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[[folder: Film/The Phantom Menace ]]
* "Captain, look!" [[spoiler:Lt. Williams]]
* "Shields up!" [[spoiler:Maori Madakor]]
* "D'oh!" [[spoiler:B-1 Battle Droid]]
* "Impossible! Nothing can get through our shields." [[spoiler: Nemodian Ship Captain Daultay Dofine]]
* "He... is the Chosen One. He... will bring balance. Train him..." [[spoiler:Qui-Gon Jinn]]


[[folder: Film/Attack Of The Clones ]]
* "I'm sorry, milady... I'm... not sure I... I've failed you, Senator." [[spoiler:Cordé, Padmé's decoy]]
* "Wee shanit... sleemo..."[[note]]"Bounty hunter slimeball" in Huttese.[[/note]] [[spoiler:Zam Wesell, after being shot by a toxic dart from Jango Fett]]
* "I love... I love--" [[spoiler:Shmi Skywalker, succumbing to her wounds from being tortured by the Tuskan Raiders]]
* "Don't move, Jedi. (to the Droidekas) Take him away." [[spoiler: Jango Fett capturing Anakin Skywalker in the droid factory on Geonosis, killed one scene later by Mace Windu.]]


[[folder: Film/Revenge Of The Sith ]]
* "I sense great fear in you, Skywalker. You have hate. You have anger. But you don't use them." [[spoiler:Count Dooku, who learns the hard way that Anakin ''does'' use them.]]
* "Army or not, you must realize, you are doomed." [[spoiler:General Grievous, killed minutes later while trying to escape.]]
* "He has control of the Senate and the courts! He's too dangerous to be kept alive!" [[spoiler:Mace Windu, killed seconds later after Anakin cuts his arm off, and Palpatine shoots Force Lightning at him and throws him to his doom.]]
* "Come on!" [[spoiler:Ki-Adi-Mundi, before being killed by Bacarra and his clones.]]
* "It will be done, my lord." [[spoiler:Commander Gree, before underestimating Yoda and being beheaded by him.]]
* "Master Skywalker, there are too many of them. What are we going to do?" [[spoiler:Sors Bandeam, a youngling]]
* "Stop! No!" [[spoiler:Rune Haako]]
* "Th-The war is over! Lord Sidious promised us peace. We only want--" [[spoiler:Nute Gunray, right before being killed by Anakin Skywalker, who is now the Sith apprentice to Palpatine (Darth Sidious)]]
* "There is good in him. I know there is... still--" [[spoiler:Padme Amidala, who dies from despair]]
* "I HATE YOU!!!" [[spoiler: Anakin Skywalker, prior to his transformation into Darth Vader]]


[[folder: Film/A New Hope ]]
* "We intercepted no transmissions. This is a consular ship. We're on a diplomatic mission." [[spoiler:Captain Antilles, being strangled to death by Darth Vader]]
* "There's one. Set for stun." [[spoiler:Stormtrooper who spots Princess Leia, and is shot by her]]
* (In Huttese) "That's the idea. I've been looking forward to this for a long time." [[spoiler:Greedo, before being shot by Han Solo, who says "I bet you had it."]]
* "Take over, we've got a bad transmitter. I'll see what I can do." [[spoiler:Pol Treidum, before opening the door only to find Chewie and a disguised Han Solo.]]
* "I wasn't notified [of a "[[TrojanPrisoner prisoner transfer]]"]. I'll have to clear it." [[spoiler: Prison Officer Shann Childsen, before being killed in the following firefight between the prison guards and Luke, Han and Chewie.]]
* "It's them! Blast them!" [[spoiler:Stormtrooper who encounters Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie in the Death Star corridors and is shot by Han.]]
* "You can't win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." [[spoiler:Obi-Wan Kenobi, before being struck down by Darth Vader and becoming one with the Force.]]
* "No, I'm all right-AAAAAUGH!!" [[spoiler:Jek Porkins (Red Six)]]
* "I'm hit!" [[spoiler:John D. Branon (Red Four)]]
* "The guns... they've stopped!" [[spoiler:Tiree (Gold Two)]]
* "Loosen up!" [[spoiler:Dutch Vander (Gold Leader)]]
* "They came from behind!" [[spoiler:Pops Krail (Gold Five)]]
* "I can't hold them!" [[spoiler:Theron Nett (Red Ten)]]
* "Stay there, I've just lost my starboard engine. Get set up for your attack run." [[spoiler:Garven Dreis (Red Leader)]]
* "Hurry up, Luke! Wait! Wait!" [[spoiler:Biggs Darklighter (Red Three)]]
* "You may fire when ready." [[spoiler:Grand Moff Tarkin]]
* "Look out!" [[spoiler:Vader's wingman, just before they bump into each other.]]
* "Stand by... Stand by..." [[spoiler: Death Star gunner, named Tenn Graneet in the Legends Canon.]]


[[folder: Film/The Empire Strikes Back ]]
* "Lord Vader, the fleet has moved out of lightspeed and we're preparing to--[[YouHaveFailedMe *urk*]]" [[spoiler:Admiral Ozzel, being Force-Choked to death by Darth Vader for letting the Rebels know that the Imperial fleet is coming.]]
* "Luke, we've got a malfunction in fire control. I'll have to cut in the auxiliary." [[spoiler:Dack Ralter, dies from the harpoon gun controls malfunctioning.]]
* "Set for position three. Steady..." [[spoiler:Zev Senesca (Rogue Two), before being shot down.]]
