Of course these basic rules can be applied to most FPS which have split screen multiplayer.

* If you die, drink
** If you're killed by a headshot, take two drinks
* If you use a killstreak reward, take a drink
* If you insult or abuse another player (for example, say you slept with their mother, call them a "*@#!", teabag their corpse), take a drink
** If you hear this from other players, take a sip and hope you still have the use of your legs at the end of the match
* If you hear a character say oorah, or some derivative thereof, then take a drink.
* If you pick up a new weapon, drink.
** If you change class, drink. Choose wisely.
* Every time you're killed by lagging out, take a drink.

For singleplayer:

Take a sip:
* Upon being killed by bullets (good luck on Veteran)
* Upon switching weapons

Take a shot:
* Upon completing a level
* Upon being killed by a grenade. [[GrenadeSpam You're going to need a cast iron stomach and maybe a cast iron pot and stomach pump.]]
* Upon finding an intel item
* Upon using any kind of heavy weaponry (rocket launchers, UAV support, C4 charges, mounted guns)

Take a drink:
* Upon Creator/SarahMichelleGellar making a ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' reference.
* Upon the ObligatoryWarCrimeScene.
* Upon the game delivering a PlayerPunch. If it's the big one for the game, finish the six pack or mixer bottle and get another one.
* Upon being tasked with saving the President's daughter.