* Anime series in general tend to hit Dork Ages when the anime [[OvertookTheManga overtakes the manga]] and, as a result, goes into a {{filler arc}}.
* Once Reiko Yoshida left the ''Manga/TokyoMewMew'' project, Mia Ikumi tried to write a sequel incorporating the {{retcon}}s made in the TV show and replacing Ichigo with a new character named Berii. Ichigo herself [[BroughtDownToNormal lost her powers]] except as a living accessory to the new heroine, her origins and family life were completely ignored in favor of [[PutOnABus sending her to Europe]], and she became a washed-up hero. It's no surprise ''Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode'' has a high degree of FanonDiscontinuity amongst fans who also [[TheScrappy really dislike Berii]]. Berii herself has been MisBlamed, though; the real blame lies in the publishers, who, among other things, restricted the series to just two volumes when commissioning the sequel.
* For some portion of the fanbase, ''Manga/MagicalRecordLyricalNanohaFORCE'' has become this for the main continuity of the franchise. The series became DarkerAndEdgier, but the method of doing so was introducing an AntiMagic virus into a magical setting. This led the new villains to become a VillainSue gang that beat beloved favorites almost insultingly easily while being insufferable, {{hypocrit|e}}ical {{jerkass}}es, the heroes have to combat them with FlawedPrototype weapons that barely even work and the new main character is, [[HoYay unus]][[ImprobablyFemaleCast ually]], a heterosexual male that has so far not done anything beneficial for the heroes. Even worse, it has undergone a massive ScheduleSlip, releasing only 30 chapters in the four years of its publishing. Perhaps due to all of these reasons, it is currently on (a most likely permanent) hiatus.
* A sizeable portion of the fanbase felt that ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' went into a DorkAge with the Fullbringer Arc. The arc focused on new characters with totally new powers instead of the established characters and featured a plot that seemed almost completely unrelated to any part of the MythArc. To be fair, with [[spoiler:Ichigo depowered and Aizen alive but imprisoned]], there weren't many plot threads that could be carried over directly from the previous arc ''and at least nothing involved Aizen''.
** There are also fans who consider the four year long Arrancar Arc a Dork Age. In general, the writing became a lot more divisive after the Soul Society arc, and the series' sales and ratings dropped to the point where the anime was cancelled as soon as the Fullbringer Arc wrapped up.
* ''Franchise/LupinIII'' has ''Anime/LupinIIIPinkJacket'', which consists of the third anime series and the ''Legend Of The Gold Of Babylon'' film. Both the series and the movie had Lupin wearing a [[RealMenWearPink pink jacket]], most of the adult themes downplayed and the slapstick brought UpToEleven (as well as [[OffModel a bizarre design for Fujiko]]). Today, it is [[CanonDiscontinuity widely ignored]] by both the anime producers at Creator/TMSEntertainment and most fans in general in favour of ''Anime/LupinIIIRedJacket'' and the yearly specials it inspired.
* Anime and Manga in general in TheNewTens seems to have hit this for a lot of Western fans due to the increasingly diverging tastes of Japanese and Western fans.\\
While {{Moe}} series have fans in the West, they also attract a loud and vocal {{Hatedom}} who see them as nothing more than {{Otaku}} [[PanderingToTheBase bait]]. Of course, Moe is EXTREMELY popular among Japanese otaku, who buy most of the figures, [=DVDs=], and such. As a result, series that focus on [[FourGirlEnsemble four high-school girls]] ([[FollowTheLeader popularized]] by the works of Creator/KyoAni, especially ''Manga/KOn'') took over the airwaves, while more unique series that would better appeal to Western tastes have become much rarer.
** Also, traditional {{Mecha}} series that aren't ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'' seem to have ([[Anime/RinneNoLagrange mostly]]) faded by the wayside as {{Fanservice}}-y PoweredArmor has grown in popularity after ''Anime/StrikeWitches'' became a hit. Even the [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff Western fan-loved]] ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' didn't make much of a splash in its native Japan aside from [[BestKnownForTheFanservice figures of the resident]] MsFanservice, Yoko.
** Some renowned studios have also taken big hits. Creator/StudioGainax has lost some key creators like [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Hiroyuki]] [[Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt Imaishi]] and Creator/HideakiAnno, who have formed their own studios. As a result, Gainax seems to have decayed from producing acclaimed original series to mediocre adaptations of {{Shonen}} manga such as ''Manga/MedakaBox''.
