Recommended drink: [[MustHaveCaffeine coffee]] (preferably decaf to avoid a caffeine overdose).

* Take a shot every time somebody:
** starts going out with someone.
** breaks up with someone.
** has sex.
** gets married.
** has a baby.
* Take a shot every time Chandler [[DeadpanSnarker makes a joke]].
** Two if it involves sarcasm.
** Three if Joey doesn't get it.
* Take a shot every time Joey tries to flirt with a girl. Two if he succeeds.
* Take a shot every time Monica [[NeatFreak freaks out]] about something not being clean/being in the wrong place.
* If there's a big secret, take a shot whenever [[KeepingSecretsSucks someone finds out]].
* Take a shot whenever you can see someone's nipples through their shirt. [[MsFanservice Two if they're Rachel's]].
* Take a shot when Phoebe sings. Make it two if it's "Smelly Cat"
* Drink when Janice comes in unannounced and says "OH! MY!!! GOD!!!!!"
* Finish your drink when Ross says "WE WERE ON A BREAK!!" or some variation thereof.


An alternative, simpler game:
* Drink every time the audience makes a noise. Laugh track, "Oooooh" etc.