* "Get a shuttle ready. I shall assume full responsibility for loosing them, and apologize to Lord Vader. Meanwhile, continue scanning the area." [[spoiler: Captain Needa, before going off to apologize to Lord Vader, who "accepts his apology" by strangling him to death with the Force.]]


[[folder: Film/Return Of The Jedi ]]
* (in Huttese) "Put him in." [[spoiler:Jabba the Hutt, choked to death by Leia during the ensuing fight.]]
* "Luke... Luke, do not... do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor, or suffer your father's fate, you will. Luke, when gone am I, the last of the Jedi, will you be. Luke... the Force runs strong in your family. Pass on what you have learned. Luke, there... is... another... Skywalker." [[spoiler:Yoda]]
* "Halt!" [[spoiler: Scout Trooper 1]]
* "Yes, sir." [[spoiler:Scout Trooper 2, responding to Scout Trooper 3 ordering to report back to base.]]
* "What the--?" [[spoiler:Scout Trooper 3, before being attacked by Wicket the Ewok]]
* "Fire!" [[spoiler:Tiaan Jerjerrod before the second Death Star shows it's fully armed and operational. Killed onboard the Death Star when it's blown up later.]]
** "Commence firing." [[spoiler:Tiaan Jerjerrod in a deleted scene on the Blu-Ray bonus disc where he orders the Death Star to blow up Endor after the shield generator is destroyed.]]
* "She's gonna blow!" [[spoiler:X-Wing pilot Grizz Frix]]
* "I'm hit!!" [[spoiler: Y-Wing Pilot Ekelarc Yong]]
* "If you will not turn to the dark side... then perhaps she will." [[spoiler:Darth Vader's last words before his redemption (as Anakin Skywalker), [[UnstoppableRage because an enraged Luke attacked him.]]]]
* "Now, young Skywalker... you will die." [[spoiler:Emperor Palpatine (aka Darth Sidious), before resuming torturing Luke to death with Force Lightning, dies when he is thrown to his doom by [[RedemptionEqualsDeath Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker)]].]]
* "Intensify forward fire power!" [[spoiler:Admiral Piett]]
* "Too late!" [[spoiler:Executive Officer, right as an out of control A-Wing kamikazes into the bridge of the Executor.]]
* "You already have [saved me], Luke. You were right. You were right about me. Tell your sister... you were right..." [[spoiler:Anakin Skywalker after his redemption]]

[[folder:''Star Wars Legends'' (aka the old Expanded Universe) Literature]]
* ''Literature/{{Allegiance}}''
** "If I don't make it... bury me in space. You hear me?" [[spoiler:Tannis.]]
* ''Literature/TheCorellianTrilogy ''
** "I can't push the button." "Here. Let me." [[spoiler:Admiral Ossilege and Gaeriel Captison]]
* ''Literature/DarkLordTheRiseOfDarthVader''
** "An explosion bright as a star. A forest world, intrepid defenders, escaping ships, and… you, I think, somehow at the center of it all. Skywalker, it won't matter if you find them. It won't matter if you find and kill every Jedi who survived Order Sixty-Six. I understand now... the Force will never die." [[spoiler:Roan Shryne]]
* ''Literature/DarkRendezvous''
** "Never... my Padawan." [[spoiler:Jai Maruk, after the student he'd once been so resentful towards [[PleaseDontLeaveMe begs him not to leave her]].]]
* ''Darksaber''
** "Not to you." [[spoiler:Crix Madine]] after being asked if he has any last words, before being shot.
* ''Literature/DarthPlagueis''
** "So it is, and so I shall, Darth Sidious." [[spoiler:Darth Plagueis]]
* ''Literature/DeathStar''
** "Stand by. Stand by." [[spoiler:Tenn Graneet]]
* ''Literature/DeathTroopers''
** "Watch over your brother." [[spoiler:Von Longo]]
** "Would you like to know how you scored on your VHB, Captain Sartoris?" [[spoiler:Warden Kloth]]
** "Boy, you've overstepped your boundaries for the last time." [[spoiler:Aur Myss]]
** "They just... eat." [[spoiler:Waste]]
** "Drop me! ''Just go! Go! Run!'' [[spoiler:Kale Longo]]
** "What... what's happening?" [[spoiler:Commander Gorrister]]
** "There's something you should know about your father. He was a good man, unlike me. He would've been proud of you. You ought to know that." [[spoiler:Jareth Sartoris]]
** "Those things...." [[spoiler:Pauling]]
* ''Literature/GalaxyOfFear: City of the Dead''