*** The retirement (which appears to be permanent [[TenMinuteRetirement this time]]) of Creator/HayaoMiyazaki in 2013 sent Creator/StudioGhibli into an existential crisis. But, even before Miyazaki gave up film-making, the studio is considered by its hardcore fans to have entered a Dork Age starting around 2004 when Miyazaki released ''Anime/HowlsMovingCastle'', which did well on both sides of the Pacific but got mixed reviews. This was followed by his son Goro's ''Anime/TalesFromEarthsea'', which was critically-panned ([[CreatorBacklash especially by Ursula K. LeGuin]]) and thrown into NoExportForYou limbo in North America for several years due to rights issues. After that came Miyazaki's ''Anime/{{Ponyo}}'', which was a return to the whimsical tone of his late-80s-era movies but still disappointed hardcore fans despite doing quite well at the box office. By 2010, longtime producer Toshio Suzuki openly speculated about closing the studio, although a shutdown was at least delayed by the modest success of ''Anime/{{Arrietty}}''.
** Don't get some anime fans started on the wake of {{Ecchi}} [[PantyFighter series]] popularized by ''Anime/QueensBlade'' and ''Manga/IkkiTousen''. While these series tend to do poorly in the ratings, they make up for it in [[SexSells figure sales]] (and DVD/BD sales in America).
** Artistic titles aimed at ''reviving'' anime have also suffered as ''Anime/{{Fractale}}'', ''Manga/AkuNoHana'' and ''Literature/FromTheNewWorld'' sold poorly on Blu-Ray, which in the former's case led to Yamakan's retirement.
** 2011 on the other hand was seen as something of a Renaissance in terms of anime, not to mention being the best year since the previous high point of 2007. During this year, multiple shows such as ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'', ''Anime/TigerAndBunny'', ''VisualNovel/SteinsGate'', ''Manga/BunnyDrop'', ''Anime/{{AnoHana|TheFlowerWeSawThatDay}}'', ''Anime/MawaruPenguindrum'', ''Anime/TheIdolmaster'', and ''LightNovel/FateZero'' were all widely acclaimed by many anime fans in both Japan and the West. 2012 also marked another solid year for anime, notable for the continued growth of digitization and new media use in the industry, to say nothing of the revival of Creator/{{Toonami}} in America. The DorkAge might be ''finally'' ending, but only time will tell.
* While still held in extremely high regard by the western anime/manga community for its incredibly masterful art and nuanced characterization, some fans feel that ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'' entered a bit of a Dork Age in comparison to the Golden Age arc, since Guts' new companions have joined (especially Isidro and Schierke), introducing things like elemental powers and more slapstick between Evarella and Puck, which have somewhat softened what is still an incredibly grim and violent story.
** This is one of the rare series generally believed to have ''started'' with a Dork Age. Many fans aren't very fond of the first three volumes, which consist largely of Guts being not very sympathetic as he ruthlessly and amorally hunts down apostles in an attempt at reaching the Godhand. It's overall just not considered as strong as the rest of the series in terms of both character handling and art.
* ''[[Anime/NGKnightLamune40 VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fresh]]'', a sequel to ''VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire'', breaks the concept of the original series of light hearted and comedic SuperRobot fantasy adventure genre into a [[DarkerAndEdgier dark military story]] with [[HotterAndSexier girls showing off her]] [[{{Eroge}} breasts]]. It didn't go well, considering every previous show before it [[{{Shonen}} was made for children.]]
* ''Manga/SaintSeiya'' hit the dorkiest of all ages with ''Anime/SaintSeiyaOmega''. It's not Kurumada canon, it changed the super-suit from metal armor to spandex, it added a superhero school, the eponymous character is rarely in the spotlight(!), and so on. It seems that the writers eventually understood why it was so hated, and gave it a second season that thoroughly reverted all changes.
** On the other hand, this has caused a broken base, with people that ''liked'' the first season of ''Omega'' (including some fans who didn't like the original SS) being unhappy that they reverted things, and declaring season 2 a Dork Age.
