* The final chapter of ''Franchise/{{Batman}}: ComicBook/ADeathInTheFamily'' has ComicBook/TheJoker appointed ambassador to the United Nations by the Iranian government; the Iranians, who are AlwaysChaoticEvil in this story, plot to have the Clown Prince of Crime kill the U.N. General Assembly by gassing them right after making a speech. But Franchise/{{Superman}} thwarts Joker's plan, causing the villain to [[VillainExitStageLeft flee the chamber with Batman in hot pursuit]]. The Joker hitches a ride on a helicopter with his gun-toting Iranian cronies, but Batman grabs hold of the aircraft just as it takes off and fights his way in to confront the cowering Joker. One of the Iranian gunmen panics and opens fire with his assault rifle. The result? It's bad enough that the gunman succeeds only in [[OnlyAFleshWound "harmlessly" nicking Batman's arm]], but he also "manages" to deal a fatal wound to every person on board ''but'' Batman - including the pilot himself, whom he shoots in the back of the head! We are told that "[[OhCrap the gunman immediately realizes his mistake]]," but he doesn't have long to regret it: Batman punches him out, knocking him unconscious and then diving into New York Harbor, leaving everyone in the chopper to die when it crashes into a nearby dock. (Well, except [[JokerImmunity The Joker]].)
* Non-comedic example: In ''ComicBook/SecretSix'', Black Alice admits that she tried to use Comicbook/{{Raven}}'s powers to remove her father's asthma. She gave him cancer instead.
* In one issue of ''ComicBook/XMen'' ComicBook/{{Storm}} had one of these when it comes to dealing with her claustrophobia. The thing that set her off wasn't being trapped in rubble, having to fight in a small room, or anything like that. The villain was making threats against them, and used the word "tomb." Storm proceeded to ''flip. out.'', and spent multiple issues of the fight cowering in a corner. He wasn't even trying to [[BreakingSpeech prey on her phobia]], he was just talking to them and accidentally incapacitated her.
** When Storm finally managed to pull herself together and fight, her first attack sends a lightning bolt at TheJuggernaut, which bounces off of him and strikes her, knocking her unconscious and back out of the fight. Despite the fact that Storm is immune to the effects of lightning. Needless to say, she's [[TookALevelInBadass come far since then.]]
** Also from the X-Men, Juggernaut once became even ''more'' unstoppable with the power of ''another'' evil god during the ''Fear Itself'' event. The X-Men try to stop him, trying ever grander plans that all fail epically. (One of them is getting a guy who can ''ignite a person's blood'' to try it on him. The result? The unstoppable Juggernaut is now unstoppable and [[IncendiaryExponent able to set anything he touches on fire]].)
* Happens to members of ComicBook/SpiderMan's rogues gallery whenever their VillainDecay is played for laughs but Lightmaster takes the cake: in one appearance, he announces his appearance in front of the Wall-crawler, then immediately gets knocked out with a falling duffel bag full of money.
** How did ''ComicBook/OneMomentInTime'' explain Spider-Man missing his own wedding? A fat man fell on him and he couldn't get him off. No, really. It becomes a lot worse once you remember that Spidey has SuperStrength and should logically be capable of pushing off the man with ease-- he's seen at one point ''throwing'' a car at somebody. One of his most iconic moments has him lifting a multi-ton piece of machinery off of him in order to save his Aunt May.
* Italian comic ''ComicBook/{{Sturmtruppen}}''. A firing squad tries to execute a prisoner. Repeatedly. [[BeyondTheImpossible They miss him and hit the wall behind him while he was holding their rifles]] pressed directly against his '''chest.'''
* ''ComicBook/{{WITCH}}'' gives us Orube's attempt at learning how to cook: she somehow ''set the water of the pasta on fire''!
* ''ComicBook/TransformersMoreThanMeetsTheEye'': The rogue Decepticon team are being attacked by the Decepticon Justice Division, 5 Cons, who kill failures cowards and deserters. Krok is grabbed by two of them, Vos and Kaon, and [[MeaningfulName Misfire]] comes to his aid... by accidentally shooting him 3 times in the chest. In addition, Vos and Kaon are taller, and Vos was standing between him and Krok.
