'''''Beautiful Dreamer Pretty Cure''''' is a fanseries by Tropers/{{Ryanasaurus0077}} with a dream thematic handled in a ScienceFiction manner.

!!This fanfic contains examples of:
* BattleBallgown: Worn by Cures Lenticolare and Neon.
* BeenThereShapedHistory: Mike and Elettra unwittingly create MS-DOS while protecting a young Lakeside student named Billy.
* BigBad: Don Victor.
* TheChessmaster: Elettra is this for the Cures and mascots, sharing this position with Roger and Professor Deodato. If either of the latter aren't putting the pieces in place for a Cure victory against the mob, you can count on her to be doing just that. She states in an early episode that she used to play chess with the other mascots and aced them with her brains, thus preparing the reader for her first big play.
* DanceBattler: Cure Alcalino. Contrary to what their costumes will lead you to believe, though, Cures Ellittico and Lenticolare are ''not'' this.
* {{Expy}}: Professor Deodato certainly bears an uncanny resemblance to [[Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead Burt Wilson]].
* GoingCommando: Defied by Will after he emerges from the dressing room wearing his Cure costume:
-->'''Cure Lenticolare''': You idiot! How do you expect me to fight the Mafia and not expose myself accidentally from time to time in this getup?\\
'''Acqua''': ''[[TooMuchInformation TMI!]]''
* LeotardOfPower: Mike and Ian have been confirmed to wear this as Cures. Danny also wears a school swimsuit as Cure Alcalino, and Roger's Cure outfit incorporates a corset that resembles this.
* {{Megane}}: Mike becomes this after being hit in the face by liquid nitrogen, while Daniele has been wearing glasses for some time before the start of the series. After one of his friends is brainwashed by Don Victor, Will starts wearing glasses as Cure Lenticolare.
** {{Meganekko}}: Elettra, who's BlindWithoutEm.
* MonkeyMoralityPose: While the pose itself is never featured, the initial three humanoids (Elettra, Fuoco, and Acqua) have handicaps that otherwise fit the spirit of what this trope is trying to convey: Elettra wears glasses and is BlindWithoutEm (see no evil); Fuoco can't hear clearly without hearing aids (hear no evil); and Acqua requires a voice synthesizer to communicate (speak no evil).
* NamedAfterSomebodyFamous: In this case, the characters bear the surnames of Eurocult film personalities, including (but not limited to) Creator/LewisECiannelli, Creator/MikeMonty, Creator/SerafinoProfumo, Creator/AlCliver (real name Pierluigi Conti), Creator/LucianoPigozzi, Creator/RuggeroDeodato, Creator/BrunoMattei, Creator/RobertMarius, Creator/EdwigeFenech, Creator/ReneAbadeza, Creator/BudSpencer (real name Carlo Pedersoli), Creator/IvanRassimov, [[Creator/OttavianoDellacqua Ottaviano Dell'acqua]], and Creator/MassimoVanni.
* NotWorthKilling: When Benny finally confronts Billy, he assesses him to be a waste of ammo. Justified, since Notte Sognante was just starting to wear off.
* PluckyComicRelief: The mascots tend to fill this function.
* PrecisionFStrike: When Professor Deodato is alerted to a security breach during the ColdOpen of episode 6, he checks out the Time Room (used for time traveling purposes). When he enters the pink phone booth, checks the date and location on the monitor, and realizes that Don Victor is trying to change history, he says, "Oh, shit!"
* ScienceHero: All five Cures are this; not only that, their powers are purely DNA-based, so they have to put their costumes on manually.
* ShoutOut: The first episode clearly shows influence from the first several scenes of ''Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead''; also, when another Cure or mascot sets Cure Alcalino or Laser up for individual attacks, it's always in the form of a ballet-style lift, kind of like what Batman and Robin do to set Batgirl up to attack her opponents in the '60s Series/{{Batman}}.
* TheSnarkKnight: Elettra has shade of this. For example, after Mike puts on his Cure costume for the first time in episode 2:
-->'''Elettra''': What are you thinking, wearing such a getup as that? This is Pretty Cure, not Ballet 101!
* SuddenlyAlwaysKnewThat: How are some of the Cures and mascots (most notably Cure Ellittico and Elettra) able to lift {{Dance Battler}}s Cure Alcalino and Laser to set the latter two up for individual attacks (a la the '60s Series/{{Batman}})? Simple: [[spoiler:they had some history with weightlifting]].
* TemporaryBlindness: Mike gets hit with this hard in episode 1 courtesy of liquid nitrogen, to the point where he needs to wear glasses even after he regains his sight.
* ThreeDimensionalEpisode: All of them.
* TightsWithASkirt: Enforced and gender inverted.
* TimeyWimeyBall: Happens in a few episodes.
* WrongGenreSavvy: Will.