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[[folder:''Assassin's Creed'']]
* "Such pride... it will destroy you child. " [[spoiler:Tamir the Merchant]]
* "It's not what I believe... it's what I know. " [[spoiler:Garnier De Naplouse]]
* "Yes, you would think that. Ignorant as you are. Wall off your mind, eh? They say its what your kind do best. Do you see the irony in all this? No, not yet, it seems. But you will." [[spoiler:Tal'al the Slave Trader]]
* "You cannot stop us. We will have... our new world. " [[spoiler:Abul Nu'qoud]]
* "Well see how sweet they are, the fruits of your labors. You do not free the cities as you believe, but rather damn them! And in the end, youll have only yourself to blame... you, who speak of good intentions. " [[spoiler:William of Montferrat]]
* "And what is that?" [[spoiler:Majd' Addin]]
* "Is it not ancient scrolls that inspire the Crusaders? That fill Saladin and his men with a sense of righteous fury? Their texts endanger others, bring death in their wake. I too, was making a small sacrifice. It matters little now: your deed is done...and so am I." [[spoiler:Jubair al Hakim]]
* "I followed my orders, believing in my cause...same as you." [[spoiler:Sibrand]]
* "Ironic, isn't it? That I, your greatest enemy kept you safe from harm. But now you've taken my life...and in the process, ended your own!" [[spoiler:Robert de Sable]]
* "Yes you can, Altair... but you ''won't."'':[[spoiler:Al Mualim]]

[[folder:''Assassin's Creed II'']]
* "You are a traitor, Uberto, and one of them! You may take our lives this day, but we will have yours in return, I swear! We will-" [[spoiler:Giovanni Auditore]]
* "You would have done the same, to save the ones you love..." [[spoiler:Uberto Alberti]]
-->'''Ezio''': Yes, I would. And I have!
* "I'm sorry, were you hoping for a confession?" [[spoiler:Vieri de'Pazzi]]
-->'''Ezio''': Piece of shit! I only wish you'd suffered more! You met the fate you deserved! I hope yo\\
'''Mario''': Enough, Ezio! Show some respect.
* "It's over... it's all over..." [[spoiler:Francesco de' Pazzi]]
-->'''Ezio''': Better to be content in this life, than aspire to it in the next. Requiescat in pace.
* "I'll show you respect!" [[spoiler:Antonio Maffei]]
-->'''Ezio''': No, I will. May your body and mind at last be still. Requiescat in Pace.
* "Nothing to fear I suppose...they meet in the shadow of the Roman Gods..." [[spoiler:Stefano da Bagnone]]
-->'''Ezio''': Be free of your fear now. Requiescat in Pace.
* "We gather at the church when a meeting is called." [[spoiler:Bernardo di Bandino Baroncelli]]
-->'''Ezio''': I am sorry that it came to this. Requiescat in Pace.
* "He knows you come for him...emerging only in darkness to meet with the others..." [[spoiler:Archbishop Francesco Salviati of Pisa]]
-->'''Ezio''': That answers when. Now tell me where? Faith should bring comfort, not pain. Requiescat in pace.
* "Progress demands sacrifice." [[spoiler:Emilio Barbarigo]]
-->'''Ezio''': I take no joy in this, but I see no other way. Requiescat in pace.
* "We kill thinking it's best for us, do we not, Messer Ezio?" [[spoiler:Carlo Grimaldi]]
-->'''Ezio''': I do this not for myself. I'll make this sacrifice for the greater good. Requiescat in pace.
* "No, it's too soon. I'm not ready." [[spoiler:Marco Barbarigo]]
-->'''Ezio''': We rarely are. Death be not unkind. Requiescat in pace.
* "I'll never tell." [[spoiler:Silvio Barbarigo Il Rosso]]
* "Cyprus is their destination. They want... they... want..." [[spoiler:Dante Moro]]
-->'''Ezio''': Fear not the darkness - but welcome it's embrace. Requiescant in Pace.
* "More than you know... the Maestro gains his prize, because of me." [[spoiler:Ludovico Orsi]]
-->'''Ezio''': Die with your pride, for all it's worth. Requiescat in pace.
* "A prize of such value, it will not remain yours for long." [[spoiler:Checco Orsi]]
-->'''Ezio''': We shall see. What wretched things are born of greed. Requiescat in pace.
* "It's you... I knew this day would come. Please... show mercy." [[spoiler:Girolamo Savonarola]]
-->'''Ezio''': Go now that you may be judged by your God. Requiescat in pace.

