''An American Superhero in Japan'' was a FanFic written by Troper {{Tropers/Sijo}} that is about the adventures (and misadventures) of an American superhero who finds himself having to live in Japan- a Japan based on the one from {{Anime}}, that is. It was the first of a planned series but personal matters prevented him from doing more than the first chapter; he has plans to eventually continue it.

The stories are planned as a homage to all kinds of Anime genres with the added appeal of a crossover with American-style SuperheroTropes. They use all-original characters that are very intentionally based on specific AnimeCharacterTypes (while still being [[CharacterDevelopment three-dimensional]]).

The story is about [[{{Telekinesis}} Psion]], a young hero from New York who feels unappreciated in America, where superheroes are a dime a dozen. He goes to Japan for a vacation only to discover that the country is having problems with a [[VillainTeamUp Villain Alliance]] known as The Makkai; the authorities cannot seem to get the various Japanese superheroes to work with them to combat the menace (because they are mostly [[IWorkAlone lone wolves]]) so The [[UsefulNotes/KaijuDefenseForce Japanese Self Defense Force]] asks for Psion’s help instead. Deciding that this is his chance to finally be respected for his efforts, he accepts. Of course, this means he’s now going to have to live in a country that is [[JapaneseMediaTropes stranger than he imagines]]. Will he find success (and love!) or will his expectations be crushed? And how will the people of Japan react to ''him''?

You can find the original here: [[http://agora.rpgclassics.com/showthread.php?31480-An-American-Superhero-In-Japan!]] but very likely I’ll [[RetCon start the series over]] before I continue, to make the chapters shorter and clearer.

The characters were created by Sijo with help in names and design from his friend Fractyl. And of course, [[TVTropesWillEnhanceYourLife with research done in TV Tropes!]]


'''Psion:''' Real name Simon Jones, a high school student (just graduated) from UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity. A mutant with mental powers, Simon has been a hero for about two years. A comic book and {{manga}} fan, he’s been dreaming of visiting Japan since he was a kid, and decided to extend his stay to help with The Makkai problem, but only as long as the JSDF pays for his expenses (he doesn’t consider himself to be working ''for'' them, though.) Currently lives in a boarding house in Tokyo full of somewhat "eccentric" persons.
* TheCape: Tries very hard to be one like the American heroes he idolizes.
* FishOutOfWater: Actually he was ready for the cultural differences of Japan, having read a lot about them. He ''wasn't'' ready for [[AnimeCharacterTypes the quirkiness of SOME of its peoples]].
** He speaks Japanese almost flawlessly, since he spent years studying it precisely for this trip. However he never learned to read kanji –never though he’d need to, he was going to stay only for a few days, and it costed extra- which is bound to cause him trouble now.
* MeaningfulName: Named after a letter of the Greek alphabet that is also a term for mental superpowers (psionics). He wears one as his ChestInsignia.
* SecretIdentity: He won’t tell it to anyone, even the JSDF. They gave him a [[SuperWristGadget wrist communicator]] so they can call him when needed.
* SuperHeroesWearTights: green with a cape, gloves and a chest insignia. Wears stylized goggles as a mask. May get an upgrade later.
* {{Telekinesis}}: His power type; [[PowerLevels strong enough to toss cars around]]. Also uses it to fly.

List of “Episodes” planned so far:
* Ep. One: Psion arrives in Japan and almost immediately runs into what seems to be an AlienInvasion. After helping the JSDF fight it off, he- gets arrested!?
* Ep. Two: After clearing up that matter, the [[OfficerAndAGentleman JSDF’s Leader]] invites Psion to help them, hoping his example will convince the local superheroes to also work with them. He happily agrees! But he runs into his first problem right away: WHERE is he going to live? Note: Introduces most of his regular [[RegularCharacter Supporting Cast]].
* Ep. Three: After Learning that a baby whale has been captured for exploitation (and [[WeAllLiveInAmerica shocked to learn that this is legal in Japan]]) Psion, despite fearing that his personal plans will be ruined, decides to free it. Except when he gets where it is kept, he finds that a mysterious girl with magical abilities has beaten him to it! [[MagicalGirlfriend Is he fated to meet her again?]]

!Tropes that will be used in An American Superhero in Japan:
* AffectionateParody: Of {{Anime}} and ComicBooks (but with serious action scenes).
* Animesque: the chapters are written in the style of a Japanese Animated series, including having an "opening theme" (yet to be written) and "commercial breaks". Also, {{Written Sound Effect}}s, a personal quirk of the author's.
* TheCape: Psion tries to be this.