Drinking game for ''[[Series/CSIMiami CSI: Miami]]'':

* Drink every time Horatio shifts his body solely for the purpose of looking dramatically over his shoulder at someone.
* Drink every time one CSI [[AsYouKnow explains how a bit of evidence is processed to another CSI who would already know very well how it works]].
* Drink every time Horatio lowers his head, looks up, and smirks before speaking.
* Drink every time there is a needless and time-wasting travelogue-esque montage to remind us that the show is set in Miami.
* And, of course, drink every time Horatio says a one-liner, or when he takes off his sunglasses, says "mmmm" and puts them on again within seconds.
* Take a sip for every time TheCoroner Alexx Woods acts motherly towards a corpse.