[[caption-width-right:300:[[INeedAFreakingDrink Well, it's not like you can blame the guy.]]]]

!!Manga and other:
Take a shot every time...
* Griffith tells Guts that [[HoYay he belongs to him]] (or any other sort of HoYay moment between them).
* The camera pans over [[MaleGaze Casca's butt]].
* You see a PastelChalkedFreezeFrame in ''Berserk1997''.
* Somebody comments on how Guts' sword is just a large slab of iron.
* Guts gives a SlasherSmile.
* General Adon boasts about his family's secret style.
* Chestnut Puck makes a meta reference to pop culture.
* A character is shown hugging a sword.
* You see a close-up of somebody's bag.
* Nina thinks about [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder betraying somebody.]]
* Somebody gets [[RapeAsDrama ra]][[RapeAsBackstory pe]][[GratuitousRape d]] or [[NearRapeExperience nearly]] [[AttemptedRape raped]].
* Somebody dies. (WARNING: Do not try this during major battle scenes. '''''You will die.''''')
* Somebody's [[EyeScream eyes are sliced, stabbed, crushed, or otherwise brutalized]].
* Somebody's brain matter is visible.
** Take two drinks if it's Void's.
* Guts gets slammed by a monster and [[BloodFromTheMouth blood comes out of his mouth]].
* Isidro tries to do something awesome.
** Take two drinks if it ''works''.
* [[MaleFrontalNudity A man is shown naked]].
* Miura treats us to a two-page splash of Guts slicing opponents to ribbons with his Dragonslayer.
* A character is seen wearing an impossibly ornate suit of armor with spikes/crazy decorations/[[AnimalMotif animal imagery]], etc.
* A {{Gonk}} character appears.
* [[BrainBleach Down the bottle at the end of the Eclipse]]. [[NightmareFuel/{{Berserk}} Trust us]], [[TearJerker/{{Berserk}} you'll need it]].
* When a new chapter ends with "'Til Next Time!" with no clear release date for the next chapter. Then stare out the window and cry for the next five months.

!!''Berserk (2016)''

Take a shot every time...
* The CLANG!! sound effect plays.
* "Hai Yo" comes on.
* The camera does an unecessary crane shot swooping around the characters instead of a simple 180 degree cut.
* A character in shadow is entirely covered in hatching lines.
* A manga panel is duplicated.
* An ArtShift occurs.