[[folder:''Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood'']]
* "I will." [[spoiler: Mario Auditore]]
* "But... I gave the people what they wanted." [[spoiler:Juan Borgia the Elder]]
-->'''Ezio''': And now you pay for it. Pleasure unearned consumes itself. Requiescat in pace.
* "Perhaps you are right... I need more time..." [[spoiler:Octavian de Valois]]
-->'''Ezio''': May you be equal in death. Requiescat in pace.
* "Long live the Borgia!" [[spoiler: Paganino]]
* "You would not listen to reason." [[spoiler:Rodrigo Borgia]]
* "These lost people... warring kingdoms... I would have ended their suffering." [[spoiler:Ercole Massimo]]
-->'''Ezio''': May you know the truth in death. Requiescat in pace.
* "You cannot kill me. No man can murder me!" [[spoiler:Cesare Borgia]]
-->'''Ezio''': Then I leave you in the hands of Fate.

[[folder:''Assassin's Creed: Revelations'']]
* "Ah, you can have Altaïr's books, Ezio. We only want guidance. We only want directions... to the location of the Grand Temple." [[spoiler:Leandros]]
* "Ah... perhaps I am not wise enough to understand, but I suspect the opposite. That I am too wise to believe such rubbish." [[spoiler:Haras]]
* "Protect my homeland, Assassin. Allah ashkina, redeem the honor we have lost in this fight." [[spoiler:Tarik Barleti]]
* "Before I executed your son, I told him you ordered it yourself. He died believing you had betrayed him." [[spoiler:Swami]]
* "Strength, Altaïr..." [[spoiler:Maria Thorpe]]
* "I hope there is another life after this one. Then I will see him, and know the truth of his final days... And when it is your time, we will find you, and then there will be no doubts." [[spoiler:Abbas Sofian]]
* "Those ships are armed. They're waiting to stop your boat. You take care of them. We will clear the docks." [[spoiler:Yusuf Tazim]]
* "Then take it. Take it and seek your fortune. See if you get within one hundred leagues of that library before one of us finishes you off." [[spoiler:Manuel Palaiologos]]
* "Selim! Stop! Please! AAAAHHH!" [[spoiler:Şehzade Ahmet]]
* "I'm saving you, IDIOT! Go! GO!" [[spoiler:Clay Kaczmarek/Subject 16]]

[[folder:''Assassin's Creed III'']]
* "Were that we applied the sword more liberally and more often, the world would be a better place than it is today." [[spoiler:Edward Braddock]]
-->'''Haytham''': In this instance, I concur. Farewell, [[spoiler:Edward]].
* "You will think yourself alone, but know that I will be at your side. Always and forever. I love you." [[spoiler:Kaniehti:io]]
* "Aye! Because they would not listen! And so, it seems, neither will you..." [[spoiler:William Johnson]]
-->'''Connor''': May the Faceless One grant you the peace you claimed to seek.
* "You wield your blade like a man, but your mouth like a child. And more will die now because of that..." [[spoiler:John Pitcairn]]
-->'''Connor''': It's better to have faith in something, than none at all.
* "Thing is, boy, I can have what I seek. Had it even. You? Your hands will always be empty." [[spoiler:Thomas Hickey]]
* "Think on that the next time you think your work alone befits the greater good. Your enemy would beg to differ - and would not be without cause." [[spoiler:Benjamin Church]]
-->'''Connor''': Your words may have been sincere, but that does not make them true.
* "I want no quarter, just want to sink with my ship." [[spoiler:Nicholas Biddle]]
* "The revolution will be ended. The Crown victorious. Our people... safe." [[spoiler:Kanen'tó:kon]]
-->'''Connor''': It seems our people will never be safe. You are resting now, [[spoiler: my friend.]]
* "Wait. [[BigNo NO!]]" [[spoiler:Warren Vidic]]
* "You have shown great conviction. Strength. Courage. All noble qualities... I should have killed you long ago." [[spoiler:Haytham Kenway]]
-->'''Connor''': Goodbye, [[spoiler:father.]]
* "You know it's true. It's already started. I need to do this now so go. Go!" [[spoiler:Desmond Miles]]

