[[caption-width-right:307:If only you knew, Inuyasha... '''If only you knew!''']]

* In the ''Manga/InuYasha'' fandom, there are rabid Kikyou/Inu-Yasha fans accusing [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Kagome]] of being a TsundereSue or a ClingyJealousGirl, and Kagome/Inu-Yasha fans react by calling [[DarkMagicalGirl Kikyou]] an evil whore who ''still'' wants to drag [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Inu-Yasha]] into Hell with her. Add the [[TheRival Kouga]]/Kagome shippers who bash [[SheIsAllGrownUp Ayame]] and the Sango/Miroku fans who bash [[RomanticFalseLead Kuranosuke Takeda]] too.
* Speaking of Kouga/Kagome, that pairing gets a ''lot'' of heat from Inu-Yasha/Kagome shippers. Poor Kouga is an EBUL misogynist who will never [[SarcasmMode appreciate Kagome the way Inu-Yasha does]], despite the fact that he brings her flowers and gives up his whole human-eating lifestyle to please her... and keeps with it, even after he realizes [[spoiler:he'll never get the girl]].
* Many shippers who pair Kagome up with someone other than Inuyasha (most commonly Sesshomaru or Kouga, but this extends to ''{{crossover}}'' pairings with [[LauncherOfAThousandShips Kagome]] too) go out of their way to make Inuyasha a {{Jerkass}} who thinks of Kagome as only a ReplacementGoldfish for Kikyo (despite him ''explicitly'' stating in canon that this is ''not'' the case) or as a mere Shard Detector. Or even an all-out wife-beater, so that Kagome can be rescued from him by her Actual True Love, conveniently forgetting that she could make Inuyasha stop his supposed wife-beating with a ''single word''.
* Sesshomaru/[[MoralityPet Rin]] and Sesshomaru/Kagome shippers regularly bash [[DarkActionGirl Kagura]] for being Sesshomaru's ImpliedLoveInterest, to the point where some of them have said that they are glad that [[spoiler:she died]] and make fun of her [[spoiler:death]]. Sesshomaru/Kagura shippers don't bash Rin and Kagome as often because most see Rin as a daughter figure and because Kagome is not a threat within canon.
** They write in fanfiction that Sesshomaru hates Kagura or doesn't care about her, regardless of the fact that in canon he definitely does care about her and saves her repeatedly, breaks his sword and endangers his own life defending her and his Tenseiga transforms into a fighting weapon because of his feelings for her and he vows over the sword to make sure she hadn't died in vain. He almost always leaves her for Rin, never mind the fact that in canon, Rin is a ShipperOnDeck for Sess/Kagura and is supportive of the relationship.
* Fans of the Sesshomaru/Rin pairing will often find themselves being accused of supporting pedophilia, and many Sesshomaru/Kagura supporters have used this argument in fanfiction to justify their own pairing. Even though the majority of Sesshomaru/Rin fans ship the pairing when Rin reaches adulthood, this argument will still be used against them. It is worth noting that even if she does grow older, it might still count as WifeHusbandry because at the end of the manga, Rin has been with Sesshomaru for three years and even after she goes to live with Kaede, he in still involved in her life and providing for her by bringing her kimonos.
* About half of all Sesshomaru/Inuyasha fic either turn everyone else into psycho homophobes who just want to get into the way of the brothers' true love or make the female characters evil (particularly Kagome) and the rest of the males gay because HetIsEw. The saddest part of all this is that the character bashing actually occurs ''less'' frequently among fans of this pairing than for many others in the ''Inuyasha'' fandom.