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You come upon a giant sleeping dog. On its neck is a sign that reads "NATTER MONSTER: DO NOT FEED."

[[http://www.mediatropes.info/tutorial/nattermonster.jpg image]]

''Tropédex says:

'''Natter Monster.''' When awakened, this beast will bark until you have lost all your sanity. His method is to face one way and bark, then turn and face the other way and bark. He repeats this without end, never tiring.



Do you:\\
Feed the Natter Monster\\
Ignore the Natter Monster\\
Kill the Natter Monster\\

Feed the Natter Monster\\
"Bah, what could the harm be in giving this thing one little bite to eat?" You take a cookie out of your backpack and toss it on the ground by the monster.

...oops. Turns out your Tropédex wasn't kidding. In seconds, the Natter Monster has doubled in size, and spawned ten replacements!

-Ignore the Natter Monster\\
"Hmm. I better steer clear of this guy." you think to yourself. And you do, leaving him alone for someone more experienced to handle.

-Kill the Natter Monster\\
"Overrun their habitat?! That sounds terrible!" Taking out your editing scalpel, you mercilessly strike down the monster. "Whew", you think to yourself, "that's one habitat invasion averted."