[[folder:''Assassin's Creed III: Liberation'']]
* "I know nothing of his plans. I was to send him slaves and vagrants-- the ones must likely to rise up against--" [[spoiler:Governor d'Abbadie]]
* "By your hand, Agaté betrays me one final time. The locket you wear - I know it well. The first time Agaté betrayed me, it was for the woman, the thief... She wore one just like it." [[spoiler:Baptiste]]
* "You remove those who would supersede me in rank. You find pieces of the Prophecy Disk, saving me the effort... If you weren't my enemy, I would take you for my friend! Our aims must not be so different for all the help you give me." [[spoiler:Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer]]
* "Futile murder... beautiful death. She... will make you suffer." [[spoiler:Diego Vázguez]]
* "The answer has been in your own backyard all along. Just open your eyes--" [[spoiler:George Davidson]]
* "You would fit me a coward's slow, pointless death? As you did Ulloa? I will not live with the dishonor. I" [[spoiler:Agate]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Madeleine]]

[[folder:''Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag'']]
* "Keep your Distance!" [[spoiler:Duncan Walpole]]
* "May the Hell you find be of your own making." [[spoiler:Julien du Casse]]
* "My father saw such Potential in these Islands. Gold... Industry... Freedom... all of it squandered... You have not a Clue how to use it. He could have brought you Wealth." [[spoiler:Lucia Márquez]]
* "What a Pity, we could not fight together on the Correct Side of things." [[spoiler:Hilary Flint]]
* "Your Men, in the Mountains, with no Weapons to speak of. And my army, resplendent. And yet you live, and I die..." [[spoiler:Kenneth Abraham]]
* "Traitor!" [[spoiler:Vance Travers]]
* "A better man than these fools." [[spoiler:Jing Lang]]
* "As was I, lad. As was I." [[spoiler:Laurens Prins]]
* "If not for the heathen, Governor Rogers, I'd have seen you hanged by your own Crosstrees, Worm! All of you!" [[spoiler:Commodore Chamberlain]]
* "In a world without gold, we might have been heroes." [[spoiler:Edward "Blackbeard" Thatch]]
* "It were the Templars who took us in when all else went to shit! Not our king. Not our country. The Templars." [[spoiler:Josiah Burgess]]
* "The Templars is our family. Where's yours?" [[spoiler:John Cockram]]
* "No! These Templars are different. I wish you could see that. But if you continue on your present course, you'll find you're the only one walking it. With the gallows at its end." [[spoiler:Benjamin Hornigold]]
* "I'll be with you, Kenway. I will." [[spoiler:Mary Read]]
* "Destroy this body, Edward. The Templars... if they take me..." [[spoiler:[=Bartholomew Roberts/Aita=]]]
* "You wear your Convictions well. They suit you." [[spoiler:Laureano de Torres y Ayala]]
* "Guide me into the Grey, Beloved! I am your instrument!" [[spoiler:[=John Standish/Aita=]]]

[[folder:''Assassin's Creed: Rogue'']]
* "Thank you for... making my end a quick one." [[spoiler:Lawrence Washington]]
-->'''Shay:''' And thank you for revealing your master plan, you scheming snake.
* "Yes... It matters not... Some of the greatest scientific minds of all Europe could not... make it... work." [[spoiler:Samuel Smith]]
-->'''Shay:''' Now all I need is the Manuscript and all should be revealed.
* "We bring order from chaos. If everything is permitted, then no one is safe. [[spoiler:James Wardrop]]
-->'''Shay:''' Even the devil can quote scripture to suit his own purposes.
* "Special weapons... Poisonous gases to use against colonial authorities. I am merely a delivery man." [[spoiler:Le Chasseur]]
-->'''Shay:''' Then may your final delivery be swift.
* "Liam..." [[spoiler:Kesegowaase]]
* "You... have become... a monster, Shay." [[spoiler:Adéwalé]]
-->'''Shay:''' Perhaps I have.
-->'''Haytham:''' Come.
* "Pity...you had such potential..." [[spoiler:Hope Jensen]]
* "Hope... was right. I do make... a good... distraction." [[spoiler:Louis-Joseph Gaultier de la Vérendrye]]
* "I hope that world is a good one." [[spoiler:Liam O'Brien]]
* "Old...Connor and his Assassins... The American Revolution undid your Templar business." [[spoiler:Charles Dorian.]]
-->'''Shay:''' Then perhaps we shall start a revolution of our own.

