessing-In-Disguise]]

!! This show provides examples of:
* AppliedPhlebotinum: The spider itself is the cause behind the whole change.
* AttractiveBentGender: Peter admits this when he takes a good look at himself in the mirror, only wishing the person in it wasn't him.
* DeconstructionFic: Of the GenderBender idea as Peter has to deal with identity issues and [[spoiler: having to come to terms with killing his old self]].
* DeepSleep: Peter's coma lasted five days.
* DefinitelyJustACold: Peter insisting that his migraines and blurry vision are nothing and that he's not sick, only thinking something is very off when he goes through the day feeling progressively worse.
* FreakOut: Peter upon finding out he's been changed into a girl.
* GenderBender: The point of the fanfic is to explore Peter's transition into a girl.
* LikeBrotherAndSister: Peter states he loves Gwen like a sister early on and the eventual pairing kills any chance of romance between them.
* RealityIsUnrealistic: Though Peter plays it realistically by being uncomfortable with the whole gender change and the repercussions, the fact is, he was still able to change into a girl in the first place.
* TemptingFate: When Peter questions the odds of one of the altered spider of escaping and biting someone, only for Harry to nervously retort that he'd jinx it by saying that. Cue a few seconds later...
* ThatManIsDead: [[spoiler: In a spiritual but no less painful sense as Peter tells his uncle to call his friends and explain that he is dead]].