** "Zak! Where are you? I'm over-aaagh!" ([[UndeadChild Alternately]], "I'm sorry, Zak.") [[spoiler: Kairn]].
* ''Literature/JediApprentice''
** "Not so, brother. [[DyingAsYourself Not so.]]" [[spoiler:Terra]]
** "I am [[MyGreatestFailure your biggest failure]]. Live with that. And live with [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled this!]]" [[spoiler:Xanatos]]
* ''Literature/NewJediOrder''
** "Kiss Tahiri for me." [[spoiler:Anakin Solo]]
** "No. I am Ganner. This threshold is mine. I claim it for my own. Bring on your thousands, one at a time or all in a rush. I don't give a damn. [[YouShallNotPass None shall pass]]." [[spoiler:Ganner Rhysode]]
** "I will kill you now, [[spoiler:Viqi]]." "No, you won't. Yuuzhan Vong can't kill me. Noghri can't. Jedi can't. You're all beneath me. There's only [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled one thing in the universe]] that can kill [[spoiler:Viqi Shesh]]." [[spoiler:Denua Ku, then Viqi Shesh]]
** "Be quiet, my son, and know that [[InvokedTrope my last words were reserved for you]]. Fare well, and may the gods smile upon you, as they once did upon me." [[spoiler:Czulkang Lah, to his son Tsavong Lah]]
* ''Literature/OutboundFlight''
** "Go. Help those... who can still... be helped. No! You're... Jedi. Taken... oath... serve others. Go... go. Goodbye... Jedi Jinzler." [[spoiler:Jedi Master Justyn Ma'Ning]]
** "A Jedi does not yield to pride. Nor does he yield to empty threats. He follows only the dictates of his own destiny." (told "Then choose your destiny. I'm told the role of the Jedi is to serve and defend.") "You were told wrongly. The role of the Jedi is to lead and guide, and to ''destroy all threats''." [[spoiler:Jorus C'baoth, in the grips of the Dark Side]]
** "May warrior's fortune smile on [[HeroicSacrifice our efforts]]." "Yes. And may the Force be with us. And with [[SurvivorsQuest them]]." [[spoiler:Syndic Mitth'ras'safis and Jedi Knight Lorana Jinzler]]
* ''Rebel Force: Uprising''
** "You can kill me, if you want. But you will never kill Anakin. I suspect someday, he'll kill you." [[spoiler: Ferus Olin to Darth Vader]]
*** Alternately - [[spoiler: unspoken but communicated while dying to an apparition of a man he loved, who appears to hear him]] "You left me alone for all those years. I always hoped you were waiting for me. I always hoped I would see you again."
* ''[[Literature/StarWarsRedHarvest Red Harvest]]''
** "It was Lussk! He used the Force on me, he--" [[spoiler:Wim Nickter]]
** "Let me go." [[spoiler:Dranok]]
** "Right. Let's see what the Masters have to say about you." [[spoiler:Ranlaw]]
** "''Get off! Get off my arm!''" [[spoiler:Scopique]]
** "''Come on and take me!''" [[spoiler:Lussk]]
** "Too easy, Jedi. Now I shall finish you." [[spoiler:Shak'Weth]]
** "I can fight just as well with my left. You saw. You all did. See?" [[spoiler:Mnah Ra'at]]
** "Yes." [[spoiler:Master Hracken]]
** "Looks like we’re all clean. So I guess that means we--" [[spoiler:Hartwig]]
** "Wait!" [[spoiler:Maggs]]
** "There is nothing left for me here. Nor you. We will go now, both of us, and join your sister, yes?" [[spoiler:Dail'Liss]]
** "''I did what you wanted! He opened it! Now let me go! Let me--''" [[spoiler:Kindra]]
** "Zo...." [[spoiler:Rojo Trace]]
** "That was easy. You're next." [[spoiler:Darth Scabrous]]
** "Go ahead, do it. ''Now!''" [[spoiler:Tulkh]]
** "Now, Hestizo. Now!" [[spoiler:The Murakami orchid]]
* ''Literature/SplinterOfTheMindsEye''
** "There's nothing more to be done, I guess. It feels warm... good. No... it's warm. Funny kind of warmth." [[spoiler:Luke Skywalker]]
* ''Literature/TalesFromTheMosEisleyCantina''
** "I never did care much for the Rebel movement, but now I hope they find every one of you bantha slime and grill your carcasses!" [[spoiler:Owen Lars]]
* ''Literature/TheThrawnTrilogy''
** "But... it was so artistically done." [[spoiler:Grand Admiral Thrawn]], referring to his own assassination.

[[folder:Canonical Star Wars Western Animation]]

[[folder: Western Animation/Star Wars The Clone Wars Movie and TV series ]]
* "He can't [be heading towards us with torpedoes following him]! Raise the shield!" [[spoiler: Admiral Trench... not really.]]
* "We cannot; the shields are still recharging." [[spoiler: Trench's Tactical Droid]]
* "What happened to the shield?" [[spoiler: A Battle Droid after Ahsoka and Anakin disable the shield on Christophsis and an artillery strike commences.]]
* "I'm not finished yet, sir. We can do this, General." [[spoiler: Clone Captain Keeli to Jedi General Ima Gun-Di]]
* "The Twileks... will live to fight another day." [[spoiler: Jedi General Ima Gun-Di, living up to his name]]
* "But I-- just... got... promoted!" [[spoiler: OOM 224]]
* "The droids are hunting for survivors. They're cutting through!" [[spoiler: One of the clones in the doomed Pod 1977]]
* "Uh-oh." [[spoiler: Pod hunter battle droid before the pod hunter is destroyed along with him.]]
* "I still can't seem to hit anything." [[spoiler: A Battle Droid on the Malevolence before getting his head punched off by Grievous]]
* "Nothing sir! Just trying to... keep it together!" [[spoiler: Matchstick]]
* "Hey! That's just rude." [[spoiler: One of the battle droids that got knocked over by Grevious before Padme has her ship self destruct by overloading the engines]]
* "Aah! I knew it! It's them!" [[spoiler: One of the battle droids that is chopped by Obi-Wan and Anakin when they board the Malevolence]]
* "Oh no..."[[spoiler: The other battle droid that is chopped by Obi-Wan and Anakin when they board the Malevolence]]
* "Look! Jedi! Fire!" [[spoiler: One of the battle droids that tries shooting at Obi-Wan and Anakin on the monorail]]
* "That was impressive." [[spoiler: A battle droid commenting on Obi-Wan's escape, before getting hit by Grievous]]
* "We're gonna die! Abandon ship!" [[spoiler: Battle droid on the Malevolence bridge]]
* "Get a message to the fleet! We have to warn-- [[spoiler: Clone Trooper Sgt. O Niner]]
* "Do we take prisoners?" [[spoiler: A Battle Droid before Hevy blows up the Rishi Outpost]]
* "I ''don't''..." [[spoiler: Clone Trooper Hevy before he blows up the Rishi Outpost]]
* "Uh, General? Well, I guess I'm in charge now." [[spoiler: Battle Droid Commander during the Battle of Bothawi]]
* "Uh, they got away, sir." [[spoiler: Battle Droid before getting his head knocked off by Grievous]]
* "More than my fee. This is droid is worth more, I get paid more. Now I suggest--" [[spoiler: Gha Nackt before receiving his bonus in the form of a stab in the back from Grievous.]]