[[folder:''Assassin's Creed: Unity'']]
* "Do it. If you've got an ounce of conviction and you are not just some love addled milksop, you'll kill me now. Because, I won't stop. I will kill her. To save the Brotherhood, I'd see Paris burn. Taught you better than this. Make it a clean kill. [[spoiler:Pierre Bellec]]
* "So. I thank you at least for sparing my daughter the sight of this. All that I've done has been for the good of my country, my people, and my family. Ah. But you are unmoved. So be it. If it must be done, let it be done swiftly. Do it!" [[spoiler:Le Peletier]]
* "Is that...isn't that...? Shit!" [[spoiler: Aloys La Touche]]
* "I'm sorry." [[spoiler: Elise De La Serre]]
* "All you've accomplished is to delay the inevitable. Perhaps it will not be my hand that shepherds mankind back into its proper place--but it will be someone's. Think of this when you remember [[spoiler:her.]]" [[spoiler:François-Thomas Germain]]

[[folder:''Assassin's Creed: Syndicate'']]
* "You Assassins can circle London to your heart's content. The mechanism we have built has been going strong for a hundred years, and will run a thousand more. It is the very city itself." [[spoiler:Rupert Ferris]]
--> '''Jacob Frye''': "We will take London from your hands."
--> '''[[spoiler:Rupert Ferris]]''': From Croydon? You lurk in the shadows, like a coward. I doubt it.
* "We fight to gain what we cannot take with us. It's in our nature." [[spoiler:David Brewster]]
* "You're a child... A child who believes he can solve all the world's woes with a flick of a blade... [[ArmorPiercingQuestion Have you ever pondered the consequences of your actions, Jacob Frye?]] Or did your father teach you nothing?" [[spoiler:John Elliotson]].
* "Then they're working together again. I should never have come between Mr. Starrick and Ms. Attaway. Family always stay together in the end." [[spoiler:Malcolm Millner]]
* "It's business, Mr. Frye. One does what one must to come out on top. Crawford will not take the news of my death lightly... He can be... unpleasant when he's cross. I have sacrificed so much! I don't want to lose my buses..." [[spoiler:Pearl Attaway]]
* "Not mine, ours. You are so short-sighted. You'd hoard power and never use it, when we would better the condition of humanity. I hope you never find the Shroud. You have no idea what it truly can do." [[spoiler:Lucy Thorne]]
--> '''Evie Frye''': Tell me, then.
--> '''[[spoiler:Lucy Thorne]]''': No
* "Without our investments, there would be no city." [[spoiler:Philip Twopenny]]
* "Farewell, farewell dear Britannia! Your dawn shall be dimmer that the Earl of Cardigan sees it not. God save the Queen, and the 11th Hussars!" [[spoiler:James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan]]
-->'''Jacob Frye:''' What a prick...
* "What? Snap a baby crow's neck between my thumb and forefinger? Slice to bits the ones you deem "innocent"? Keep the world in its divine manic state? For the same reason I do anything - why not?" [[spoiler:Maxwell Roth]]
* "I am at the very top of the Order." [[spoiler:Crawford Starrick]]
-->'''Jacob Frye:''' You were, [[spoiler:Mr. Starrick]]. You were.
* "The Ripper is entertaining them presently...Mr. Weaversbrook will be joining them soon..." [[spoiler:Olywn Owers]]
-->'''Evie Frye:''' Let us hope Jack hasn't found you yet Mr. Weaversbrook.
* "He taught Mr. Jack how to clean the filth from this rotten city; but you don't have the balls to see what's right and necessary!" [[spoiler:John Billingsworth]]
-->'''Evie Frye:''' Where is Jack? Where is the Ripper?
-->'''[[spoiler:Billingsworth:]]''' [[DieLaughing Ah ah ah!]]
* "[[NotSoDifferent We are the same, you and I...]]" [[spoiler:Jack the Ripper]]
-->'''Evie Frye:''' Oh, [[spoiler:Jack]]... you were [[spoiler:an Assassin]], yes, [[ShutUpHannibal but we are not the same.]] And that is why your memory must be erased for all time. Rest in peace now [[spoiler:Jack]], you and your twisted acolytes.