** One better. So Fort Max has snapped, locked himself, Rung, and Whirl in Rung's office and is threatening to kill them both. It comes down to an attempt to take out Fort Max from across the way by Swerve. He shoots... [[spoiler: and blows Rung's head up.]]
** Swerve gets a lot of these--in another instance, he is at point blank range with Star Saber and could practically ''touch'' him with the barrel fo his gun. Star Saber is also about four times Swerve's size. Swerve misses ''every single shot'' he takes at Star Saber from this range. That's almost to the point of impossible levels of inaccuracy; Swerve apparently has the targeting skills of a potato. In universe, it's explained that it's a combination of Swerve's small size making it difficult for him to hold and aim weapons built for larger Transformers combined with Swerve's natural [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny lack of concentration]].
* In ''ComicBook/MyLittlePonyMicroSeries'' Issue #3, once Rarity learns about the hippies' predicament, she does her best to get sure the production of "Goops for Stuff" is maximised to its limit, to get sure the product remains 100% natural, is made in a way that nobody gets their hooves dirty anymore and most important, not even a drop of it is wasted. She also gives the product a complete makeover to make it more attractive, and finally instructs the hippies about how to sell their products in a more efficient (and profitable) way so they could save their farm. After all of that hard work, the hippies and Rarity proceed to accidentally scare off their only potential customer.
* In an early ComicBook/LuckyLuke comic, the Dalton brothers (the historical ones, not their horribly incompetent cousins) show off their ignorance by attempting to divide 10000 by 4 when sharing their loot and turning the simple operation into a complex mathematical formula with square roots and integrals.
* In the very first issue of ''[[ComicBook/LokiAgentOfAsgard Loki: Agent of Asgard]]'', we see [[ComicBook/{{Hawkeye}} Clint]] playing a video game intensely. [[ComicBook/BlackWidow Natasha]] commentates thusly:
-->'''Natasha''': Clint.\\
'''Clint''': I know--\\
'''Natasha''': You have the army after you and no health and you're falling out of a crashing airplane.\\
'''Clint''': I ''know'', Nat--\\
'''Natasha''': It's a bass fishing simulator, Clint.\\
'''Clint:''' I '''''know'''''! It just-- It just ''happens''!
* Throughout ''[[Franchise/{{Tintin}} The Adventures of Tintin]]'', Captain Haddock [[TheAlcoholic getting drunk]] is certain to lead to this. His defining moment, in his debut ''[[Recap/TintinTheCrabWithTheGoldenClaws The Crab with the Golden Claws]]'', is when he, Tintin and Snowy are stranded on a lifeboat in the sea. Having just downed an entire bottle, the Captain's idea of keeping them all warm... is to light a bonfire. In a wooden boat. With the oars as kindling! It's the trope image for AlcoholInducedIdiocy for a reason. [[WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfTintin The 2011 film]]'s version of the scene tops this when the Captain realizes what he's done and, in his panic, tries to put out the fire with ''whiskey''. It creates a [[StuffBlowingUp fireball]] [[DistantReactionShot visible from a distance]].
* In the second issue of the ''Franchise/ArchieComics'' reboot, we see Archie so bad at jobs, he ''sets fire to ice cream''. All of the ice cream. ''Just'' the ice cream.
* In a comic book adaptation of ''NewspaperComics/BeetleBailey'', Beetle gets a job typing up orders at Camp Swampy by telling Captain Scabbard he can type and read at the same time. Unfortunately, his attempts to do so lead to some orders being bungled via spelling errors. Sarge orders a shipment of shirts, and gets a truck full of dirt. Fuzz orders new guns, but gets a herd of gnus. Ms. Halftrack advertises for a cook, and crooks start applying. Eventually, Sarge catches onto the problem after a 50-mile hike (that was supposed to be 5-miles) leaves him exhausted. (But not enough that he can't beat Beetle up for it all.)
* In a crossover between ''ComicBook/AllNewWolverine'' and ''ComicBook/SpiderGwen'', the two heroines have swapped bodies. X-23-as-Spider-Gwen handles it fine. Gwen-as-Wolverine? She stabs herself in the face. ''With her own claws''.