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[[folder:Batman: The Animated Series]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:John Grayson]]%%
%%* "" [[spoiler:Mary Grayson]]%%
%%* "" [[spoiler:Min and Max]]%%
* "[[LeaningOnTheFourthWall You know what I'd have given for a death scene like this? Too bad I won't get to... read the notices.]]" [[spoiler: Matt Hagen/Clayface, [[FakingTheDead or so he wanted us to believe the first time]].]]
* "Uh, excuse me?! I'm expected back at the office!!" [[spoiler:Arnold Rundle]]
* "Not so fast, Batman!" [[spoiler: HARDAC-Harvey Bullock]]
* "Oh no, my boy, this club is brand new. Though, everyone will belong very soon." [[spoiler: HARDAC-Mayor Hill]]
* "[[spoiler:Miss Gordon.]] Your skill at breaking and entering is impressive. Where did you learn those tricks?" [[spoiler: HARDAC-Karl Rossum]]
* "He's right here, my dear. You'll be joining him soon. ''Very'' soon." [[spoiler: Randa]]
* "Enough. It's over Batman." [[spoiler: HARDAC-Commisioner Gordon]]
* "Core systems damaged! The plan has failed..." [[spoiler: HARDAC]]
* "My city! My people! What have I done?!" [[spoiler:HARDAC-Batman]]
* "Then I will finish you both myself." [[spoiler:Vertigo]]
* [[WorthyOpponent "You truly are a samurai, Wayne."]] [[spoiler:Kyodai Ken]]
* "None may defile me and live!" [[spoiler:Thoth Khepera]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Grant Walker]]%%

[[folder:Superman: The Animated Series]]
* "No, my love. I'm staying with you." [[spoiler:Lara-El]]
* "No, the last one." [[spoiler:Sul-Van]]
* "Goodbye, Kal-El." [[spoiler:Jor-El]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Brainiac]]%%
%%* "" [[spoiler:The Alternate ComicBook/LexLuthor of ''Brave New Metropolis'']]%%
%%* "" [[spoiler:Brainiac]]%%
* "How did he survive that car bomb? How? .....He's Franchise/{{Superman}}!" [[spoiler:Eddie Bowman]]
* "Me no am Superman... ''You'' am Superman.... Superman... save Lois..." [[spoiler:Bizzaro. [[DisneyDeath He got better]].]]
* "Come on. Yes!" [[spoiler:Bruno Mannheim]]
* [[DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu "Go on, ya' mangy buzzards! And don't come back!"]] [[spoiler:Dan Turpin]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Kurt]]%%
%%* "" [[spoiler:Brainiac]]%%
* "At last, the son of Jor-El kneels before me. This time history will show that ''I'' am the superior survivor of Krypton." [[spoiler:Brainiac, before being thrown into the Sun.]]
* "Your lungs are going to burn!" [[spoiler:Mala]]
* "Forget Kal-El, he'll never survive without air." [[spoiler: Jax-ur]]
* "The Green... Lantern..." [[spoiler:Abin Sur]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Metallo]]%%

[[folder:The New Batman Adventures]]
* "That's it, Dummy! When I get my hands on--" [[spoiler:Scarface]]
* "Run, Robin. Hurry!" [[spoiler:Annie]]
* "Open this door now! How dare you treat your wife this way!" [[spoiler:Susan Maguire]]

[[folder:Batman Beyond]]
* "You're pretty strong... for [[PretenderDiss some clown who thinks he's Batman]]." [[spoiler:Mr. Fixx]]
* "We were only trying to help you." [[spoiler:Stephanie Lake]]
* "Believe me, you're the only one who cares..." [[spoiler:[[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds Mr. Freeze]]]]
* "Paxton!!!" [[spoiler:Derek Powers]]
* "Jackie..." [[spoiler:Earthmover]]
* "What have you done to me?!" [[spoiler:Abel Cuvier]]
* "[[BigNo No!]]" [[spoiler:Ratboy]]
* "Five hundred megs! A thousand kilobytes! Pi r squared! Two plus two equals four! Me first! I wanna play! One potato... two potato... Mama! Papa!... Mama!" [[spoiler: Robert Vance]]
* "[[LetsJustBeFriends Friends?]] Friends?!" [[spoiler:Cynthia]]
* "Help-Can't control it-[[LaughingMad AHAAHAAHAHAAA!]]" [[spoiler:Ian Peek]]
* "Don't just repair me. Make me stronger, less vulnerable too. And don't hold back, understand?" [[spoiler:Bullwhip]]
* "Help me - AAHHH!!" [[spoiler:Charlie Bigelow]]
* "It's safe." [[spoiler:Ra's al Ghul]]
* "I've done well. I'll be remembered" [[spoiler:A Kobra Leader]]
* "Failed me? You've destroyed me. Without the heat from that bomb how long do you think I'll be able to survive like this?" [[spoiler:Zander]]
* "The escape pods!" [[spoiler:Dr. Childes]]
* "Keep your guard up, kid, particularly on your left side!" [[spoiler:Kairi Tanaga]]

[[folder:Static Shock]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Brainiac]]%%
* "Help me, my love, please." [[spoiler:Darci Mason]]
* "I want that gas!" [[spoiler:Ebon]]
* "Back off, Ebon. It's mine now, I'm giving the orders." [[spoiler:Hotstreak]]
%%[[folder:The Zeta Project]]%%
%%* "" [[spoiler:.]]%%