* Among [[PeripheryDemographic certain fans]], the ''Anime/PrettyCure'' franchise has been in one since the end of ''Anime/HeartCatchPrettyCure'' (which admittedly was a DarkerAndEdgier ToughActToFollow and is almost universally considered the franchise's highpoint).
** ''Anime/SuitePrettyCure'' is considered one of the weaker seasons. [[TooSoon The 2011 Tsunami didn't help either]], as it made what was going to be a dark series aggressively LighterAndSofter. ''Suite'' is also disliked for its characterization, as many feel that Hibiki and Kanade come across as flat copies of [[Anime/FutariWaPrettyCure Nagisa and Honoka]] with a rather forced VitriolicBestBuds angle that gets dropped so quickly you wonder why they added it in the first place.
** Some fans also consider ''Anime/SmilePrettyCure'' this (though it is slightly better regarded) due to its episodic, goofy nature (to the point that it feels more like a spoof of the genre), childish writing (with both the MythArc and character growth being non-existent), and what many see as blatant pandering to the {{Moe}} crowd. On the other hand it was allegedly very financially successful...though mostly only with otaku. It says something when its first Toys/SHFiguarts figure is the EnsembleDarkhorse otaku character (Yayoi/Cure Peace) and not the leader.
** ''Anime/DokiDokiPrecure'' is itself better regarded than ''Smile'', but it is also considered this due to its overly-complicated plot and the poor reception to some of it's twists. For example, the SixthRanger Aguri/Cure Ace was not a previously established character (like the {{Sixth Ranger}}s of every Pretty Cure season before) but an entirely new one. [[ReplacementScrappy She also replaced Regina]], [[RedHerring when the show seemed to be building up to Regina becoming a Cure herself]]. (In the end [[PutOnABus Regina vanishes for most of the second half]].) Finally, the lead is regarded as a CanonSue. Basically, they tried to do the opposite of ''Smile'' where ''every'' episode tied into the MythArc...and despite some initial promise, they couldn't pull it off. It currently has ''the'' lowest Website/MyAnimeList rating in the franchise, and allegedly got some of the worst TV ratings as well.
* LightNovels are stated by many to be in a DorkAge, with the popularity of ''[[LightNovel/OreNoImoutoGaKonnaNiKawaiiWakeGaNai OreImo]]''. The growing amount of generic VisualNovel-inspired stories with the same trappings as the genre, as well as overly-long and uncreative titles that just describe the plot, has made people view the Light Novel genre as little more than a place where hentai artists can go to as an easy way to go pro.
** The less said about the imouto[[labelnote:Translation]] (little sister)[[/labelnote]] genre, ''the better''.
* Many manga readers feel that the shoujo demographic is in one, as many new series are generic slice-of-life ''Manga/KimiNiTodoke'' knockoffs. There's also the common accusation that most of them focus more on cliché romance scenes and less on trying to tell an actual story. It's no surprise that very few of them have gotten anime adaptions in recent years, with most of those being flops.
** The shoujo magazine ''Magazine/{{Nakayoshi}}'' is considered to be going through one, as most of their series in the last 5 or so years are either otaku-bait or a cheap attempt to be HotterAndSexier.
* ''{{Gundam|Age}} [[{{Irony}} AGE]]'' is simply condemned a mediocre and a mixed bag inconsistent attempt with [[GenerationalSaga a multi-generational plot]]. Some fans criticize it for [[TastesLikeDiabetes looking too childish]], others says it [[RecycledScript rips off everything the previous Gundams had]], others notice that the series digs deeper and deeper into having [[DarknessInducedAudienceApathy needless deaths, violence]] and [[IdiotPlot stupidities]]. The 2nd arc is considered better, but the 3rd arc pushes the series into rock bottom.
* As TheNewTens move on, Shonen itself seems to be in a DorkAge. Of [[Manga/OnePiece The]] [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Big]] [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Three]] that dominated the Noughties, only ''One Piece'' has come out relatively unscathed.\\
''Naruto'' and ''Bleach'', while still technically popular, have both suffered massive backlashes due to pacing issues and controversial plot developments, with even hardcore fans often having laundry lists of things about the series that they hate. Even beyond their own individual problems, these two series are sometimes seen as emblematic of common Shonen problems (such as a [[SpotlightStealingSquad poorly]] [[OutOfFocus balanced]] cast of characters, {{shocking|Swerve}} plot twists that fans feel don't make sense, fights being won through {{Ass Pull}}s or brute strength instead of clever strategy, certain [[ArcFatigue arcs]] or even [[EndingFatigue the whole series]] going on for much longer than needed, and [[InvincibleHero certain]] [[InvincibleVillain characters]] being [[StoryBreakerPower so powerful]] that they completely wreck the plot).
