'Cause heaven knows you'll never want to read this while sober ever again.

* Any time the author keeps the characters in-character, take a sip.
* Any time the author makes something contrived to keep his story on track, take a sip. (Anymore during ''Part Two'' and you'll die from alcohol poisoning before it's even ''half'' over.)
* Whenever Fluttershy acts like her normally sweet self while imposing horrible MindRape on someone else, take a drink.
* Whenever Dash says something sarcastic in ''Part One'', take a drink.
* Whenever there's a change in Dash's behavior as the result of the baby treatment, take a drink.
* When a WhamLine or overall Wham Moment occurs, take two. You'll need 'em.
* Finally, whenever someone has visibly been broken by Fluttershy's treatment: just down a whole glass. You'll thank us.