* "There's no Jedi in here. Wait, there's no prisoner in here. How did she do that?" [[spoiler: One of the Battle Droids assigned to guard the prison where Padme was being held at, gets knocked down by Padme when it enters the cell.]]
* "Where's the alarm button??" [[spoiler: a Battle Droid before being blasted by Padme as she breaks out of prison.]]
* "Quiet." [[spoiler: A Battle Droid taking C-3PO to be dismantled, gets blasted along with the other droid accompanying him by Padme.]]
* "They're heading for the detention level. We need reinforcements." [[spoiler: 41st Elite Corps Legion Clone Trooper "Green Leader" who is killed offscreen by a super battle droid.]]
* "All units! [[KilledMidSentence There's a bald--!]]" [[spoiler: A Clone Trooper in the 41st Elite Legion before getting decapitated by Assaj Ventress.]]
* "What's that, Captain?" [[spoiler: One of Capt. Argyus's Senate Commandos before being shot by him.]]
* "And I will, of course, make sure your contributions are noted... in my report to Count Dooku." [[spoiler: Senate Commando Traitor Captain Argyus before being stabbed by Assaj Ventress.]]
* "Better warm up the shuttle's long range transmitter." [[spoiler: Clone Trooper Niner to Bel.]]
* "Looks like you're right about that, sir." [[spoiler: Clone Clone Commander Fil to Kit Fisto regarding Gor being worse than Grievous]]
* "You can't defeat us all." [[spoiler: Nahdar Vebb to General Grievous]]
* "Get him, Master! Kill him! Wait, where's the other Jedi? Oh, no… [[spoiler: EV-A4-D, Grievous's doctor droid, [[OffWithHisHead before getting decapitated by Kit Fisto]].]]
* "It won't be long before Hondo figures out what's happened--" [[spoiler: Turk Falso before being choked by Count Dooku.]]
* "What-- Uh, what are you doing?" [[spoiler: Falso's accomplice, before being shot Falso while he's being choked by Dooku.]]
* "Watch your left!" [[spoiler: Cameron, Lucky or Flash as they get attacked by Mastif Phalones.]]
* "Chairman, get down!" [[spoiler: One of Chairman Cho's bodyguards]]
* "No.... Impossible! Peace.... Never! I died for our... people! [[spoiler: Chairman Chi Cho to Senator Riyo Chuchi when she is given the power to negotiate with the Talz.]]
* "I can't help you, Axe; I've got my own problem." [[spoiler: Blue Squadron Member Slammer.]]
* "Overload! Overload!" [[spoiler: Blue Squadron Member Axe.]]
* "You stay here. I'll be back." [[spoiler: Nemodian Captain Mar Tuuk, though he ended up being MIA.]]
* No, no! No-no-no-no-NO!!!! [[spoiler: Todo 360 as he blows up. He gets better.]]
* "You'll never... get me to open the... holocron." [[spoiler: Bolla Ropal, his first and only words before being tortured to death by Cad Bane]]
* "Come on. There's three of us and only one of him." [[spoiler: Cargo of Doom Battle Droid #2]]
* "...It won't matter." [[spoiler: Cargo of Doom Battle Droid #3]]
* "Uh, sir? A-A Jedi is coming! He looks ''very'' unhappy!" [[spoiler: Cargo of Doom Battle Droid #1, right before Anakin slices him apart]]
* "Hold it right there! You're not going anywhere, bounty hunter." [[spoiler: Clone Trooper Denal to Cad Bane before attempting to kill, only to be killed by him.]]
* "[[TemptingFate Good thing those bugs can't aim.]]" [[spoiler: Unknown clone trooper, just before getting shot down along with all his men over Geonosis.]]
* "Hahaha. FOOL. The super tank's shields are no match for--" [[spoiler: Poggle The Lesser's tactical droid before being blown up by a grenade that takes him out but not the tank.]]
* "Don't leave me...." [[spoiler: Battle Droid [=OM5=]]]
* "You were right. He's here somewhere." [[spoiler: Clone Trooper Buzz to Luminara Unduli before entering the Progate Temple, only to be killed by zombies about a minute later.]]
* "They're not going down!" [[spoiler: 212th Attack Battalion Clone Trooper Gearshift]]
* "[[spoiler: Gearshift]]!!" [[spoiler: Gearshift's buddy before getting nommed to death by Geonosian zombies]]
%%* [[spoiler: Geonosian Queen Karina, before everything goes south for her, which eventually lead to her being buried and crushed under the catacombs of the Progate temple]]
* "What the--?!" [[spoiler: One of the pilots of the medical frigate being blasted by worm-infected clone troopers.]]
%%* " " [[spoiler: Tango Company Trooper Trap, pretending to not be knowing about what's going, but is in fact infected by a Geonosian Brain Worm, killed by Barriss Offee (this was before her FaceHeelTurn in Season Five).]]
