A DrinkingGame for WebVideo/StupidMarioBrothers.

* Drink when the Mario Bros. check the mail.
* Drink when Luigi asks "What are we going to do today Mario?"
** Two drinks when they run up the hill.
* Take a shot when someone breaks the FourthWall or has MediumAwareness
* Drink when someone hates on Ash.
** Two drinks when it's Mario who hates him.
* Drink when Ash says he has to catch them all.
* Take a shot when someone is BackFromTheDead.
* Drink when Ken and Ryu talk and their "tension" stands out.
* Take a shot when Bowser acts like an idiot.
* Take a shot when Snake acts like a {{Badass}}.
* Take a sip when a {{Ninja}} or {{Pirate}} does a FunnyBackgroundEvent or just something funny.

Let's hope you're still conscious now.