Drinking Game for ''Film/TheRoom''. This game is best played with [[GargleBlaster Scotchka]]. And a designated sober to get you to the hospital when you inevitably contract alcohol poisoning:

* Whenever a character says "Oh hi, (character name)", drink.
* Whenever Lisa and Claudette are about to have a heart-to-heart talk, take a sip.
** Be sure to take a gulp when Lisa explicitly states that she doesn't love Johnny any more.
* Take a sip whenever Johnny laughs.
** Take another when he says "huh".
* When a blatantly unnecessary scene draws to a close, drink.
** When a sex scene draws to a close, down your drink.
* Drink when a character shows up with no introduction.
* Drink when Mark says "What's going on?" whilst Lisa is trying to seduce him.
** Hell, drink whenever a character says one of their [[Film/TheRoom catchphrases]]
* Drink when the characters are playing football.
* Drink ''water'' after being shown parts of San Francisco.
* Take a sip whenever Denny says something slightly creepy ("I just like to watch you guys!")

If played correctly, you shall be utterly plastered just in time for the first agonizing sex scene.

||'''Name:'''||''' Beverage:'''||'''Comment:'''||
|| @/{{Nerd Bird}} || Raspberry soda. || I had to pee about half an hour in. This was utterly painful, but hilarious. ||
||@/KeidaLemm|| Mikes Hard Lemonade and Vodka || Tommy Wiseu is gonna kill us and we aren't even thru the sex scene... ||