[[caption-width-right:350:After dealing with another one of Anakin's shenanigans, Obi-Wan ''needs'' that drink.]]

Drinking games for ''Franchise/StarWars''.


[[folder: The Films ]]

* For every film: When you see a lightsaber, drink a shot.
** Two if it is purple.
*** Three if it is not that Jedi or Sith's lightsaber, to begin with.
* First of all, toast when the opening crawl plays.
* The FromACertainPointOfView game: Again, in the original trilogy, whenever Obi-Wan or Yoda do this to Luke.
* Every time a character wins a lightsaber fight with a blue lightsaber.
* Every time someone has a bad feeling about something, drink.
* Every time an otherwise impossible problem is solved because R2 was there to do something.
* Every time a character loses a limb.
* For true alcohol poisoning, take a drink every time "The Force" is mentioned
** Down the whole bottle if it's to say that "The Force is with you" or some other variant of the phrase.
*** If it's [[Film/RogueOne Chirrut Imwe]], do this only once for the entire chant. Otherwise, you ''will'' be dead before he's finished.
* In ''Film/ThePhantomMenace'' and ''Film/AttackOfTheClones'', take a swig whenever Jar Jar kriffs something up.
** This may make watching Jar Jar somewhat bearable.
* Take a shot every time the series ignores the laws of physics (i.e. SpaceIsNoisy)
* When watching the special editions, take a shot every time you spot a change, two if it is blatantly obvious, three if it offends you.
* Every time Vader [[YouHaveFailedMe Force-chokes one of his own officers]], drink.
* Every time [[Film/TheLastJedi Hux]] gets Force-choked, drink.
* Every time someone with the last name Skywalker whines, take a drink.
* During the prequels, take a drink every time the dialogue gets painful. This may make them more enjoyable depending on your feelings towards them.
* In Attack of the Clones, during the infamous [[{{Wangst}} "I killed them all" scene]], all participants must act along. The least hammy rendition has to finish their drink.
* Every time there is a disturbance in The Force, drink.
* Every time someone exclaims "Noooooooooo!", drink.
* Every time someone is mind-controlled, drink.
* Whenever someone tries to get something off Han, drink.
* Drink whenever Han brags about the Falcon.
* Drink whenever R2-D2 saves someone's life.
* Drink whenever C-3P0 loses a body part.
* Take a ''sip'' when a Stormtrooper misses a shot. Any more than that and your ''grandchildren'' will be born blind drunk.
** For those with bladders and livers of pure tungsten: down a sixth of a bottle every time.
* Drink whenever Creator/GeorgeLucas says "issue" or "issues" in the DVD commentary for any of the six movies.
* Take a drink every time you hear [[StockScream the Wilhelm Scream]].
** For the scream in ''Film/TheStarWarsHolidaySpecial'', it's probably better if you drink ''before'' the special starts. And make sure you drink the whole bottle. To paraphrase [[WesternAnimation/TheCloneWars Moralo Eval]], it will make watching the special "almost tolerable." If you ''really'' must torture yourself more, [[DrinkingGame/TheStarWarsHolidaySpecial the special has its own drinking game]].
* Take a drink every time you see Padmé [[spoiler: or one of her decoys]] in a different outfit.
* Take a drink whenever Anakin changes the subject
** Take two drinks if he changes the subject to Padmé
* Take a drink every time Finn whines about whoever he's with wanting to go back to Jakku.
** Drink any time anybody makes fun of Jakku.
* In ''Film/RogueOne'', throw back a shot every time a named character is killed. [[spoiler:You'll probably forget who's dead by the end of the film.]]
** Also take a drink every time [[ButtMonkey Krennic]] gets berated by his superiors, clashes with Tarkin, shot at, or humiliated in any other way. Finish your drink [[spoiler: when he dies by way of [[NoKillLikeOverkill Death Star Superlaser to the face]].]]
* Every time a character says "Your thoughts betray you," or some variation of the phrase.
* Every time someone in ''Film/TheLastJedi'' trolls someone else, drink.
* Drink every time Obi-Wan complains about flying.


[[folder: Expanded Universe/Star Wars Legends ]]

* In Literature/TheThrawnTrilogy, take a drink whenever Thrawn anticipates the enemy.
** Whenever Thrawn makes one of his seemingly-impossible deductions, take a drink. Finish your drink if his conclusion is ''wrong''.
** Take a drink when a Noghri sneaks up on someone. Two drinks if the person ''knows the Noghri is there'', and gets snuck up on anyway.
** Take a drink every time Joruus C'baoth flips from lucid to bonkers or back again.
* Take a sip every time Mara Jade says something snarky. Not because it's rare, but because any more than a sip, and you'll wake up a Force Ghost yourself.
** Likewise, take a very, ''very'' small sip every time someone is "sardonic."
* Take a drink whenever Talon Karrde says he won't take part (or is bipartisan) in the War
* Take a sip every time a character references a line from one of the movies. Two if it's a direct quote.
* Take a sip (and wince) whenever a Yuuzhan Vong biot's painfulness is mentioned.