There are a lot of Shepard/Shepherd/Sheppards in fiction. There are a lot of Shepard/Shepherd/Sheppards featured ''prominently'' in fiction. Inspired by [[ a Spacebattles thread]], Battle of The Sheps considers what happens when you throw them all into a modern New York City with a wad of cash and mysterious orders to kill each other.

Specifically, there are five [[RunningGag Shepards/Shepherd/Sheppards]]. In no particular order, they are [[Series/StargateAtlantis Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard]], [[Franchise/MassEffect Commander Jane Shepard]], [[Series/{{NCIS}} Director Jenny Shepard]], [[VideoGame/ModernWarfare General Shepherd]] and last but certainly not least, [[VideoGame/HalfLife Corporal Adrian Shephard]].

The story opens with [[MacGuffin several unlikely occurrences causing near-death rips in the space-time continuum, giving the mysterious ROB a chance to pluck the Sheps from their realities.]] After that, several of the Sheps attempt to kill each other and get in trouble with the law. The story is currently in progress.

Battle of The Sheps can be viewed only on Website/SpaceBattlesDotCom, in [[ this thread]].


!!Examples of tropes in this fanfic:

* ChandlersLaw: General Shepherd and Corporal Shephard attacking
* DoomedByCanon: NCIS Director Shepard and her brain tumour.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Commander Shepard. Speeds, can barely control the vehicle, and drove in the wrong lane over a bridge once. Partially justified since she's from the future... well, ''a'' future, anyway.
* {{Geek}}: Mark. Also a PlayfulHacker
* MacGuffin: Basically the whole premise is this.
* NotWithTheSafetyOnYouWont: Commander Shepard and a 20/21st century pistol. She figured it out fairly quickly- guns can't be ''that'' different in the future.
* PoliceAreUseless: Let's see, how many instances of this?
** Letting Commander Shepard take an officer's gun. Then allowing her to leave [[HumanShield with a hostage]].
** Failing to secure the perimeter of a crime scene not one but two times. So far.
* SuperSoldier: Argubly Commander Shepard.
* WouldHitAGirl: General Shepherd attempting to beat up Commander Shepard.