** ''Manga/FairyTail'' has a large fanbase, and its focus on wizards give it an identity comparable to other popular series.[[note]] ''Dragonball Z'' being aliens, ''Naruto'' being ninja, ''One Piece'' being pirates, and ''Bleach'' being samurai... more or less.[[/note]] However, many longtime anime fans consider it average at best, and its anime was put on hiatus due to sluggish ratings and middling DVD sales. So far, it shows no sign of becoming as popular as its predecessors. ''Manga/{{Toriko}}'' was for a time considered to be the replacement for ''Bleach'', and was given a massive marketing push. However, its sales do just barely better than ''Bleach'', and its anime was cancelled after only three seasons. In fact, when ''Bleach'' and ''Toriko'' were cancelled, they weren't replaced by new series, but by instalments of some of Shonen's more enduring cash cows – ''Bleach'' was replaced with ''Manga/RockLeesSpringtimeOfYouth'', and ''Toriko'' was replaced by the Buu Saga of ''Anime/DragonBallKai'' (itself only made due to ''Kai'''s popularity in the West).
** One of the most common complaints across all Shonen series (even ''One Piece'' to some extent) is that they're [[ClicheStorm cliché storms]], with most series falling back on the same character archetypes and plot progression while doing little to innovate or improve on the flaws of their inspirations. With ''Naruto'' and ''Bleach'' officially in their final arcs as of 2014, it remains to be seen whether any new series will be able to properly replace them and reclaim the popularity they once held, or if Shonen will continue to be perceived as a [[ItsTheSameNowItSucks stagnated genre]] populated by [[FranchiseZombie series long past their prime]]... and ''One Piece''.
** Not even One Piece has remained unscratched. After Marineford, which is the climax of thr first part of One Piece came Fishman Island and then Punk Hazard. Fishman Island was poorly received by fans, who cite the very slow pacing and weak villains as the reasons for disliking the season. Punk Hazard was better received, but not by much. Punk Hazard's problem, according to most, is that most of it was running.
* Happened to ''Anime/YuGiOh'' once it hit filler. Arcs tended to give Kaiba's backstory or company more prominence, and each arc had its own kind of sin for the fans: the Virtual World interrupted Battle City, and was incredibly weird and nonsensical to many people. Waking the Dragons/Doma had irrational characterization for both Yami and Mai, and screwed with the history of the Shadow Games, and the KC Tournament arc was perceived as just a long breather episode that did little even to expand on Kaiba's character, who the Big Bad of that arc was targeting. And that isn't even mentioning the oddness that is Capsule Monsters.
* From 1990 to 1998 anime got through a really big one in the Netherlands, most likely due to the amount of quality live-action that was there back then, which was so good that anime was not really needed there. Thus many perceived anime back then under the term "manga-movies" which was used to describe films and series that had only violence and sex in them. This negative image combined with limited export drove the anime underground there and the little fans of anime that there were during that time had to rely on imports from the United States. The reason that it stopped in 1998 is because that was the year that international bestsellers such as Anime/SpiritedAway and Anime/{{Pokemon}} started appearing in that market and broke with the traditional held ideas, organizations were created to fight against the negative image of anime in the Netherlands, the very first Dutch anime conventions and the release of the first Dutch anime magazine: ''AniWay''. Averted in Belgium, where anime would not have any real lasting popularity until the airing of Anime/BakuganBattleBrawlers in 2011 on [[UsefulNotes/FlemishTVStations VIER Kids]].
* The second season of the ''BlackButler'' anime is seen as this by nearly all of the fandom. The {{shotacon}} fanservice was cranked up to intolerably {{squick}}y levels, the new characters were poorly written and completely unlikable (and the returning ones were derailed or {{flanderized}}), and the plot was a near-complete mess that had nothing to do with the manga and had a GainaxEnding. It took ''years'' for another season to be made, and it unsurprisingly ignores everything that happened in this.