Drinking game for ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera'':

* Every time Shilo asks a ''really'' stupid question, take a drink. (The 90 Day Delinquents shadowcasting group came up with this one. "Zydrate Anatomy" made them run out of alcohol.)
* Drink every time Nathan lies, just in case everyone wasn't going to need their stomach pumped already.
* Drink every time the Marni backstory is recapped.
* Every time Luigi stabs or yells at someone, take a shot
* Take a shot every time Pavi refers to himself in the third person, two if he [[SpellMyNameWithAThe spells his name with a 'The']].
** Or anytime he looks in a mirror and twiddles his fingers over his face.
* Anytime the chorus sings, "Reeeepo Maaaaan".
* For the suicidal: Every time [=GraveRobber=] engages in fourth wall torture.