[[caption-width-right:300:Bottoms up!]]

Take a shot every time...
* Griffith tells Guts that [[HoYay he belongs to him]] (or any other sort of HoYay moment between them).
* The camera pans over [[MaleGaze Casca's butt]].
* You see a PastelChalkedFreezeFrame in ''Berserk1997''.
* Somebody comments on how Guts' sword is just a large slab of iron.
* Guts gives a SlasherSmile.
* General Adon boasts about his family's secret style.
* Chestnut Puck makes a meta reference to pop culture.
* A character is shown hugging a sword.
* You see a close-up of somebody's bag.
* Nina thinks about [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder betraying somebody.]]
* Somebody gets [[RapeasDrama ra]][[RapeasBackstory pe]][[GratuitousRape d]] or [[NearRapeExperience nearly]] [[AttemptedRape raped]].
* Somebody dies. (WARNING: Do not try this during major battle scenes. '''''You will die.''''')
* Isidro tries to do something awesome.
** Take two drinks if it ''works''.
* [[MaleFrontalNudity A man is shown naked]].
* Miura treats us to a two-page splash of Guts slicing opponents to ribbons with his Dragonslayer.
* A character is seen wearing an impossibly ornate suit of armor with spikes/crazy decorations/[[AnimalMotif animal imagery]], etc.
* A {{Gonk}} character appears.
* Down the bottle at the end of the Eclipse. Trust us, you'll need it.