* "Got.. to get that [arm] back..." [[spoiler: The Tactical Droid from Grevious Intrigue]]
* "We've lost our stabilizers!" [[spoiler: Clone Navigation Officer #1 from Grevious Intrigue]]
* "The reactor's been breached! I can't lock it down!" [[spoiler: Clone Navigation Officer #2 from Grevious Intrigue right before the ship they're on blows up]]
* "You would not let us ride on one of those creatures with you, sir. If you would allow us to close down for a few minutes-- OH MY GO--!" [[spoiler: One of the battle droids with Grievous in ''The Deserter'', who gets sliced by him.]]
* (voice slowly distorting) " I'm losing power...." [[spoiler: A battle droid from ''The Deserter'' who uses up his battery.]]
* "Kadi, se norm'iim..." [[spoiler: The Death Watch Bomber that dies from falling off a rail to kill himself to Duchess Satine.]]
* "*sighs in frustration* Stop messing around. This isn't funny. *sighs again* Droids..." [[spoiler: Clone Trooper Redeye before being killed by one of Tal Merrik's assassin probes]]
* "My side's secure. What have you got, Redeye? Redeye, do you copy?" [[spoiler: Clone Trooper Mixer before being killed by one of Tal Merrik's assassin probes]]
* "Get 'em off!!" [[spoiler: An unlucky clone trooper before apparently getting killed by the mini assassin probes.]]
* "No wait, I beg of you!" [[spoiler: the Coronet's captain, begging for mercy from Tal Merrik.]]
* "Come on, then. Who will strike first and brand themselves a cold-blooded killer?" [[spoiler: Tal Merrik.]]
* "99, get outta here! (gets blasted once) This is no place for you... (gets shot in the head by another blast)" [[spoiler: [=ARC=] Trooper Havoc]]
* "I'm a soldier, like you! (To himself) This is what I was bred for..." [[spoiler: Maintenance Clone Ninety Nine]]
* "Cuff him." [[spoiler: Senate Commando Captain Jayfron, before Aurra Sing starts sniping the Senate Commandos, killed from a NeckSnap courtesy of Cad Bane]]
* "Where is that coming from?!" [[spoiler: One of the Senate Commandos at the landing platform.]]
* "I see the shooter up in the tower. Over there!" [[spoiler: Senate Commando pointing out Aurra Sing's sniping position, only to be killed by her]]
* "Stop." [[spoiler: Senate Commando #4]]
* "[[LittleNo No...]] [[spoiler: Senate Commando killed by Aurra Sing]]
* "I don't know who you think you are. But I for one, have no intention of listening to this kind of insolence." [[spoiler: Senator Philo, before shot by Cad Bane to show a point of how dangerous he is]]
* "No! (muttering) Oh, what a world..." [[spoiler: Ziro the Hutt, when shot by Sy Snootles]]
%%* " " [[spoiler: Mina Bonteri, who is killed offscreen]]
%%* " " [[spoiler: Senator Onnaconda Farr]]
* "My life... is yours." [[spoiler: Savage Opress, prior to his transformation into the monstrous brute that he becomes.]]
* "No...! Brother, please. Savage! [[spoiler: Feral, Savage Opress's other brother, before being killed by Savage after being physically transformed and brainwashed by the Nightsisters]]
* "Get him!" [[spoiler: Commander Trauma, charging at Savage Opress, only to get owned by him]]
* "Stand back!" [[spoiler: Jedi Master Levloa, before engaging in a fight with Savage Opress, only to get killed by him.]]
* "[[BigNo NO!!!!!!!!]]" [[spoiler: Knox after his master, Levloa, gets killed by Savage Opress, and gets killed by him right after.]]
* "Your highness, there is an intruder by the door." [[spoiler:One of King Katunko's guards.]]
* "I will not be intimidated." [[spoiler: King Katunko to Savage Opress.]]
* "Where did you get that?!" GIVE IT TO ME!!! [[spoiler: Ahsoka while possessed by the Son of Mortis while fighting Obi-Wan when he shows the dagger of Mortis, and before she gets killed by the Son after giving it to him. She gets better.]]
* "Do not hate him, Father. *pause* It is his nature." [[spoiler: The Daughter of Mortis to the Father of Mortis after being stabbed by the Son of Mortis, and before she transfers her life into Ahsoka]]
* "And so, you have betrayed me, Father..." [[spoiler:The Son of Mortis after being stabbed in the back by Anakin Skywalker after the Father stabs himself to take away the Son's power.]]
* "You... are... "the chosen one". You have brought balance... to this world. Stay on... this path, and you will do it again... for the galaxy. But beware... your... heart." [[spoiler: The Father of Mortis to Anakin Skywalker.]]
* "They escaped, sir." [[spoiler: A commando droid in the Lola Sayu Citadel, who is then blasted by another commando droid (on orders from Sobeck) [[DisproportionateRetribution for using the word "escaped"]].]]
* "I can't!" [[spoiler: An unlucky Clone Trooper before being halved by security hatches.]]
* "This is our only chance! We've got to stop him!" [[spoiler: Clone ARC Trooper Echo as he rushes out to try to stop the commando droid from destroying the shuttle.]]
* "Whether you were meant to be on this mission or not, you are now the most important part of it. Remember this, and see to it that the information that I'm about to give you is revealed to no one, but the Jedi Council." [[spoiler: Master Even Piell to Ahsoka Tano]]
* "If I can't have the information, it'll die with you." [[spoiler: Osi Sobeck to Captain (Later promoted to Admiral) Tarkin before being stabbed in the back by Ahsoka.]]