[[folder:''Assassin's Creed: Origins'']]

* "You could not even save your own son! You are no one. Bayek of nothing. Father to nobody." [[spoiler:Menduamun, the Ibis]]
--> '''Bayek:''' [[PunctuatedPounding Here! Here! And here is your "nobody".]] May the Hidden One greet you. The Lord of the Duat awaits.
* "Is your vengeance above all law, Medjay? Be warned, the phlakes will hunt you down and exact revenge. [[spoiler:Gennadios]]
--> '''Bayek:''' May the Hidden One walk beside you. The Lord of the Duat awaits.
* "The Snake?... The Snake will never die." [[spoiler:Eudoros, the Hippo]]
--> '''Bayek:''' Son of Apep, the Lord of the Duat awaits.
* "The Order of Ancients will remember me as the bringer of waters and a builder of cities!" [[spoiler:Taharqa, the Scarab]]
--> '''Bayek:''' Or the desert will blow in... and scatter the dream of Letopolis like dust.
* "Osiris! Please grant me reunion. She walks alone in the Field of Reeds! Am I to remain in the Duat forever? I just want my daughter back... Please!? [[spoiler:Khaliset, the Hyena]]
--> '''Bayek:''' May you find your daughter in the afterlife, [[spoiler:Khaliset]]. May the Lord of the Duat guide you.
* "Oh, yes? And who passes the whip over your back? Who demands that you stain your ka with my death?" [[spoiler:Hetepi, the Lizard]]
--> '''Bayek:''' I have my gods. Now face yours.
* "I did what had to be done." [[spoiler:Berenike, the Crocodile]]
--> '''Bayek:''' I will destroy everything you stand for, [[spoiler:Berenike]]. And I will destroy all others like you. But for now, all that matters is that you killed [[spoiler:Shadya]]. And the last word you will remember is her name. [[spoiler:Shadya!]]
* "No, don't, please--No!" [[spoiler:Deanna Geary]]
--> '''Egyptian Soldier:''' [Via radio] Secondary target neutralized.
--> '''Layla Hassan:''' [[spoiler:Dee?]] No, [[spoiler:Dee]], no, no, no...
* "My fee is covered it seems. Now may I go to my glory." [[spoiler:Pothinus, the Scorpion]]
--> '''Bayek:''' There is no glory left in Egypt.
* "Bayek... Aya... Your people are in danger. Go... now." [[spoiler:Apollodorus the Sicilian]]
--> '''Aya:''' Fare thee well, [[spoiler:Apollodorus]], to the house of Hades.
* "Come on, finish me, you coward! The waste of time." [[spoiler:Flavius Metellus, the Lion]]
* "With the Order, I served them and your beloved Egypt. And I'll be rewarded in the afterlife. An eternity of drinking and whoring with my brothers." [[spoiler:Lucius Septimius, the Jackal]]
--> '''Aya:''' The only thing that awaits for you is oblivion. For your name, your Order and the rotting corpses of your Gabiniani. (Slits throat) May Apep devour your fetid heart.
* "Rome is eternal. She will never fall to you or your kind." [[spoiler:Julius Caesar]]
--> '''Aya:''' Freedom is not given, [[spoiler:Caesar]]. It is taken. Requiescat in pace, [[spoiler:Caesar]].

[[folder:''Assassin's Creed: Memories'']]

* "Yes. And I regret none of it." [[spoiler:Alexander Nevsky]]
-->'''Nergüi:''' I admire your conviction, Grand Prince. I wish you better fortunes in whatever life follows this one.
* "I would expect not. You have already done more than enough on my account." [[spoiler:Jochi Khan]]
-->'''Qulan Gal:''' Go, then, and await your father. Be at peace.
* "No. I'll not dally long enough to listen to the likes of you." [[spoiler:Charles de la Motte]]
-->'''Ezio:''' So be it.
* "Good. Then I can go to rest believing I punished the correct people." [[spoiler:Mori Motonari]]
-->'''Hattori Hanzo:''' Rest, then. It is time.
* "I grow tired of your righteous prattle. Go. Leave. Let me die in peace." [[spoiler:Mochizuki Chiyome]]
-->'''Hattori Hanzo:''' Very well.
* "Then I bid you farewell." [[spoiler:Shima Sakon]]