Drinking game for ''Film/ThePrincessBride'':

* Every time you hear the words [[RunningGag "inconceivable"]], [[YouKilledMyFather "father"]], [[DoggedNiceGuy "wish"]], or [[ThePowerOfLove "love"]], drink.
** Take an extra large swig for [[ArcWords "true love"]].
*** Two extra large swigs for "twue wuv".
* Drink every time you hear "MyNameIsInigoMontoya", "YouKilledMyFather", "PrepareToDie".
* Drink whenever a line that has become MemeticMutation is said.
* Drink for every rhyme that Fezzik utters.
* Chug for as long as the Count's Machine is on, and don't stop till it's off.
* Drink everytime the story cuts back to the bedroom abruptly.