* "Not so impressive, are you? And yet you have the honor of being my first Jedi kill. *growls* First of many, I hope." [[spoiler: Garnac's son, Dar, as he's about to kill Kalifa, only to be stopped by Ahsoka, who he gets into a fight with and ultimately falls to his doom into spikes.]]
* "I know you will..." [[spoiler: Kalifa to Ahsoka after she says that she will take care of O-Mer and Jiinx after Kalifa is sniped by Garnac.]]
* "What the--?" [[spoiler: Trandoshan Hunter Goron]]
* "It's one of those blasted Jedi whelps. Get her!" [[spoiler: Trandoshan Hunter Clutch]]
* "Krix and Smug should be back by now." [[spoiler: Trandoshan Hunter Lagon, before getting thrown overboard by Chewbacca]]
%%* " " [[spoiler: Trandoshan Hunter Lo-Taren]]
* "Lo-Taren!" [[spoiler: Trandoshan Hunter Sochek]]
* "You murdered my son... *hisses* and you need to pay for what you DID!" [[spoiler: Garnac to Ahsoka Tano]]
* "(EvilLaugh) I killed your father without pity or mercy!" [[spoiler: Riff Tamson to Lee-Char]]
* "Live to fight another day, boys. Live to fight another day..." [[spoiler: Clone Trooper Hardcase]]
* "It-- It was General Krell. He sent us to these coordinates to stop the enemy. We thought they were wearing our armor. But... it was... you. [[spoiler: Clone Trooper Waxer of the 212th Attack Battalion.]]
* Uh, negative, Captain. We lost him. Wait! He's too... powerful! Hurry! [[spoiler: A member of the 501st Legion getting killed offscreen by Pong Krell.]]
* "[[KilledMidSentence Eventually, you'll have to do the right thing and--]]" [[spoiler: The traitorous General Pong Krell before being shot by Dogma.]]
* "You were right, Skywalker. I am a slave, just as you are...” [[spoiler: Zygerrian Queen Miraj Scientel, who dies from complications from being choked by Dooku.]]
* "Come now, Master Kenobi! I know a Jedi won't kill an unarmed man." [[spoiler: Keeper Agruss before being impaled by a spear thrown by Rex]]
* "What about--?!" [[spoiler: Sanjay Rash, before being deemed no longer useful by Dooku and being killed off by his Super Tactical Droid.]]
* "Don't worry about me. You made me remember who I am! I'll make my way home! I promise. Now go!" [[spoiler: Clone Commando Gregor, considered to be MIA, but now looking more like KilledOffForReal, due to the series ending after Season Five.]]
* "No. It is too soon." [[spoiler: The Super Tactical Droid that was planning to destroy a Republic fleet with a hijacked Ventor Class Star Destroyer.]]
* "Quiet! WE ARE THE BLACK SUN!" [[spoiler: Black Sun Council leader still refusing to join Darth Maul before being decapitated along with his council members.]]
* "Tatooine." [[spoiler: Oruba the Hutt giving Maul the location of where Jabba is before being killed by Savage Opress.]]
* "Like you said, only the strongest... shall rule..." [[spoiler: Pre Vizsla before being decapitated by Darth Maul.]]
* "Remember, my dear Obi-Wan... I've loved you always. [[TearJerker I always will]]..." [[spoiler: Duchess Satine Kyrze]]
* "Brother, I am an unworthy apprentice...I'm not like you. [[DyingAsYourself I never was]]." [[spoiler: Savage Opress]]
%%* " " [[spoiler: Letta Turmond, before getting strangled to death by Barriss Offee (from offscreen)]]
* "On your left!" [[spoiler: Tiplar, before getting shot by Tup.]]
* "Mayday, mayday! The enemy's cut us off! They must've circled around behind us! We're being overwhelmed!" [[spoiler: A RedShirt Clone Pilot as buzz droids break the windows of his shuttle, before getting sucked out into space.]]
* "Blast them!" [[spoiler: A 501st Clone Trooper RedShirt from the first Netflix episode, ''The Unknown''.]]
* "Hey! Now we're experiencing turbulance--!" [[spoiler: A Battle Droid pilot.]]
* "I am programed to resist intimidation." [[spoiler: Super Tactical Droid Kraken before getting decapitated by Anakin Skywalker.]]
%%* " " [[spoiler: Clone Trooper Tup]]
* "The mission... the nightmares... they're... finally over...." [[spoiler: ARC CT 27-5555 "Fives", the last of the Dominos of Domino Squad, after being shot by Clone Commander Fox]]
* "FOR THE REPUBLIC!!!" [[spoiler: Clone Commander Thorn]]


[[folder: Western Animation/Star Wars Rebels ]]
* "What the--?!" [[spoiler: A speederbike stormtrooper, who falls for Kanan's ISurrenderSuckers moment and gets thrown a grenade from him.]]
* "First Jedi you've ever seen, sir?" [[spoiler: A stormtrooper on Kessel, who is then kicked off the underside of the platform by a frustrated Agent Kallus.]]
%%* " "[[spoiler: Imperial Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko, who is beheaded by The Inquisitor.]]
%%* " "[[spoiler: Imperial Taskmaster Myles Grint, who along with Aresko, is beheaded by the Inquisitor.]]
* "You have no idea what you've unleashed here today. There are some things far more frightening than death."[[spoiler: The Inquisitor, [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled who decides to kill himself by dropping himself into a burning reactor, rather than report to Vader for failing his mission]].]]


