Yes, this has such an addictive soundtrack, that it deserves its own page.

[[folder:Generations 1-3]]
* The main theme, particularly the TV show version.
* The ear worm that never leaves. [[spoiler: [[ SHOO BE DOO SHOO SHOO BE DO]]]].
* [[ Nothing Can Stop the Smooze]]
* [[TheDitz Who's a Silly Pony]], [[TheKlutz who's a Silly Pony?]] [[ Who is, you is]], [[ APPLEJACK..]]
* "Oh, For a Rainy Day" from "The Magic Coins."
* "Pony Magic" from "The End of Flutter Valley."
* [[ Spell my pony's name for me - B.O.W.T.I.E - it's Bow Tie.]]
* "[[ We're gonna make you sorry]]..."
* [[ Imagine you were friends? Think how it'd be? You'd ask them for a helping hand, they'd lend you one for free!]]
* [[ It's fun being somebody else, somebody other than me...]]
* [[ Stretch yourself to the limit, Sting, show what you can do..]]
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyTales'' has a few of these. [[ Secrets, secrets, what if someone knew my secrets?]]
** [[ Sweet Music, that's what I hear when you are here...]]
* [[ Make a rainbow 1 2 3, such a pretty sight to see... What a joy it is to be, here in Unicornia!]]
* [[ This is where rainbows all are born, try asking any unicorn...]]
* No love for the [[ G3 opening song]]? Even some bronies wish this was the opening for Friendship is Magic! (The visuals in the video are from G4, but the song is definitely G3.)

[[folder:Generation 4 (also known as ''[=Friendship is Magic=]'')]]
This is filled with excellent songs that will probably be stuck in your head for days, if not forever, and if on the off chance you do get them out, it's with another of these.
* [[ Even the opening theme is good]], as is [[ the season 2 opening]] and the [[ extended opening]] leaked by Hasbro. Likewise for the [[ Italian]] and [[ Japanese]] openings. The Japanese version has now been extended to be a [[ full-length song]]!
* [[ Winter wrap-up, winter wrap-up]], [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic let's finish our holiday cheer]]! Winter wrap-up, winter wrap-up, 'cause tomorrow spring is here!
* [[ Thread by thread, stitching it together...]]
* [[ All our dreams will come true right here at the Gala! (At the Gala!)]]
* And pretty much everything Pinkie Pie sings, such as [[ Giggle At The Ghosties]], [[ Evil Enchantress]], [[ Making Cupcakes]], and a MLP version of Katy Perry's ''"California Gurls"'', titled [[ "Equestria Girls".]]
* Don't forget [[ the Pony Pokey]].
* [[ Photo Finish's theme]] snaps onto you pretty hard.
* [[ He's Flim! He's Flam! We're the world famous Flim Flam brothers! Traveling salesponies nonpareil!]]
* [[ The fire of friendship lives in our hearts...]]
* [[ Come on everypony, Smile, Smile, Smile...]]
* [[ My big brother/Best friend forever/Like two peas in a pod/We did everything together...]]
* [[ Love is in bloom, a beautiful bride, a handsome groom...]][[ Now available as an extended version]]
* [[ This day is going to be perfect...]]
* [[ You gotta share, You gotta care, It's the right thing to do, You gotta share...]] Combine this with Pinkie in a saloon girl outfit, and it's SQUEE-WORTHY.
* [[ Oh why, oh whyyyyy]] The way twilight sings it (even though it's auto-tuned) is just so beautiful.
* [[ A true true friend helps a friend in need]] this will stick in your head forever.
* More from promos: [[ Giddyup/Giddyup/Giddyup-up]][=/=][[ Giddyup-up/Up-up]]...
** Now has [[ a full version without all the noise!]]
* [[ Babs Seed/Babs Seed/What we gonna do?]]
** [[ Now also available as a remix by the original composer.]]
* [[ Raise this barn, raise this barn, 1 2 3 4!]]
* [[ Life in Equestria Shimmers, Life in Equestria shiiiineeees!]]
* Equestria Girls
** [[ The opening, bonus points for it resembling a fan made PMV, in both looks and sound]]
** [[ Strange New world]]
** [[ "So get up! Get down! If you're gonna come around!"]] The intro even sounds like we will rock you...
** [[ Fluttershy's yay is the best bit in the entire movie...]]
** [[ The song that accompanies the fashion montage and the party]]
** [[ "A friend for liiiifffee! That's what you are to meee...]]
* [[ "We're Apples forever, Apples together, we're family but so much more!"]], a song previewed at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con and which produced a huge response ''months'' before the episode was even completed.
** [[ "No matter what comes, we will face the weather! We're apples to the core!"]]
* [[ "'Cause it's what my cutie mark is telling meeeeeeee.]] The voice actors did a stellar job, which makes it stick in your head even more. Bonus points to the backing melody played during Applejack's verse.
* [[ "Stop the bats/Stop the bats/Make them go and not come back..."]]
* [[ "We're the toughest little ponies in town, got the moves, got the mojo, no harder working ponies around..."]]
* [[ "Oh Manehatten! Whatcha' do to me? Such a huge, bustling community! And there's always opportunity..."]]
* [[ "A little glass of water please, a fresh-pressed hanky if I sneeze, some tea with honey from the bees, whenever you can brew it."]]
* Being the long-awaited crossover between ''Friendship Is Magic'' and Creator/WeirdAlYankovic, "Pinkie Pride" is simply ''jammed'' with Ear Worms, but the ''creme de la creme'' is the "Goof Off" between Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie. [[ See for yourself.]]