[[folder:Justice League]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:J. Allen Carter]]%%
* "No! [[CainAndAbel Brother,]] [[EntitledBastard help me!"]] [[spoiler:Ocean Master]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Felix Faust]]%%
%%* "" [[spoiler:Krodar the Terrible]]%%
* "Wait! You can't leave!" [[spoiler:Aresia]]
* "Let Justice Prevail!" [[spoiler:The Justice Guild of America]]
* "As you command, my lord." [[spoiler:Steppenwolf]]
* "Uh, what I mean to say is--" [[spoiler:Desaad]]
* "Unfortunate. But predictable" [[spoiler:Brainiac (robot form)]]
* "Warning: Circuit incomplete. Critical system failure." [[spoiler:Brainiac (computer form)]]
* "Hmph. ''Loser...'' " [[spoiler:Darkseid. He gets better.]]
* "You're crazy." [[spoiler:Penny Dee]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:King Gustav]]%%
%%* "" [[spoiler:Colonel Vox]]%%
* "I'm with you." [[spoiler:Arkkis Chummuck]]
* "Oh." [[spoiler:Galius Zed]]
* "Oh Py'tar, now I see... ''paradise''." [[spoiler:Despero]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Chung]]%%
* "Then... [[spoiler:Grundy]] gets his reward." [[spoiler:Solomon Grundy. He [[CameBackWrong almost]] got better.]]
* "You could've crushed me any time you wanted and It wasn't the law or the will of the people that stopped you. It was your ego. Being a hero was too important to you. You're as much responsible for this as I am. So go ahead, fix it somehow, put me on trial, lock me up, but I'll beat it and then we'll start the whole thing all over again." [[spoiler:The ComicBook/LexLuthor of the Justice Lords' universe]]
* "Mr. Edge, he gives me his old shoes and--AAAGGGHHH!!! No!!!" [[spoiler:Morgan Edge, trying to sneak out in old clothes.]]
* "Superman!" [[spoiler:Clayface]]
* "Thank you, my friend." [[spoiler:[[BadFuture Alternate Future]] Vandal Savage]]

[[folder:Justice League Unlimited]]
* "You know what? You're crazy, and I wash my hands of you. I'll thank you to get out of my ''rat'' infested dirt heap now. And you can take your robot with you." [[spoiler:Nardoc]]
* "Don't let them... take the camp... or us too..." [[spoiler:General Olanic]]
* "I didn't tell anyone! I swear!" [[spoiler:Gilbert Halstrom]]
* "What? I told you everything I... Supergirl?" [[spoiler:General Hardcastle]]
* "Well, we'll be able to see the three town close to the mesa too." [[spoiler:Billy]]
* "You think I'm scared? I'll be running this dump in a few ye--Aw, phooey." [[spoiler:Chucko, after Chronos leaves him at ground zero of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.]]
* "What are you--" [[spoiler:Professor Milo]]
* "I've set this for thirty second. Plenty of time for you to disarm. Or not, as the case may be." [[spoiler:Plastique]]
* "Get behind me, Helena. It will be all right." [[spoiler:Franco Bertinelli]]
* "He's coming!" [[spoiler:Maria Bertinelli]]
* "You took everything from me! Destroy you! Destroy you!" [[spoiler:Kragger]]
* "When I get rid of you, I'll be the only--AAAAAAH!" [[spoiler:Galatea]]
* "Agreed." [[spoiler:Brainiac, before merging with ComicBook/LexLuthor to form Brainthor]]
* "Are you going to fight me, boy?" [[spoiler:Brainthor]]
* "Will you stay with me? I'm scared." [[spoiler:Ace of the Royal Flush Gang]]
* "You think you've won? No freedom loving warlord will ever unite the lands and bring peace. Justice: a foolish dream." [[spoiler:Deimos]]
* "All right! I joined forces with--AAAAAAH!" [[spoiler:Metallo]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Viking Prince]]%%
* "What are you waiting for? You want revenge. Take it." [[spoiler:Devil Ray]]
* "Chay-Ara." [[spoiler:Katar Hol]]
* "You twisted pink rabble of a hominid! I'm not done with you! I'll get outta this, and when I doooooooo!!!" [[spoiler:Gorilla Grodd]]
* "LEX!!!" [[spoiler:Tala]]
* "It's... beautiful. Isn't it?" [[spoiler:Darkseid]]
* "Yes. Yes, it is." [[spoiler:ComicBook/LexLuthor]]

* "This time I got you, you lousy, stinking... What...?!" [[spoiler:Chuckie Sol]]
* "Boys! Hurry!" [[spoiler:Buzz Bronski]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Salvatore Valestra]]%%
* "Look out!" [[spoiler:Gregory Belson]]
* "Hey, man, take it easy. I-I was just kidding." [[spoiler:Bonk]]
* "That's not funny... that's not..." [[spoiler:SelfDemonstrating/TheJoker]]
** "Here you go, sonny boy! ''Make him one of us.''" [[spoiler:SelfDemonstrating/TheJoker, again - this time from the censored version.]]
* "C'mon, [=McGinnis=]. Laugh it up now, you miserable little punk. LAUGH! ''I can't hear you!''" [[spoiler:SelfDemonstrating/TheJoker, ''again''... sorta. [[WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyondReturnOfTheJoker It's a long story.]]]]


[[folder: [[spoiler:Batgirl's dream ]]
in "Over the Edge"]]
* "Dad... I..." [[spoiler:Batgirl]]
* "Time to die." [[spoiler:Bane]]
* "We had a deal!" [[spoiler:Jim Gordon]]
* "Please, Jim, for Barbara." [[spoiler:Batman]]