[[folder:''Legends'' Comic Books]]
* ''Empire's End''
** "Who will you kill now, Han Solo? Your own son?" [[spoiler:Darth Sidious, dying for the last time]]
* ''Legacy''
** "Though battles have been lost, the Alliance still lives. We have not surrendered, we do not concede the stars. We will win back our birthright. Freedom." [[spoiler: Captain Jaius Yorub, right before [[HeroicSacrifice diving with his ship against a Sith shipyard.]]]]
** "You!?" [[spoiler: Morlish Veed, before being killed by Morrigan Corde]]
** "This time [Krayt] dies by my hand! All Sith die!" [[spoiler: Emperor Roan Fel, before being killed by Antares Draco]]
** "My vision...my dream...of the One Sith...will live!" [[spoiler: Darth Krayt, first death, at the hands of Darth Wyyrlok]]
** "Do you see it, my apprentice? Do you understand what you're destined to be?" [[spoiler: Darth Krayt, second death, at the hands of Cade Skywalker]]
** "Lord Krayt, I fell your power!" [[spoiler: Darth Azarad, soon to be killed by Wolf Sazen]]
** "Idiot Jedi!" [[spoiler: Vul Ilsen, right before Cade bisects him.]]
** I love you [[spoiler: Droo]], forever and always" [[spoiler: Bantha Rawk/Nat Skywalker, before pulling an HeroicSacrifice]]
* ''ComicBook/XWingSeries''
** "The New Republic won't dare put me on trial. Too many of the people you rely upon to administer the government could be exposed. I know all their secrets, and that includes many members of your precious Senate. I'll never come to trial in a Ministry of Justice court." [[spoiler:Ysanne Isard]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/StarWarsBountyHunter''
** Montross, I can pay you double -- triple! Please! Please don't kill me! I'm worth more alive. [[spoiler: The unlucky person that Montross kills in his introduction scene, claiming that he's "worth enough... dead".]]
** "[[BigNo NO]]!!!!! Jango, come back! FETT... CAN YOU... FINISH ME?!?!?!" [[spoiler: Montross as Jango Fett leaves him to be dealt with by the Bando Gora after he's defeated by Jango.]]
* ''VideoGame/TheForceUnleashed''
** "Run!" [[spoiler:Kento Marek]]
** "I'm sorry, Masters... I've failed you again." [[spoiler: Kazdan Paratus]]
** "Poor boy. The Sith always betray one another. But, I'm sure you'll learn that soon enough..." [[spoiler: Shaak Ti]]
** "Mas... ter?" [[spoiler: PROXY]]
** "Go! Hurry! Protect the senators!" [[spoiler: Starkiller, a.k.a. Galen Marek]]
* ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'' series:
** "Let's go, boys--it's showtime!" [[spoiler: Calo Nord.]]
** "I wanted to be Master of the Sith and ruler of the galaxy. But that destiny was not mine, Revan. It might have been yours, perhaps, but never mine. And in the end, as darkness takes me, I am nothing." [[spoiler:Malak, Light Side]]
*** "And so it ends, as I somehow always knew it must: In darkness." [[spoiler: Malak, Dark Side.]]
** "And you never knew, did you? Remember...remember my dying words. Remember them when you look upon those you thought were your friends." [[spoiler: Saul Karath, to Carth, both letting him know his friend is Revan, and being an utter {{Jerkass}} to the end]]
** "Five droids... burning through the outer door... they're forcing their way into the bay... please, someone, they... oh no, they're through! OH MY LEG! THEY BURNED THROUGH MY LEG! STOP! STOP! ST--" [[spoiler: the Maintenance Officer, as recorded by HK-50.]]
** "Hey, what's happening to the ventilation system? It's--" [[spoiler: the Mine Administrator.]]
** "You... Why are you doing this?! Why me?" [[spoiler: Coorta.]]
** "Resignation: Very well, Master. If inflicting pain is the only way to resolve this matter, then you leave me no choice." [[spoiler: HK-50, Peragus.]]
** "Jumping into the pit is a good idea. Get to ground faster that way." [[spoiler: Trandoshan thug.]]
** "Goto, I didn't... I wasn't.... Please, take the Jedi - I offer the human as a gift, freely, as I would my own li--" [[spoiler: Visquis.]]
** "I thought you died during the Mandalorian Wars." [[spoiler: Kavar.]]
** "Is this your new master, Exile? If so, you follow Revan's path. Her teachings will cause you to fall as surely as he did." [[spoiler: Master Vrook, Light Side.]]
** "We sought to lure the Sith out... and now they have come to us." [[spoiler: Master Zez-Kai Ell, Light Side.]]
** "All I wished... was to fulfill my programming. Either way... the Republic is d..." [[spoiler: G0-T0.]]
** "I am glad to leave this place... at last." [[spoiler: Darth Sion.]]
** "Hurts when I laugh. Hurts..." [[spoiler:Atton Rand, in cut content.]]
* ''VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic''
** "Go Satele. You must walk a different path." [[spoiler:Kao Cen Darach]], opening cutscene.
** "No Malgus, this is only the beginning." [[spoiler:Vindican]], opening cutscene.
** "Damn imposter." [[spoiler:The Red Blade]], Imperial Agent Class Quest
** "You won't make it out of this. No one ever does." [[spoiler:Watcher X]], Imperial Agent Class Quest
** "You'll find out on your own, sooner or later." [[spoiler:The Old Man]], Imperial Agent Class Quest
** "Goodbye now. [[TakingYouWithMe Watch me burn]]." [[spoiler:The Eagle]], Imperial Agent Class Quest
** "There is no death, there is the Force." [[spoiler: Ardun Kothe]] Imperial Agent Class Quest
** "Goodbye. Don't ever let them stop you." [[spoiler:Hunter, if the player attempts to spare her]], Imperial Agent Class Quest
*** "[[spoiler:Hunter]] and Cipher Nine. They're the tough ones. They play the game right." [[spoiler:Hunter, if the player kills her after seeing her true face]], Imperial Agent Class Quest.
