Creator/{{Disney}} animated short released in 1952. It is narrated by Sterling Holloway.

Lambert, a lion cub, is mistakenly delivered in a flock of sheep by a stork. He is taken in by a ewe after none of the delivered lambs choose her to be their mother. Lambert lives his life thinking he is a sheep until he is forced to unlock his true nature to defend the flock from an attack by a hungry wolf.

On a trivia note, the original print of the film was given as a gift to Emperor Hirohito of Japan because it was reportedly his [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff favorite Disney cartoon]].
!! This short provides examples of:

* BewareTheNiceOnes: Lambert is very gentle and "sheep"-ish, but when he needs to defend his flock, he'd unleash his inner lion.
* ButtMonkey: Lambert, initially. He is repeatedly mocked and humiliated by the sheep of the flock, even as an adult.
* CowardlyLion: Lambert is a scaredy cat and runs away at the first sign of danger. Until he realized that he's a lion, that is.
* DeliveryStork: The [[YouLookFamiliar very same]] that appeared in ''Disney/{{Dumbo}}''.
* TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou: The first-person perspective shots of the wolf coming to attack the sheep, which is StockFootage from Disney's version of ''Music/PeterAndTheWolf.''
* GentleGiant: Despite being a gigantic lion, Lambert is one of the sweetest creatures around.
-->'''Narrator''': "Isn't he HUGE?!"
* InterspeciesAdoption: Lambert is a lion who was raised by a sheep.
* KidsAreCruel
* MightyRoar
* MommasBoy: Lambert is very protective of his mother, and becomes the King of Beasts he is when he realizes that his mother is in danger.
* NurtureOverNature: There is absolutely nothing predatory about Lambert, because he was raised as a sheep.
* ObliviousAdoption: Lambert doesn't realize that he's not a sheep. Everyone else, however, do.
* OhCrap: The Wolf once he realizes he's just ticked off a very angry MommasBoy.
* OnceUponATime
* ParentsInDistress: It's his adoptive mother being in danger that unlocks Lambert's true nature.
* RaisedByWolves
* SavageWolves: The villain is a wolf trying to eat all the sheep.
* StockScream: The Goofy Holler.
* TookALevelInBadass: Lambert spends most of his time as a meek and harmless lion. During the climax, unleashes his inner beast and fights off the Wolf.
* UseYourHead: Lambert headbutts the wolf into a cliff in the film's climax.