** "[[ThisCannotBe I cannot be destroyed!]]" [[spoiler:Darth Baras]], Sith Warrior Class Quest
*** "I cannot die!", alternate.
** "Now I truly am a specter." [[spoiler:The Eidolon, if the player chooses to kill him]], Bounty Hunter Class Quest
** "This was deserved. [...] Trusting in a tool, however useful, was a mistake. The task of delivering the master stroke, I should have reserved for myself. A galaxy would know: None are beyond my reach, and all would cower, or they would burn. And the Dark Council would see how total victory is achieved." [[spoiler:Darth Tormen, if the player kills him]], Bounty Hunter Class Quest
** "There is no death, there is only the Force." [[spoiler:Orgus Din]], Jedi Knight Class Quest
** "For Tarnis!" [[spoiler:Darth Angral]], Jedi Knight Class Quest
** "[[TakingYouWithMe Everything dies with me!]]" [[spoiler:The Emperor (although his spirit survives)]], Jedi Knight Class Quest
** "But... no. It can't end like this. It can't-" [[spoiler:Sergeant Ava Jaxo]], Republic Trooper Class Quest
** "I deny this. The whiteness will protect me. The Infinite Empire will be reborn!" [[spoiler:The Imprisoned One]], Imperial Tatooine storyline.
** "I don't deserve this; there was so much left to conquer." [[spoiler: Grand Moff Rykus Kilran]]
** "Now I know how you felt, old friend." [[spoiler:Revan, after echoing Malak's last words.]]
** "Death cannot touch me! This is not the end!" [[spoiler:Kephess]]
** "No! You chose me! I'm the one! Don't abandon me... masters!" [[spoiler:Kephess the Undying]]
** "[[ItHasBeenAnHonor It's been an honor serving.]] Better than labeling boxes for the rest of my life..." [[spoiler:[[MissingMissionControl Katha Niar]]]], Imperial Makeb storyline.
** "One lost... five remain. It will be enough." [[spoiler:Dread Master Styrak]]
** "Death... I feel it..." [[spoiler:Dread Master Bestia]]
** "At last..." [[spoiler:Dread Master Raptus]]
** "Impossible..." [[spoiler:Dread Master Tyrans]]
** "Impossible... it can't be..." [[spoiler:Darth Arkous]]
** "You hid behind Jedi platitudes! You weren't strong enough to survive the torture, or the battle in the Foundry. I faced them! I survived them!" [[spoiler:Revan's Dark Side, Republic version]]
** "I don't know if I'm ready." [[spoiler:Revan's Dark Side, Empire version]]
* ''VideoGame/TIEFighter''
** "Once again we have evaded [[MagnificentBastard Thrawn's]] grasp; I knew I would be able to beat [[FantasticRacism that]]...... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" [[spoiler:Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin]]
* ''[[VideoGame/StarWarsRebelAssault Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire]]'':
** "I can't hold it!" [[spoiler:Commander Jen]]
** "Jen, what are you doing?! Watch it!" [[spoiler:Ensign Till]]
** "Rebel Control, emergency! We are under attack! Can you read us? Is anybody out there!" [[spoiler:third X-Wing pilot]]
** "Hurry, Rebel patrol! We haven't much time! They're boarding us! AAAH!" [[spoiler:Captain of the ''Corellia Star'']]
** "Eject, kid, eject!" [[spoiler:Commander Kirby]]
** "Sensors tracked a Rebel ship going down in this sector. They probably didn't survive, but you never know." [[spoiler:Stormtrooper 1]]
** "Yeah, right." [[spoiler:Stormtrooper 2]]
** "What?!" [[spoiler:Stormtrooper 3]]
** "Preparing for hyperspace. Transferring coordinates from the navicomputer..." [[spoiler:Captain Merrick]]
** "Ace! Blast!" [[spoiler:Ina Rece]]
** "We cannot, my lord. Docking controls are inoperative." [[spoiler:Admiral Sarn, telling Darth Vader that the ''Terror'' is about to blow up, [[YouHaveFailedMe and is promptly executed by him]].]]
* ''Jedi Knight: VideoGame/{{Dark Forces|Saga}} II''
** "Why hesitate? Strike me down." [[spoiler:Qu Rahn]]
** "I'm here for my well-deserved payment." [[spoiler:8t88. Oh, [[RewardedAsATraitorDeserves he got paid]], alright...]]
** "Lovely, yes? Our master is on his way to the Valley of the Jedi as we speak. A fortune you will not be so lucky to experience!" [[spoiler:Pic]]
** "You can't, can ya? You're weak like your father. [[WouldYouLikeToHearHowTheyDied I remember it. Jerec...he gave him a sweet, slow death...a death worthy of a COWARD!]] I had the honor of [[DecapitationPresentation taking his head and THRUSTING IT ON A SPIKE for all to see!]]" [[spoiler:Maw]]
** "[[RedemptionEqualsDeath He is a Jedi...he deserves a battle.]]" [[spoiler:Yun]]
** "I'm sure you haven't forgotten...I was the one [[YouKilledMyFather who murdered your father.]]" [[spoiler:Jerec]]